Update Your Nokia N8,C7,E7 & C6-01 Phones To Symbian Anna OS ,Fix Symbian Anna "Phone Setup:Feature Not Supported" Error

August 22, 2011


Recently Nokia rolled out "Symbian Anna" update for their Symbian S^3 devices Nokia N8, C7, E7 and C6-01, which is now available  through OTA(Over the Air) in most of countries.

This release not only optimizes Symbian speed but also gives you attractive GUI and appearance of new icon sets . Hope you will enjoy it !!!

[News]  *****  Symbian Belle Update is Available Click Here ***** [News] 

[Update]Fix " Feature Not Supported " error in New OVI Maps Update, click here for solution

Some Key features of Symbian Anna Update:

1. Virtual QWERTY keypad in portrait mode, split-screen text input.

2. Updated web browser.

3. Stronger security, Draggable home-screen.

4. Improve GUI with updated icon set.

5. Improved Maps functionality.

6. Plus the Nokia C7 gains activation of its NFC chip.

7. Updated versions of calender, photo, camera & social applications.

8. Fast accessing of home screen and many more.

See This Video For More Details Of Symbian Anna


To update your device to  Symbian Anna you need to follow TWO unique steps:


First process:

Step1. Firstly you need to update Core OS firmware to v22(Anna) using OTA, e.g just type *#0000#

[note]Before  updating your device, it is Highly recommended that take the backup of your device and make sure your device is fully charged and having High speed data connection [/note]

Step2.  Then you will get a current firmware detail screen , now  from menu option select  "Check for updates" and wait for application to connect to Nokia update server, it will show you available update data like following screenshot.You can also do this by connecting your device to PC and then update it but I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED YOU TO DO IT FROM YOUR MOBILE   their are some issues in OVI suit update 🙁  Also use 3G or WiFi to download update.


Symbian Anna Firmware Update Notification

Step3.  When it downloads all data, it will restart your mobile, wait for  white screen of update to complete all process given below. Your  mobile will be updated to new Anna firmware.

Rebooting Nokia N8 After Symbian Anna firmware Update


Successful installation of Core Firmware

Second Process:

Step1.  Updating the core firmware only changes the  OS specification and structure, so to make it fully functional  and compatible with all applications(including Quickoffice and Adobe reader); we need to install few of application specific updates. To do this, navigate your device MENU->APPLICATION->S/W UPDATE.

Step2.  You will see 2 parts of Symbian Anna 1/2  as well as some social and ovi store update; select all and update it . It will take a time to download and install all data (approx. data size  67Mb), if any update fails restart your mobile and try again.

Symbian Anna Available Application Updates

Step3.  Successful Completion will reboot your phone and then you will see OVI activation page. Please provide your login details or register if you are new. That's it !!! Enjoy Symbian Anna. See following screen shots

Screenshot 1:  In this, you need to provide your login credentials of OVI.

Provide your login credential of OVI

Screenshot 2: Wait for Application to activate your OVI to grant access to OVI services.

Activating OVI Services

I saw many people did only FIRST Process and left second one, so that they faced error message like "Phone Setup:Feature Not Supported" during start-up and also some other problems

You can see some GUI of my Nokia N8 after updating to Symbian Anna:

Home Screen:

Symbian Anna Home Screen Look


Symbian Anna Menu Look

If you have any queries and questions related to Symbian anna update , please put it in comment section below ,we are happy to solve it  🙂

Symbian Anna update for N8, E7, C7 and C6-01
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  1. i have a nokia c7.i live in nasik (india)
    i have buyied my phone from UAE
    this phone showz NO UPDATES AVAILABLE
    This phone has wifi connected 32kBps

    1. Hi Bhagwan, You can try update through *#oooo# and then check for update from menu,if it won't work then just try to run this on Other internet connection,if it success and do all update setup ,navigate to menu->application->s/w update option and now download all Symbian application updates 1/2 with social and ovi store all at a time and wait for complete all.If u still cause problem just take a backup of your data and Hard reset c7 using *#7370#, remember to take a backup before doing this,then retry update,Hope it will work !!! Keep visiting and post your reply in comment !!!

      1. hi... i have nokia c7 bought at Itlay. i updated the phone to new os while i was in India using ovistore.. and then got the problem of feature not supported...still i tried updating to anna 2/2 which was not possible. i tried to update anna through wifi while i reached europe and it was installed. the "feature not supported" at the startup is still existing. i cheked at sw update in application and it says softwere is uptodate. *#0000# says anna is installed . why still the problem of feature not supported exists ?? can u give some solution ?

        1. hey pradz ,I think you need to update it through OVI Suit again by using "REINSTALL" option,then you may try S/W specific update by going Menu->Application->S/W Update ,if still getting same problem then you simply use some itlay VPN or other VPN service It may solve your problem or format it using 3 key combination hard reset discuss in above comments,and try again to re-initiate update .Good luck

          1. i re installed 4-5 times and then checked but the problem remains. I did install using ovi service. everyting is fine except for the error msg which i get at the startup. anyway thanx for the reply .

          2. Ohh, Last way is to hard reset your Handset with 3 key reset process that was told by me in earlier comment,Remember to take BACKUP+FULL CHARGE while doing this.According to Nokia "Phone Feature not supported" error coming because of absence of Symbian application update 1/2 or 2/2 which can done from Menu->Application->s/w update which u may failed to do with this 🙁
            Anyway after hard reset you may try again for application update instead *#000# 🙂 let me know if any help needed 🙂

      2. Hello,
        I had recently purchased Nokia E7 (USA), which happily detected Symbian Anna update. Once updated, it had failed to reboot. So, I have to replace the handset with a new Nokia E7. The problem is the new E7 handset does not detect Symbian Anna update. How shall I fix it?

        Thanks for your suggestion

        1. Hi Jack,can u pls tell me how could u checked out for update? if u did from *#0000# or just navigate to MENU->APPLICATIONS->S/W Update and check for it.pls check if u miss any of above.If still failed then I suggest you to flash it using official Nokia Belle update from here https://goo.gl/X56tS kindly note that this process is for N8 ,u have to download E7 belle firmware files from Navifirm only,also take a backup of ur data while flashing.Let me know if any other help needed Good Luck 🙂

      3. i tried so much but this error happening again and again.
        if you found another solution for this please inform me through this email >>>>>aminullah_sun88@yahoo.com<<<<

      4. i bought nokia e7 yesterday...but i can't add gmail and other application...please help me...can't creat also nokia account

        1. Hi kuladeep you have to install it using Nokia Store or simply download .sysx file from online then try to install. What kind of error your are getting while installing app on your E7 ? Elaboration will help

    1. @Mehul.

      symbian Anna update is only for newer 'symbian^3' models like the N8, C7, E7, C6-01, E6 & X7. So it is not possible to have this update on Nokia 5800 xpress music.

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  3. hey...

    I have C7 and have upgraded to anna..but now whenever i restart my phone a error comes 'Phone setup: Feature not supported' and also it refreshes my photo library but doesn't show stuff in the photo library.

    1. Ohh,I think you forgot to do application update,do it by going to Menu->application->s/w Update and check for it and install all 2-4 updates from that. You did only update from *#0000# right? I also face this problem and did application update and got solved,application update will give u Office & Adobe reader for free also new symbain anna theme ,do update with either 3G or Wifi Connection.let me know in comment if your problem get resolved or not 🙂 Keep visiting us !!!

      1. hiii....Thanks for the reply.... everything is now updated, jus one problem is remaining that whenever you refresh the library new stuff which i have added in mem. card doesn't show in music library or in pics app... and does Anna make C7 slow coz m experiencing it...

        the new os has given me a new app called communicator does anyone know what is it for...


        1. Ok ,That's Great.!!! If you are putting your images or music in other folder which is not System folder like IMAGES and SOUNDS then it may give u problem while refreshing it.So put all your stuff into system defined folders. Symbian anna not making ur devices slow rather it optimize the performance,it may slow because of lots of applications r running in background ,So i suggest you to use RAMBLOW PRO to handle ur memory .Microsoft comm. require credential for their professional purpose.So do it if u have,i don't try this yet .Enjoy !!! 🙂

          1. Hello there,

            I picked up a N8 6 months ago, and I did not update any software or firmware all this while.. and Yesterday I ran the update from the phone using wifi, and there were 5 updates to be installed, and after the installation the Phone would NOT start up, initially it was just stopping at the Nokia startup logo. later i decided to leave it on for a while till the battery dies.. and charge it again to try my luck.. but 🙁 unfortunately it does not even startup now.. and when i connect the charger a white led blinks next to the charging point.

          2. Ohh its seem that something went wrong during firmware update.I suggest you kindly go with this instructions https://goo.gl/dVXJt its in same page yellow area highlighted .and enjoy new official Symbian belle.It will 100% work if u follow all instructions >let me know about it

          3. hello dear,

            I have Nokia C7 and i updated to symbian Anna but i want to go back to symbian 3. how can i go back? please help me in this issue. thanks a lot.

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