Update Nokia N8,C7,C6-01,E7,X7,E6 to Symbian Belle using Nokia Suite

February 7, 2012

After very long waiting time, Symbian Belle update is now officially announced  for major Nokia smartphone's  like  Nokia N8,C7,C6-01,E7,X7,E6,Nokia 500 etc. You can update your handset to Symbian Belle using latest NOKIA SUITE,we recommended you to use latest pc  suite for better performance & update operation.Change log of Symbian belle  is really appreciable w.r.t user interface & performance. Symbian belle is totally redesigned version of Symbian Anna.I personally  like the ability of customization in Symbian belle which provide us android like interface & navigation  🙂

Symbian Belle Update

Symbian Belle Update

Some Key Changes in Symbian Belle update:

1. Enhance UI having up-to  6 Home screens & Online widgets.

2. Simple menu & home screen shortcuts.

3. Improvement in Camera setting, re-sizable & movable shortcuts.

4. Pull down menu like android interface.

5. Memory optimization is much good in Belle.

6. Latest and improve version of Navigation,Image & Browser apps

7. Customization of  lock screen & new version of SOCIAL apps( need to update  using OTA  S/W update )

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l0AkY07PKs']


Before installing update:

1. Take a backup of your data & check for update availability

2. Use latest NOKIA suite,download it from here ,we recommended this because if u have leaked (Symbian Belle) already installed  then using latest Nokia suite you can update to official without flashing 🙂

3. Use broadband internet or 3G connection

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdNxXnhGZuI']


Process of updating Symbian Belle using Nokia suite: 

1. Connect your mobile to PC using PC-suite mode.

2. Navigate to Software update icon and click on proceed.

Nokia Suite 3.3.86 Belle Software update

Nokia Suite 3.3.86 Belle Software update

3. Nokia suite  will search online for availability of update,if available you need to proceed

4. Wait for few minutes  to complete the update process,update size is approx 220mb. So its totally depend on your internet connection.

Updated To Symbian Belle

Updated To Symbian Belle

5. Complete your update and restart your device and enjoy new Symbian Belle  🙂

Some screenshot's of  Symbian Belle 

1. Home screen UI of  Symbian Belle

Symbian Belle Homescreen UI

Symbian Belle Homescreen UI

2. Pull down menu, gallery & new menu look

Symbian Belle menu,Gallery,Pull down menu

Symbian Belle menu,Gallery,Pull down menu

3. New enhance social app v 1.5.214

New Social app for symbain belle

New Social app for symbain belle

New Social app for Symbian belle

New Social app for Symbian belle

4. Improved browser and calender of Symbian belle

Enhance Browser,calender Symbain belle

Enhance Browser,Calender Symbain belle

If you have any queries or any problems during update of Symbian belle,please comment it below,so that we can try to solve that issue 🙂

[note]This update is not available for all the devices,it may available shortly for remaining devices.kindly check availability link from post[/note]

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  1. Hi Saurabh, some days back i updated both of my phones( N8 & E7) to belle.after update, my N8 works completely, but in my E7, i cant send any files via bluetooth, it only shows send via massege, no bluetooth. can u please help ?

    1. Aamir I suggest you to update your handset to 'Symbian Belle REFRESH' It was already rollout and work perfectly on my N8 and my friends E7 :D. I hope this will help you to get rid of these problem ! check it from OTA *#0000# -> check update

  2. Hi Saurabh, i did the same thing that you told but it is already belle refresh, and say NO UPDATES AVAILABLE, any other ways ??? i will be very thankful to you. please help .....

  3. Hi, whenever I try and update my Nokia X7 it always says "connection to the phone was lost" followed by a list of instructions to fix it. Bt no matter how many times I do this, I run into the same problems. What can I do?

    1. Hi noah, I think it might be a problem of your internet connection or PC suite pls check whether both are working properly or not. I suggest you to reinstall your existing Pc suite with updated version.I hope ot will help you to fix this problem. also try OTA update using *#0000#-> 'check for update'. Let me know more about it.

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