Update Your Nokia N8,C7,E7 & C6-01 Phones To Symbian Anna OS ,Fix Symbian Anna "Phone Setup:Feature Not Supported" Error

Updated on: October 28, 2019


Recently Nokia rolled out "Symbian Anna" update for their Symbian S^3 devices Nokia N8, C7, E7 and C6-01, which is now available  through OTA(Over the Air) in most of countries.

This release not only optimizes Symbian speed but also gives you attractive GUI and appearance of new icon sets . Hope you will enjoy it !!!

[News]  *****  Symbian Belle Update is Available Click Here ***** [News] 

[Update]Fix " Feature Not Supported " error in New OVI Maps Update, click here for solution

Some Key features of Symbian Anna Update:

1. Virtual QWERTY keypad in portrait mode, split-screen text input.

2. Updated web browser.

3. Stronger security, Draggable home-screen.

4. Improve GUI with updated icon set.

5. Improved Maps functionality.

6. Plus the Nokia C7 gains activation of its NFC chip.

7. Updated versions of calender, photo, camera & social applications.

8. Fast accessing of home screen and many more.

See This Video For More Details Of Symbian Anna


To update your device to  Symbian Anna you need to follow TWO unique steps:


First process:

Step1. Firstly you need to update Core OS firmware to v22(Anna) using OTA, e.g just type *#0000#

[note]Before  updating your device, it is Highly recommended that take the backup of your device and make sure your device is fully charged and having High speed data connection [/note]

Step2.  Then you will get a current firmware detail screen , now  from menu option select  "Check for updates" and wait for application to connect to Nokia update server, it will show you available update data like following screenshot.You can also do this by connecting your device to PC and then update it but I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED YOU TO DO IT FROM YOUR MOBILE   their are some issues in OVI suit update 🙁  Also use 3G or WiFi to download update.


Symbian Anna Firmware Update Notification

Step3.  When it downloads all data, it will restart your mobile, wait for  white screen of update to complete all process given below. Your  mobile will be updated to new Anna firmware.

Rebooting Nokia N8 After Symbian Anna firmware Update


Successful installation of Core Firmware

Second Process:

Step1.  Updating the core firmware only changes the  OS specification and structure, so to make it fully functional  and compatible with all applications(including Quickoffice and Adobe reader); we need to install few of application specific updates. To do this, navigate your device MENU->APPLICATION->S/W UPDATE.

Step2.  You will see 2 parts of Symbian Anna 1/2  as well as some social and ovi store update; select all and update it . It will take a time to download and install all data (approx. data size  67Mb), if any update fails restart your mobile and try again.

Symbian Anna Available Application Updates

Step3.  Successful Completion will reboot your phone and then you will see OVI activation page. Please provide your login details or register if you are new. That's it !!! Enjoy Symbian Anna. See following screen shots

Screenshot 1:  In this, you need to provide your login credentials of OVI.

Provide your login credential of OVI

Screenshot 2: Wait for Application to activate your OVI to grant access to OVI services.

Activating OVI Services

I saw many people did only FIRST Process and left second one, so that they faced error message like "Phone Setup:Feature Not Supported" during start-up and also some other problems

You can see some GUI of my Nokia N8 after updating to Symbian Anna:

Home Screen:

Symbian Anna Home Screen Look


Symbian Anna Menu Look

If you have any queries and questions related to Symbian anna update , please put it in comment section below ,we are happy to solve it  🙂

Symbian Anna update for N8, E7, C7 and C6-01
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  1. i have a nokia c7.i live in nasik (india)
    i have buyied my phone from UAE
    this phone showz NO UPDATES AVAILABLE
    This phone has wifi connected 32kBps

    1. Hi Bhagwan, You can try update through *#oooo# and then check for update from menu,if it won't work then just try to run this on Other internet connection,if it success and do all update setup ,navigate to menu->application->s/w update option and now download all Symbian application updates 1/2 with social and ovi store all at a time and wait for complete all.If u still cause problem just take a backup of your data and Hard reset c7 using *#7370#, remember to take a backup before doing this,then retry update,Hope it will work !!! Keep visiting and post your reply in comment !!!

      1. hi... i have nokia c7 bought at Itlay. i updated the phone to new os while i was in India using ovistore.. and then got the problem of feature not supported...still i tried updating to anna 2/2 which was not possible. i tried to update anna through wifi while i reached europe and it was installed. the "feature not supported" at the startup is still existing. i cheked at sw update in application and it says softwere is uptodate. *#0000# says anna is installed . why still the problem of feature not supported exists ?? can u give some solution ?

        1. hey pradz ,I think you need to update it through OVI Suit again by using "REINSTALL" option,then you may try S/W specific update by going Menu->Application->S/W Update ,if still getting same problem then you simply use some itlay VPN or other VPN service It may solve your problem or format it using 3 key combination hard reset discuss in above comments,and try again to re-initiate update .Good luck

          1. i re installed 4-5 times and then checked but the problem remains. I did install using ovi service. everyting is fine except for the error msg which i get at the startup. anyway thanx for the reply .

          2. Ohh, Last way is to hard reset your Handset with 3 key reset process that was told by me in earlier comment,Remember to take BACKUP+FULL CHARGE while doing this.According to Nokia "Phone Feature not supported" error coming because of absence of Symbian application update 1/2 or 2/2 which can done from Menu->Application->s/w update which u may failed to do with this 🙁
            Anyway after hard reset you may try again for application update instead *#000# 🙂 let me know if any help needed 🙂

      2. Hello,
        I had recently purchased Nokia E7 (USA), which happily detected Symbian Anna update. Once updated, it had failed to reboot. So, I have to replace the handset with a new Nokia E7. The problem is the new E7 handset does not detect Symbian Anna update. How shall I fix it?

        Thanks for your suggestion

        1. Hi Jack,can u pls tell me how could u checked out for update? if u did from *#0000# or just navigate to MENU->APPLICATIONS->S/W Update and check for it.pls check if u miss any of above.If still failed then I suggest you to flash it using official Nokia Belle update from here https://goo.gl/X56tS kindly note that this process is for N8 ,u have to download E7 belle firmware files from Navifirm only,also take a backup of ur data while flashing.Let me know if any other help needed Good Luck 🙂

      3. i bought nokia e7 yesterday...but i can't add gmail and other application...please help me...can't creat also nokia account

        1. Hi kuladeep you have to install it using Nokia Store or simply download .sysx file from online then try to install. What kind of error your are getting while installing app on your E7 ? Elaboration will help

    1. @Mehul.

      symbian Anna update is only for newer 'symbian^3' models like the N8, C7, E7, C6-01, E6 & X7. So it is not possible to have this update on Nokia 5800 xpress music.

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  3. hey...

    I have C7 and have upgraded to anna..but now whenever i restart my phone a error comes 'Phone setup: Feature not supported' and also it refreshes my photo library but doesn't show stuff in the photo library.

    1. Ohh,I think you forgot to do application update,do it by going to Menu->application->s/w Update and check for it and install all 2-4 updates from that. You did only update from *#0000# right? I also face this problem and did application update and got solved,application update will give u Office & Adobe reader for free also new symbain anna theme ,do update with either 3G or Wifi Connection.let me know in comment if your problem get resolved or not 🙂 Keep visiting us !!!

      1. hiii....Thanks for the reply.... everything is now updated, jus one problem is remaining that whenever you refresh the library new stuff which i have added in mem. card doesn't show in music library or in pics app... and does Anna make C7 slow coz m experiencing it...

        the new os has given me a new app called communicator does anyone know what is it for...


        1. Ok ,That's Great.!!! If you are putting your images or music in other folder which is not System folder like IMAGES and SOUNDS then it may give u problem while refreshing it.So put all your stuff into system defined folders. Symbian anna not making ur devices slow rather it optimize the performance,it may slow because of lots of applications r running in background ,So i suggest you to use RAMBLOW PRO to handle ur memory .Microsoft comm. require credential for their professional purpose.So do it if u have,i don't try this yet .Enjoy !!! 🙂

          1. Hello there,

            I picked up a N8 6 months ago, and I did not update any software or firmware all this while.. and Yesterday I ran the update from the phone using wifi, and there were 5 updates to be installed, and after the installation the Phone would NOT start up, initially it was just stopping at the Nokia startup logo. later i decided to leave it on for a while till the battery dies.. and charge it again to try my luck.. but 🙁 unfortunately it does not even startup now.. and when i connect the charger a white led blinks next to the charging point.

          2. Ohh its seem that something went wrong during firmware update.I suggest you kindly go with this instructions https://goo.gl/dVXJt its in same page yellow area highlighted .and enjoy new official Symbian belle.It will 100% work if u follow all instructions >let me know about it

          3. hello dear,

            I have Nokia C7 and i updated to symbian Anna but i want to go back to symbian 3. how can i go back? please help me in this issue. thanks a lot.

  4. Hi Karan Ashar,

    Communicator is nothing but the microsoft chatting software...
    You can ping your friends by login to the communicator. eg: without login in gmail or yahoo account.
    you can tag your friends and know their availability....

    Thank you,

  5. i have a nokia c7 , i got it from saudi arabia since one month and i am living in jordan now, i connected to ovi site , i have found required update to firmware v24.001, symbian anna , i followed all the steps , the software were downloaded and the phone restarted 2 times after test mode , then the phone dead with blank screen(nokia) and wont reboot again, i tried to disconnect battary and reboot . the phone still dead .could you please help

    1. Ohh, Its seem that your handset interrupted during Update ,So you have to completely format it ,which may leads to lose your data ,if u ready for it then just follow these steps to complete format
      1) Turn off your phone
      2) Hold “Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key” and press power button until your phone vibrates. Important press them simultaneously
      3) Wait until screen show properly… and welcome back!! You will get all ur default screen.

      This method format all your data and OVI Store and OVI map from ur C7,which you need to re-install it by download it later.But before download u have to install QT firmware 4.7 download it " https://goo.gl/z0fEF " for working of OVI maps and store setup.otherwise u get "unable to install" msg during setup.

      Follow these steps:

      1. Uninstall any previous versions of Ovi Store from your Nokia C7.
      2. From the downloaded package, v4.6 install these two files (qt.sis and qtwebkit.sis) into phone memory.
      3. Click on Store Icon which is present in the main menu, it will redirect you to download Ovi Store Application. After installation of Ovi Store App,
      4. Restart your Nokia C7
      5. From the Downloaded package, v4.7 install these two files (qtwebkit_2_1.sis and qt_4_7_0_opengl.sis) into phone memory.
      6. Done, now you can run Ovi Store App from the Menu without any problem.

      After that You can Download Ovi Maps Application from OVI Store and then connect ur C7 to computer via via OVI Suit and Download the All static MAPS data according to your region e.g Saudi Arabia. Which may take time to download as it is in large size approx 200-300MB.

      Now if all goes OKK then ,try to update your handset to Symbian Anna by following my above Article and its screen shot.
      Hope it will help you to get back your Handset.

      Let me know about ur status.

  6. @Maharaja
    When i try to update in Device Update, it tries to connect through my old wifi. I deleted this access point. Now it wont connect and just gives an error "Connection Failed, Conn Error".

    1. Hey , i think ,Firstly U have to make connection with your esteemed WiFi Connection then try out your update,or if u want to do with 3G then set proper access point.Still you have problem , make sure u don't have any other application like JoikuSpot of WiFi base apps !!! Let me know if your problem get solved or not

  7. i have a nokia n8, it was bought from saudi, i tried the SW UPDATE application on my phone, the *#0000#, and the nokia ovi suite via pc, but still i can't update my phone to symbian anna,,what should i do?,,there's an error message while through the ovi suite installing tne anna update, it says "could not connect to server", etc..

    1. Monkz ,I already mention in my post that ,its highly recommended to Update from your Mobile device not from OVI PC SUIT,as u discuss ur problem it may fix by following steps
      1.Connect your mobile with good Wifi connection
      2.do *#0000# and update the core firmware of Nokia N8 as mention in my post
      3.after core update complete ,u must update application specific data, to do this navigate to Menu->Application->S/W update and use Wifi or 3G to apply both 1-2 updates
      4.it will restart your cell and u got full functional Anna on N8
      5.If all process fails then just take a BACKUP of your cell from OVI PC suit and hard format it using *#7370# with default security code 1234 or 12345 and repeat all 1-4 steps.
      6.Hope u will get it ,Put your reply accordingly

  8. Hello.i have a Nokia N8 with this product code:0599777
    i cant upgrade my symbian 3 to anna because it says no update avaible i try this ways too:

    1.update with sw update app
    2.update with *#0000# code
    3.update using nokia software updater
    4.update using nokia ovi suite

    and i hard reset with *#7370# code and compelete format levels(menu key and volume...)

    plz tell me how can i upgrade to symbian anna
    *note:i'm in Hungary and i have germany vpn too.

    thank u

    1. Hey kamyar ,I think it may be a problem of your internet service provider/operator,try to avoid VPN tool for updating, disable it while performing update.According to source info ,Symbian anna launch all over the world,So no region problem is their.Try to do it with other operator if still have problem then I suggest you to format N8 with Custom Navfirm version.which will surely success.For more detail visit https://goo.gl/Tw3GA

      1. tnx for your answering.i try with a lot of ISPs(wifi-3g with many isps)but it doesnt find any update.and it have a lot of risk to update with custom fw.plz help me i want to update it directly from nokia.thank u

        1. Ok, so last option is to either go to your nearest Nokia Care or do custom firmware update as i told you,if u follow proper steps then it won't be risky 🙂 Good Luck

          1. ok i will update it with custom fw.but i have another question too:D the anna firmware that used in NaviFirm is from nokia?it doesnt have any differents with software update app in phone?

          2. sry again:D.
            i check navifirm list but my product code its not there.this is my product code:0599777

            can i install anna fw for another product code?

          3. Hey kamyar, I don't know why its not showing ,According to me It must be their in Navfirm 🙂 Just tell me your Country from which u did the purchase of your handset,also give me all details of *#0000# screen except IMEI, I will try to give u proper navfirm.

          4. thank u.i bought my N8 in Iran. this is every thing in info page:

            Software Version:014.002
            Custom Version:
            Custom Version Date: 2011-03-01
            Language Set:
            Product Code:0599777
            Model: N8-00
            i think is enought:D

          5. Hey after searching a lot ,I came to know that your handset is israel_dg(dark greay) with Product Code 0599777 .Which is not available for Symbian Anna Update due to some problem,which is officially announced by Nokia check it here https://goo.gl/yrP5r Search "0599777" in that page u will find msg like "0599777 Israel: due to manners regarding software localization, we can't say exactly when Symbian Anna will be available in Israel" That's the main reason 🙂
            u may try to flash with other firmware at your own risk 🙂
            have a great day !!!

  9. Hi maharaja havin the same problem as mazin marji with my e7 updtated my device from my phone itself but after the OVT updated the phone did not reeboot and is dead .... your steps for complete fromat does not work either can u please help ?? i bought the phone 3 says back 🙁

    1. Hi Sheran,as you are using E7 ,so to hard format it you need to follow some other steps as below
      1. Turn off the phone and charge it properly
      2. PRESS and HOLD “Left shift Key”, “Space Bar” and the “Back Space Key” simultaneously
      3. keep pressing the above three keys combination , Now PRESS and HOLD Power On/Off button ( Get help from someone else for this "Press and Hold process" )
      4. After a few sec the phone will vibrate/shakes up and the welcome screen will be shown,with all default options
      5.Configure timezone and language accordingly.
      Enjoy your hard reset,let me know about it ,Good Luck 🙂

    2. Hi Sheran,as you are using E7 ,so to hard format it you need to follow some other steps as below
      1. Turn off the phone and charge it properly
      2. PRESS and HOLD “Left shift Key”, “Space Bar” and the “Back Space Key” simultaneously
      3. keep pressing the above three keys combination , Now PRESS and HOLD Power On/Off button ( Get help from someone else for this "Press and Hold process" )
      4. After a few sec the phone will vibrate/shakes up and the welcome screen will be shown,with all default options
      5.Configure timezone and language accordingly.
      Enjoy your hard reset,let me know about it ,Good Luck 🙂

  10. So, I don't get it... This "Anna" update is only for Nokia phones with Symbian^3, or is it for Nokia phones with Symbian S60v5 as well? I have a Nokia n97 and I would LOVE to update its software to ANYTHING that is better then this... :/

  11. after my n8 was updated to symbian Anna it will not connect to Ovi store saying connection failed. This error message occurs when i try most apps and Ovi map and my hotmail account. It will however connect to the web through the world icon. It wont connect to search for update's but will when connected through pc. Help please.

    1. Ohh, try to sign in with OVI mail from Nokia's inbuilt PUSH mail Email Service,so that you will get authorize ,ilogin with your [email protected] email. if still have problem switch to other network or re-install OVI store ,Hope it will work for u,good luck 🙂

    1. Hello ali ,I think it may be a problem ur operator check ur update from *#0000# & from "menu->application->s/w update" with different operator,if still not showing then check on ovi pc suit,still not 🙂 then just take a backup of all ur data and hard reset it using 3 key hard reset told by me in earlier comments(press and hold Menu+Volume Down+power button simultaneously when starting ur cell)then check again ,it will work,do comment if any help needed 🙂

      1. thanks for replying... yeah i dont see updates on phone via Wifi but i do when i connect wiht NSU or Ovi Suite... the version is 24.0.0 something like this and 319MB total size.. and when i update using Ovi or NSU then after downloading i get error while installing that connection has been lost.... device recovery ... disconnect usb restart phone n do all again... it continues n never ends...

        Please help on this... i really wanna get this update...

        Thanks again.. Ali..

      2. please let me know about Nokia c7 symbian^3 phone required auto phone recording without beep.
        a application for the above phone ,when phone set to meeting mode,Then any if dial he/she get know that user is in meeting (like ring to the dialer )

  12. good day,
    i just did the full update with symbian anna as well..after the update was fully completed i tried to send a msg ..when i clicked the conversation icon the msging page i recieved an error which reads "messaging:feature not supported !

    please help
    thank you
    my email add is [email protected]

    1. Hi jeevendra ,I think you did update using *#0000#,its only core firmware update,"Feature Not Supported msg pop-ups " because of absence of Application specific updates of Symbian Anna 2/2,To do this just navigate “Menu->Application->Software update” do check for update and download all the available application updates from their.You will surely survive from this problem 🙂 Let me know if any help needed

      1. bro,
        i updated it from the nokia software update and not from the #0000# ...however i checked again using your instruction but there seems to be no updates available and the problem still is there....what do i do next...

        1. Just Hard format Your Handset ,which already discuss in above comments ,Follow it then you may fix the problem otherwise flash it using Navfirm which also discuss in above comments,remember to take a backup of your data ,kindly post if any help is require 🙂

  13. Hi,
    I'm using N8 which is bought from UK. after installing Anna Update, I lost my Quick Office and Adobe Reader which is most essential for me. Also i Couldn't able to log on to OVI Store and my Maps disappeared.Pls provide me a nice suggestion to overcome this problem. Thanks in Advance

    1. Hey Deepak,I think you did update using *#0000#,its only core firmware update, that's why you lost your Office and adobe reader ,To get them back you need to do Application specific updates of Symbian Anna 2/2,To do this just navigate "Menu->Application->Software update" do check for update and download all the available application updates from their.You will surely get all ur lost apps 🙂 If you unable to login with OVI Store then pls add your OVIemail account to Nokia's Push mail service and refresh it to send/receive email if it success then retry OVI login and download Ovi maps from store,hope it will work for you ,All the best :deepak )

      1. Thanks Maha...
        I have checked with application updates... it showing no update available... So no Office n other stuffs. And for Ovi Store i followed the steps you mentioned. still its not working... Help me out in this.

        1. Hey Deepak ,it may have some problem ,just take a backup of all ur data and hard reset it using 3 key hard reset told by me in earlier comments(press and hold Menu+Volume Down+power button simultaneously when starting ur cell) then check again,it will work

          1. Hi maha.
            Thanks again... I had done the Hard reset already.. now i got the maps working.. But still Ovi and quick office is not solved..

          2. Hey just try to search in Google and download all software manually ,if they doesn't work then try to re-install Qt firmware of Nokia, u can search for Download qt for Symbian s^3 :0 hope it may work 🙂 if any help needed ,do post in comment section

  14. Hi Maharaja
    I have a c7, 3 week ago I updated the OS of my cell phone to symbian anna and even I updated 2 required part that Nokia released and I had no problem with my os.
    after some days i need to format my cell phone(Master format) but after that format ,wifi of my phone doesnt work very well i mean my phone detect wifi access point but it cant able to connect to that access point.
    what can I do to solve this problem
    and of course i must say I update my OS again but it doesnt help

  15. i have nokia c6-01 and downloaded symbian anna on my device but lost the pdf and office application............what to do to get this issue sorted out..........your help will be appriciated

    1. Nasir ,Had u update ur device with Application update from Menu->Application->s/w update ? if not then do that and install all 2/2 Symbian anna application update,I think u update using *#0000# code,which is core firmware update,we also need to install application specific update to get all the application s/w 🙂 do comment if u face any issue !!!

    1. Hi najmus, Why you want to degrade to older os ,Symbian Anna is far better than older one,ok come to your question ,its possible to downgrade to Older OS using navfirm flashing for that you can go with this https://goo.gl/Tw3GA and insted of anna u can choose older version ,do it with your own risk ,It may damage ur device ,so be careful

      1. thanks maharaja the thing is i like the interface verymuch it is for one of my friends who upgraded after i told him but he didn't like it that much any way thanks

  16. I have updated my nokia c7 and 3dys later it started showing insert sim and the phone restarts imediately after the insert sim is shown.although i only did the 1/2 update.i havnt done the 2/2 update.so is it possible that that is the problemm?cause am sick and tired of the frequent restartin of the phone.

    1. it may possible ,just hard Reset your handset as mention in above steps and again update it with all available application updates ,it may solve your problem ,if not then u have to concern with Nokia Care to fix it : because it may be a problem of ur Hardware 🙂

  17. The 1/2 Required Anna update failed to load on my N8, but all the other updates loaded ok. Any suggestions ? thanks

    1. Eric I think you are trying to update from *#0000# right?if yes then firstly download all core updates ,if it fails then go to Menu->APPLICATION->S/W Update & check for updates ,here also u will find the major updates like in *#000# ,try to update from their ,I think it will work,if it also fails then try to update from your NOKIA OVI PC Suit.still have problem then check your internal memory Status C: it won't be a full 🙂 if face any other difficulties then free to ask here we will try to solve it for you

      1. Actually the first way was using S/W Update, and as I said all the updates loaded except the required one which failed. Then I tried OVI PC that failed too. Then after reading here I tried *#0000# and this method doesn't even say there's an update available. Am I destine for a hard reset ?

        1. Hmm, it seem that something goes wrong, try to Hard reset your mobile using 3 key hard reset as discussed in above comments,then try again,hope it will work for you 🙂 let me know if any help is needed

  18. hi,i ve a c7 nd it is made by finland.i want to update it bt itt shows that there is no update abailable,i live in Bangladesh.thn how can i update it?

    1. imteaz I think its the issue of ur product,they might not release the Symbian Anna for product that ur using,If u want to installed it then simply Flash it with other firmware like Bangladesh using NavFirm software,U can get into more details by reading our previous comments about Flash process of Symbian S^3 handsets .Hope it will work ,do comment if any help is needed 🙂

  19. dude your not helping (Saurabh) all you said it just normal thing you are useless sorry
    you didn't solve any problem
    mine is phone sutured not supported
    i advice anyone who had Symbian 3 DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PHONE IF YOU WANT IT WORK WELL

    1. Jokerloo86 Your totally joking as like your name 😀 till now We solved most of the issue of our readers,wait I will check it aging and try to find proper solution ,don't be so crazy man !!!

  20. hiii i updated the phone to anna 2 . then i updated the ovi maps to enhanced update available on the software update. so ovi maps is not working please help me .waht can i do?

    1. Ohh,You also victim of same,i got lots of queries regarding this,I contacted Nokia support and they told me that ,that problem is from their end 😛 Some misleading configuration happened in Map Updates ,So they will (officially) fix it soon 😀 ,Don't try to flash or format your smartphone,I know some peoples who did it and still suffering from this !!! But if you really eager to use MAPS then ,I found a solution i.e revert it to old one,to do this just download this file https://bit.ly/rTpcNq and install it,It will remove ERROR 'Feature Not Supported' from ovi map or any other ,let me know more about it !!! 😀

  21. Hey, i tried this morning to update my c7 to anna using nsu, but while updating usb suddently disconnected and my phone died, now it's not working anymore & i cant even turn it on, it only vibrate when pressing power button 🙁
    Pleaaaase i need your help

    1. Ohh, that’s bad, it’s malfunctioning because of interruption in update 🙁 but don't worry you can get it back, for that you may loose all your data 🙁 If u agree with it then follow this
      1. Simultaneously hold the home button, camera button and the volume button (down) of ur Smartphone.
      2. After that keep holding all buttons now ask ur friend or family member to press power on button until the phone vibrates. it means ur holding all buttons ok
      3. After the procedure is complete release the power on button only, keep holding the three buttons simultaneously and you got to wait till you hear the nokia sound.

      This will hard reset your mobile phone, it will take some time to begin. You may try again to update Symbian Anna, I recommended you to do update from Wi-Fi / OTA don't do it with PC Suit
      Let me know more about this!!! Great Day!!! 😀

  22. Hey!
    I updated my C7 with the new Anna update. I bought my C7 in India.

    The update was successful. But the GUI suddenly turned black-n-white after reboot. I tried changing the themes but no use. I installed the theme "Symbian-Next Lite". The icons look colorful now but all other buttons on the screen do not have any color.

    Photos and videos do not have this problem and all other applications are working fine.

    I took a back-up and reset it to "Factory Settings" but no use. Can u plz help!!

    1. ohh ,i think it may be a problem of your firmware ,I suggest you to take backup of your device and do 3 button hard reset as I discussed in many previous Comments it will help you !!!! You can also try to check again for update by going Menu->Application->SW Update ,if any updates are available then install it ,Let me know about this 🙂

  23. i want to flashing my c6-01 via phoenix software,during the flashing step,it show flashing failed..my c6-01 cannot boot up..black screen and when i press power on button only vibrate and screen not apears nokia logo..
    what can i do?
    please help me..

  24. I download the Symbian Anna update and my phone did not immediately restart(I am now knowing it was suppose to). Anyway I new nothing about the improvments to Symbian 3 from this update I just ran system update and it should me the anna updates. But after doing this software update and after manually restarting the phone myself a day later. I was suprised to see that the phone does not load beyond the Nokia start up screen. You never see where the two hands come together and then the system loads. It stays on the white nokia logo screen. I loaded this software anna about two days ago and have turned my phone on and off and even let stay on for a few hours just hoping it was updating in the back ground. I don't want to lose my nokia n8, so did my phone system crash and if so what are my opyions, if any but buy a new phone.

    1. Hi Brent ,I think ur smartphone firmware got corrupted during update.So I suggest u to Hard Format it using Navfirm ,according to my source information Symbian Belle official navfirm is available ,You can flash ur handset with latest one.To know more about it just visit this https://goo.gl/X56tS and follow proper steps 🙂 Hope it will work perfect and give u New look with BELLE on N8.Let me know more about it !!!

      1. hi, would like to know when is the available update for Symbian Belle in the Philippines, i also want my N8 be upgraded to Belle. thanks thanks

        1. Symbian Bell update will arrive very soon,may end of December or 1st week of Jan 2012. Keep in touch we will announced its availability. finger cross ,its too late for BELLE

      2. I tried that and the problem is my phone is not being recognized by OVI Suite or the computer itself. It intially starts to recognize it but then shortly after would it says that driver cannot be loaded device not recognized.????

        1. It may be the problem related with OVI PC Suit, Re-install that PC suit and also check whether their is any new update is their or not by going to Menu->Application->s/w update don't check from*#0000# ,if its still their then do factory restore. Let me know ur progress 🙂

  25. hi
    i updated my Nokia N8 to the official Leaked Symbian Belle With Phoenix but now i dont any options in settings app to enable WiFi and when i drag the notification center, the wifi button is lock and i can't turn it on.what shoud i do now.
    tnx in advance

    1. Hi ,
      I think during update process some files may got corrupted.their fore its malfunctioning.I suggest you to Restore it to Factory settings or try *#7370# which is hard format. Before doing this take a Backup of your data .Let me know more about it

  26. hi, i tried to update again my N8 from version 1/2 to 2/2 and successful my software version now is 025.007 but whenever i open the web browser icon it goes white blank and i cannot use it for internet. when my version was at 1/2 i can open it. appreciate any help on this. thanks so much in advance...

    1. Echo,its seem something malfunction with your update.You can try to fix it ,just navigate to SETTINGS->APPLICATION SETTINGS->DEFAULT APPLICATIONS-> here u will see the list of default applications list may be 4.So Hold "BROWSING INTERNET" option which is first one and select "Restore Default apps." in floating menu.Hope it will work for u !!! Check whether WEB is working or not ,if any problem then restart your device and try to make factory restore.if nothing will help you .Kindly take backup!!! 🙂

      1. hi Saurabh, thanks for your fast revert.
        I tried to fix it by following your instruction and did restart as well but seems problem still persist, so how is it now..!! thanks again!

  27. My c6-01 phone shows me 022.014 only.
    If i go for check for updates, "it show me no updates Available"
    I can't update to 025.007.
    Please do the needful ans share the good one

    1. Hey i think u checked for update from *#0000# right? If yes then try to re-check it by going Menu->Applications-?S/W Updates ,here u may able to see the update if everything is all right !!! try it and let me notify ur status

  28. I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am not positive whether or not this publish is written by way of him as no one else understand such special approximately my trouble. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  29. I have tried to upgrade through device update but got a message as no updates available,then tried to go through software updates, there I got the option to upgrade,however it's mentioned to use through PC.
    Then I tried upgrading through Nokia OVI suite, was able to download the 276 MB file,but when it goes through installation process,it takes time and fails to install which I tried atleast 5-6 times.I really want to upgrade my phone to symbian Anna.
    Any help would be highly appreciated

    1. Hi Sharique, I already written in my post that don't go with OVI-PC SUIT Update,it may have some issue 🙁 So come to point I recommended you to do that update process using WiFi Connection.According to my knowledge the application responding u to do update using OVI-SUIT because you may using Low data traffic & actual data is large one,So when u connect it using Wifi again run s/W Update and select available update ,and just download it .That time u won't get any msg like do it using OVI-SUIT. So let me know if any help is needed !!! 🙂 I think it will work for u

  30. Thanks Saurabh for your quick reply.
    Like to tell you that I am doing the SW update check through wifi only,but still it's asking me to do it through computer,once I will get the update I will definitely download it,but I am unable to get one 🙁

    1. Ohh that's strange something goes wrong 🙁 , So according to me solution is take a backup of your data & hard reset your device using code *#7370# using ur security code (default:12345).Then after it complete all the formatting process then Re-Check for update from both *#0000# or by going Menu->Application->S/W update. I recommended u go with 2nd .let me know if still having problem 😀 Good Luck

  31. hey saurabh i have hard reset my phone as u mentioned and then i tried to update through SW update but here again i m getting to update through pc y is that... m i doing something wrong

    1. sharique I think something really going wrong with u !!! Can u take some screenshot of that msg? pls send me link here ,i can check out and try to find solution.

  32. saurabh,i am malaysian..i do upgrade my c7 to symbian anna..guess what..i think i interrupt it..now my c7 had a blank white screen..i do read about previous comment..i did follow all ur instruction..hard reset..but when the phone start..same situation happen..plezz plezz help and guide me to solve this problem..

    1. hey norman have u did 3 Key hard reset as mention in this https://goo.gl/5qafU comment,if not then I suggest you to do flashing of ur handset with new Symbian Belle ,i already did updated my Nokia N8 with official belle.You can read this for more https://goo.gl/X56tS kindly note that this process is for N8 ,u have to download C7 belle firmware files from Navfirm only 🙂 also take a backup of ur data while flashing

  33. hi saurabh,
    i saw already https://goo.gl/X56tS steps to upgrade my n8 Anna to symbian belle but doing flashing on my own feels me bothered as to how it going to work best after, i'm afraid in doing so it might goes wrong because i am not expert in doing flashing. how can you help me conquer my fear. thanks

  34. hi Saurabh, my n8 was on Anna OS & want to upgrade to Belle through flashing. Question is: Is Anna OS safe to upgrade to Belle (as you had mentioned that PR 01 is better - and what is this PR 01)? thanks for the info

  35. hi Saurabh, this # 3 im referring to, my apology...thanks

    3. Note that Your phone doesn't need to be on Symbian Anna, it could be even on PR 1.0.

    hi Saurabh, my n8 was on Anna OS & want to upgrade to Belle through flashing. Question is: Is Anna OS safe to upgrade to Belle (as you had mentioned that PR 01 is better – and what is this PR 01)? thanks for the info

    1. Hey Echo,the meaning of that line is if ur not having ANNA on ur device u still update it to BELLE so its not an any issue,simply go with it.I personally updated my device from ANNA to BELLE recently and good thing is that BELLE is much better in performance than ANNA 🙂 So update it ,I recommended to take a backup of ur data while proceeding.Don't worry all things go right,Flashing process is simple,just go to each and every instructions

  36. hi Saurabh, thanks for the response i started to feel my confidence in doing flashing, i just have some clarification below, question is - from the "note" how can i find from my n8 such versions to downgrade. in fact this "note" made me feel worry...there's the "what if" in my mind. what if i did not succeed to downgrade how can my N8 go back to its normal use? Also, below 'phoenex..' i already tried to download in my PC but message occur that i need to register first both .rar & .exe? pls help me how..thanks so much excited to use belle in my N8.

    Note: If you are currently using v111.030.609, you cannot directly flash v111.030.607, first you will have to downgrade to v11.5 and then flash the v111.030.607 again.

    Phoenix_Service_Software_2011.02.000.44842.rar or
    Phoenix-Service-Software-2011.14.004.45945.exe (Latest Version)

    1. Hey Echo, don't be heisted as ur on Anna ,u don't need to care about that note of downgrade,its for people who already using leaked unofficial belle version and want to switch to official one !!! Ok,and for the phoneix and firmware link,both r working ,u have to choose FREE download instead of premium ,it will wait u for approx 30 sec,for appearing download link.Then download it and do all the possible steps as explain in that article 🙂 Enjoy and do it frankly and properly !!!

    1. Hi Karan ,I think its a problem of some applications, which may lead to heavy load on memory of handset.Try to use Ramblow application and also remove unnecessary applications & games from ur C7 ,Hope it may work.few days back I also faced with such problem,but now i survive from it by removing some apps :)Let me know if it works

  37. I have nokia n8 with s^3.when ever i check for update by *#0000# method..it seems that 'no update available'..What to do now?

    1. Hi Jaseel,try to check it from Menu->Application->S/W Update. Here u may find out the update of Anna.btw Symbian BELLE is coming soon on N8 so try to grab that one,it may be in start of FEB 2012. If u have any queries then ask us ,we can help u

  38. i have n8 bought it from uae in may and using here in india. it has ver 14.00. today i was updating to anna 25.007 from my pc using nokia suite 3.2.100. during installation i'm getting this message "connection to the device was lost."
    below it they have given step by step method for recovery. i followed it as such and waited for the installation to continue. nothing happens. there is a "ok" button on pressing which it starts to update and after few seconds flashes the same message "conection to device was lost".
    please help

    1. Hi,its look's like firmware update failed due to disconnection.So only way to get it recover is by flashing n8.So you can follow these steps to flash ur n8 https://goo.gl/X56tS ,I recommended you to install latest official Symbian belle on your n8 I already using it on my N8 and it work perfect.

    1. Hey darragh ,it may be problem related with Server profile in ur device type *#0000# then in option menu go to settings ->select default Server profile as NOKIA.I think it may work if not then try to check for update by going menu->application->s/w update. if still failed then take a backup of ur data from ovi-pc suit & hard format it using *#7370#.Let me know which will work for u !!!

  39. i was trying to download and install some software update in my Nokia E7-00. during installation, data cable disconnected due to jerk and phone has completely dead. massage appears like; phone will stop working if disconnect during downloading/installation.

    please help me, if anyone has idea, whats wrong with my phone.

    1. Ohh ,its really strange,any how u have to flash it.To do flash just visit and follow proper steps,u will ur data on phone memory 🙁 let me know if anything needed

  40. hey Saurabh, I just wanted to ask for your regarding my Nokia N8. It has Anna 022.014. I dial *#0000# and then options-> check for updates.then it says connecting and after a few seconds "connection error" message appears. I have to mention that In the *#0000# options->settings->default server profile is selected nokia. This happens even if I connect via wi-fi or 3g. Also internet connection is working fine for any application(web, ovi store, opera, symtorrent,etc.). Also destinations both 3g settings and home wi-fi is set as acces point in internet and internet is set as default network destination. Thanks for reading this post and really hope u can help

    1. kta,it may malfunctioning because of some internet System problem,did u checked update from Menu->Application->S/w update ? if not then try to do it from their also.If still have some problem then I suggest you to take a Backup and do hard-reset of N8 using *#7370# ,All the best,keep notifying your progress !

  41. use my adders ,I have vell-com model C6 mobile but i never got internet access and the setting difficult to understand please tell me ,how can i connect to internet?

    1. ohh,Can u tell me what exact problem ur facing? Any specific error? Also tell me ur on which OS Symbian S^3 or S^3 Anna !!! I will try to solve that issue

  42. Hi,

    I have gone through all the posts above and also saw a post regarding my problem, but i didnt get an answer...

    I have a C7-00 and i upgraded it to Symbian Anna, both the updates...
    Now i want to revert back to before Anna (personal reasons).

    Can i do it using the hard reset or 3 finger method ??
    Also, if i do it will it wipe out Anna and restore it back to the state it was before i installed Anna ??

    Please advise..


    1. Hi Gregory,I understand your query,you want to downgrade ur handset OS !!! Not a good idea 😀 but you can do it,for that you need to Flash ur handset using Phoenix by using proper Navfirm version w.r.t ur phone model.If u do 3 finger or Hard reset then it will make ur current OS as like as when it was installed,not downgrade !!! here You can find more about flashing

      1. Thanks Saurabh,

        Just to have a precision,, when i do hard rest,, or even flash,, my phone will return to its original state like how it was when i bought it ???

        Because i don't want the Anna update,,, and i had upgraded after i purchased.
        So when i downgrade or flash,, will it remove the Anna update i had done ??
        I think it will from what you wrote above,, but just asking to be precise....


        1. Gregory Its depend on firmware that u select during flash operation.I suggest u don't downgrade it,very soon within 6-7 days Symbian Belle will arrive and its much better than others.So do that update 🙂 Choice in ur hand

  43. i have nokia E75 ofter i make up date for the software it's looks so good till i want to restore my back up files it's show massage say connection lost your phone will restart now so please help i have to restore my back up for contact and all thing so please advice that i miss someting or what thankx

    1. Hi melody,its seem that something went wrong during restoration process,so u have to Hardreset it using 3 key hard reset process or using *#7370# code ,discuss in earlier comment threads.So kindly do that and restore your backup ,hope it will work for u,remember u may loss ur Phone mem. data 🙁

  44. I have a E7-00 and i upgraded it to Symbian Anna, both the updates…
    Now notifications in applications folder doesn't work
    when i open it give me exit button only nothing else. how can i fix it?

    1. Samesh I think its a problem related with some application conflict,i suggest you wait for few days as Symbian belle is coming very shortly ,It will surely enhance your experience and will overcome major problems in Anna. If u still want to quick resolve then hard reset it using *#7370#

  45. i was updating my nokia phone software after downloaoading it shows an install option after i click install my phone switched off it self and than when i switch on my cell phone it shows an error contact service plz help me frnds.............

    1. Hi ajinkya I think it was happen coz of low battery,I think ur update was not successful.I suggest you to hard-reset it using 3 button Hard reset.or flash it and install Symbian belle which is now available for update,let me know any other queries.

  46. Hi there! last 2 days ago I updated my e7 from anna to Belle, from then on it seems by battery runs out very fast! I used it lightly but I must recharge it in the morning due to its almost empty level, thanks!

    1. Hi ben,i also updated my N8 from Anna to Belle,but till now their is no problem with my battery.I think you may enable WiFi Bluetooth of ur devices,which can be checked from PUSH down menu.If it won't work then contact Nokia care,might be a battery issue

  47. Dear Mr. Saurabh,

    I am really thank you. you are doing so nice job. I have updated my nokia C7 with symbian belle but now my problem is fring application is not working so would you please give me the solution.

    1. Hi Mohsin,thanks for ur compliment,I also facing some problem for some of apps in Belle,my Ucbrowser,Skype and Fring also not working.I already rise this question to apps support,hope they will come with good solution 🙂 keep checking update of apps

      1. Dear Mr. Saurabh,

        Thank you very much for quick reply. I am requesting you please let me know ones it is fix the problem. I did not check for Ucbrowser but skype and Opera mini is working on my phone. Only fring is not supporting.

  48. hi, i updated my nokia n8 to the new symbian belle, however my joiku spot is not working anymore. it always say "communication failed, unable to connect.."

  49. Hi,

    For Belle, can you post some screen shots of how the messaging menu and settings menu looks once you are inside these menus ??

    Just curious to know.




    1. Hi Andrew,I think its because of some conflicting apps in ur cell,or recheck whether u set some priority of internet access from setting menu 🙂 Let me know more about it

  51. I recently updated my nokia n8 with belle firmware but I don't like it that why again I downgrade it using phoenix software... After that I use software update option & found 5 new updates.. I has made that update because after downgrade I found that many soft missing like ovi map, ovi store that's why I update & phone ask me to restart, but now after restarting phone only blank white screen appears with nokia letters... Please tell me is my phone dead on not usable in future or is there any solution to fix that issue.. waiting for your valuable reply.. Thanks in advance...

    1. Hi jayant I suggest you to try 3 key hard reset option,if it won't work then u have to again flash it using phoenix but remember to use Navfirm Anna version instead of any leaked Anna OS version ,btw I don't think BELLE is worst than ANNA its really good for me 🙂

  52. Hi i tranferred some of my messages from my inbox to the nokia ovi suite[the latest version]just after the download of it with the laptop and just to make a little space in my C7 BUT WITHOUT BACKUP MY C7 and now i dont know where the hell all the message is been saved and how to get it back and even if it is saved or not i dont know plzzzzz reply

    1. Hi ,I think you mistakely wipe out some of the files of ur SMS during memory cleanup 🙁 If u again synchronized ur handset earlier with ur PC suite then their might be a chances to get all ur SMS's

  53. Dear Saurabh, thanks for your valuable response... As per your suggestion I tried 3 key hard reset option but, it won’t work for me anyway now just I download Navfirm & don't know what to select 'Target' means production external or quality assurance? but I select the 1st option & then I download the require firmware...But now the problem is when I started phoenix & connect my n8 to pc it didn't find the connection then what to do? give me some tips for that because when I connect n8 to pc it only shows blank white screen with nokia letters....Thanks

  54. Hi,
    i tried to update the software directly by going to software updates but now its showing downloads finished and trying to install and then throwing the log file telling error in installing.. what to do? please help asap

      1. hi...
        thanks for the suggestion but i downloaded the QT files as mentioned in one of the threads in nokia but still the same.. Is there any other way that you can suggest.. or any idea on what might be causing this..

  55. Hi Saurabh,
    bought a Nokia E7 yesterday, Feb. 23!..... and during the night I connected it to my computer and downloaded the Nokia PC Suite. Once the Nokia PC suite was downloaded and updated to the latest version, it gave me the option of updating my E7 to the new Symbian Anna software. I took the necessary steps to update the software, and my phone re-started, only to never turn back on. When I do press the power button, the Nokia sign shows, and 5 little circles then light up, I presume it means the phone is loading. However, after that, the screen goes blank, and the menu button is the only thing that is illuminated. I tried the above steps you suggested; using the "Shit+Space+backspace" then hit the power button, but the same thing happens. Please help me out!

    1. Ohh Its too bad John,I think your update was not completed successfully thats why u facing such problem.I suggest you to flash it using Phoniex software with latest navfirm version.Kindly refer some previous comments for ur reference.If u unsure about Flashing then just contact to any nearest Nokia Care. 🙂 Let me know if anything needed

    2. i am having the same problem but after the update of my nokia c7. i have use it for more than 1 week..and today by its own it has close and kept on restarting as u have mention......is there any solution !! thank u in advance

  56. Hi,
    My E7 is not working at all after Belle upgrade. Is there any way i can downgrade to Anna.
    Using Phoenix to downgrade bricks the phone.


    1. Hi Sdip,Something goes wrong during update 🙁 ,anyway If u want to downgrade it to Anna then u have to use phoniex and download navfirm anna version.you can find the flashing guide here https://goo.gl/gHF4W according to me BELLE is good and better than Anna.So go with belle if u want cool UI look,kindly get back with us for any kind of queries

  57. I have an E7, it asks for verification code and when I enter 12435, says code error. I took to the Nokia Care, they wanted to reinstall, will this solve the problem, and will the ovi have all my data?

    1. Ohh its strange 🙁 btw is it asking for verification code or security code,let me know more specific.because if u have some issue with SIM card then ur handset may ask u for PUK Verification code & its not 12345.If its security code then by default its 1234/12345 for Nokia if u changed it then its difficult to find it recently i posted one Code surviving post kindly go with this it ma help you to get ur code https://goo.gl/hUpUC let me know more about it ,Good Luck

  58. hi Dear,

    Since i've installed Belle on my N8 the C memory is dropping without installing applications.
    Today morning was 117 mb and now is 97.5 5mb.

    Pls help me how solve problem.
    pls reply to me soon as possible

    1. Don't worry jagdish its happening because every time u install any apps on memory card or other drive than Phone memory ,OS of smartphone put some paging files to phone memory for faster operation of any apps.I also realize such things,nothing to worry 🙂

    1. If u want to uninstall belle then ,use phoniex software and Flash it by downloading Symbian Anna files from Navfirm,u will find links of these software in our previous comments 🙂 Let me know if any help is needed

  59. hey, i updated it to anna then something happened it did a reset on it's own, now i'm stuck with the menu only, then the text box blinks i dunno why. please help

    1. Hi Naj I understand ur problem ,its seem that ur OS is malfunctioning.To fix it u have to reset ur handset using code *#7370# remember to take a backup of ur data before hard reset ! If it won't work then try 3 button hard format as explained in previous comments.It will help u to survive from such type of problem,let me know if any other help is needed

  60. i have nokia c7. i was chang date 10-04-2010 then restart my handset then my handset hanging problem not working.many time i open battry but same problem now pls help me what can i do?

    1. Changing date didn't cause any problem, I think some Os specific issue is their.To fix it kindly hard reset your handset(take backup of data) using *#7370# ,use 12345 as default code if ask.If still having same problem then use 3 key hard reset process as mentioned in my early comments.

      1. i think so___ that its not a problem for changing date.but when i start my handset auto run mobile security its need for unlock and i know my unloke key but my nokia c7 bottom not work also startup bottom.i cant turn of my handset then i open battery.now u tall me how can i useing *#7370#? becos by keypad or tuch not working its like a hung. pls if u can help me. and thanks 4 repaly

        1. ohh !!! its strange 🙁
          I suggest you to do 3 key hard reset, as I discuss in my earlier comment,follow that & if face any problem then let me know

          1. Jony turnoff your phone then
            Hold 'Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key' together & press power button until your phone vibrates & keep holding the keys until it get booted. Wait until screen arrive.remember its simultaneous press.
            Check this image for more info https://imgur.com/AphGl
            Let me know if it work for u !!! 🙂 Good Luck

  61. hi , i m shahad from bangladesh, i use c7 nokia. My phon is almost good , i update it sambian anna , all is good , one day i delete some file in drive c, and some day letter i lost my quck offece and adobe reader.. What can i do...
    I try my best but nothing , i restor it
    *#7370# but it not work and instal sw update all file...
    Plz say what can i do plz plz plz

    1. Hi Shahad,I have solution for u,Just download Apps.rar file from this link and install them on ur mobile.It will work for u !!! If it failed to do then let me know about Good Luck !!!

  62. i download it from my phon in c drive but i m not found it... And nothing to respond . Now i reset my phon by ( volum down + camara key + menu ) my all apps remove so now i cheked sw update some are avalible , if i instal all , can i found back adobe reader and quck offece or my other apps? Plz tell me , if my idea is not right , now what can i do?
    My other phone is n8 i forgot it pasword now i can't restor it like as *#7370# , what can i do for it ,

    1. Hi Shahad,you can update to belle using only PC suite check this link and if u already have bell then use re-install option from pc suite mode it will solve ur Quick Office and adobe reader problem !!!
      I suggest u to take backup of ur data before proceed !!!

  63. i perches a mobie from dubai. it hav a security code.how can i solve this problu.plzs help me (mobel no is nokia n8 )

  64. i buy a moblie from dubai. phone is chiense and have a security code.phone is not working in india.how can i remove this security code.

    1. Hi tushar I suggest you to hard reset your phone via 3 key reset as mention in earlier comments,after that connect ur phone via PC-Suite mode and then update/re-install official Symbian Belle on it .let me know if anything is needed

  65. hi ,, my problem is , i have nokia n8 it was working on symbian anna then i upgrade using nokia suite to symbian belle then after few days when i try to send message it said message editor feature not supported ,, i cant send any meesage only i can make reply but no fresh message working ,, so what i shall do for this ,, and if i wanna go back to anna again how i can do to down grade again to the same old version ,, how ???? thnx for care

    1. Hi ,look something bad happen during update.I suggets u to use custom framework S^4 XEON for your Nokia N8 I personally using it and its good in all aspect with some added features.Pls check this https://goo.gl/X56tS for more info about flashing.i hope it will help you.let me know if any help needed

  66. my mobile is chine made vell-com c6 model. when i try to open internet it say HTTP 404 is not found. so can i use? or what is its proxy & port numbers?

  67. hi,everyone.
    i have nokia 500 which i reset with nss pro software.but now i am getting system error message when i startup.
    can anyone tell what has gone wrong?

    1. Look like your update process malfunction,I suggest you to take backup of ur contacts and other then hard reset it using *#7370#.It will help you to resolve your problem

  68. i have nokia e7 which i bought in germany and am uisng it in nepal...my phone shows latest update not updated ......my software version is 111.030.0609 and software version date is 2011-11-26....what should i do to update the phone to latest ?>

    1. Hi Sabin,

      What I suggest you try to do OTA update, just press these code *#0000# then press option button icon located al bottom-right of screen and choose "CheckForUpdates". If update are available then you will get it,I suggest connect via Wifi or 3G.

      If it will not show you update connect your phone to PC suing Nokia Suite and from their update option check for update and update it.

      Before installing update fully charge your device and don't forgot to take backup of your data.

      Let me know if you face any issue.

    2. Hi Sabin,
      What I'll suggest you take a backup of your phone.
      Do hard reset by pressing *#7370# then again check for update.
      I think you will get update this time.If it will not work let me know

  69. Hi Saurabh,

    i tried the OTA update, it shows no updates available and by pc suite
    it only shows updates for the apps. what can i do to update my

    1. HI,

      What I suggest you do update your phone using NavFirm official firmware flashing tool to latest Belle OS.

      Please refer this link https://goo.gl/UrmYbb

      I hope this will surely help you to get rid from your problem.
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