How do I Unsubscribe from Facebook Messages from Bots ?

April 1, 2019

Facebook Messenger is a tool associated with each other used by most people today in terms of Marketing. A lot of Business owners prefer to use this Facebook Messenger software to promote their own business, it could be a product or a service. However, the thing today is unusual for most of the people using Messenger. There are many popping ads from different businesses that you don’t even have a hint to reach your personal inbox. It is such an intruding and interruption without permission and then exists in the inbox. Mostly kind of the Ads is all about the business of someone or the brand of the business, others are updated for the new product or services their business has and other kinds of notifications. This is possible using facebook bot.

In fact, Facebook Bots has been growing interest in chatbots over modern years because of their expertise to get on the weight of time-consuming business tasks. Now further than ever, there are benefits of joining a bot to your Facebook page in order to answer customers quicker than ever and give them high-quality help.

Instant Messaging or also known as chatbots has been widely used with the help of the internet. Having a great advantage of chatbots, to connect with the people regardless of where they are located. Thus, it is the best option for every business to increase its customers or client.

How Do I Get Rid of Bots on Messenger?

Step 1

Chatbot Ads can be a disturbance without the permission of someone and just pop up anytime. There are two options to avoid this kind of disturbance to any mobile devices. The first one is you need to choose to unsubscribe. Unsubscribing simply means that you will not be able to receive bot chats or other notification but you are still connected to the network. However, if you choose to block bot, then this refers no connection at all. The length of time in Unsubscribing process will depend on what type the bot is.

Step 2

Then after choosing what you want to do, just open the conversation of the bot you want to block or unsubscribe. You can always block any bot in a direct way or from the conversation screen. Thus, you can find your conversations in the Recent tab. Blocking a bot can be a good way to put your inbox into personal purposes only and to secure your own privacy. There will be no problem if you choose to block Facebook bots as it is the only strategy of every business investors in the world.

Step 3

Then you need to click or tap the Block button, this is located at the top of the screen. You get the two different options and these are "Block all messages" and "Block sponsored messages. These sponsored messages serve as the notification that you can have a private message or conversation. While choosing to block all messages, simply means to cut all the connection from both of the parties.

Step 4

Block all messages to complete the process of Blocking the Bot. You will no longer receive messages from the bot, as you blocked the one who gives you different ads. Another is you will no longer be able to send messages to it either. This will also block any sponsored messages.

Step 5

Block Sponsored Messages, this is to prevent and disabled conversations, to protect your personal inbox as well. Facebook bots can always send people notifications about a business promo, updates of products and even services. This can turn into private conversations, that can match the keywords. With this you can always have the choice to disable this kind of messages, thus, keeping the bot unlocked can be an option. This is an implication to continue using the bot for the general queries but it can’t mess your inbox but it is a formal conversation. This step is one of the big advantages of people to experience this trick of technology.

Step 6

Unblocking Facebook Bot is a decision to make at the end of the day. Thus, unblocking means a new beginning to the bot to your’s inbox. It is easy to block or unsubscribes then it will be easy to unblock particular bots. You can always have the control to unblock a bots if you decide to have a conversation again and receives different notification from day to day. Unblocking a bot can be done easily in the conversation screen. For this to be possible, open the conversation with the bot and you. However, if you deleted the conversations, you just need to look or search the bot on the screen. Then just click or tap the Block button at the top of the screen and toggle Block message away and you will allow chatting normally with the same bot as you wish to have.

Note: Following these steps will surely help the people reaching their personal inbox. Can secure their conversations and avoid to repeat popping up of different notifications.


Facebook bots are annoying for some but business owners today is the best tool and strategy. The original way to use Messenger chatbots is to boost progress is obvious: Through the use of automated messaging, you are assured to give possible customers with important questions they may have.

Giving customer services is essential in your growth sets as you apart from the competition. When building your chatbot, make sure you take into consideration FAQs sent to your business and implement a means through which people can immediately find answers to them. The easiest way to do this is to offer many choice answers that slowly narrow down to a specific question. These are only positive things about Facebook bots, however, most of the people find it annoying to the fact that they don’t want to see the ads anymore. Unsubscribing or blocking Facebook bot can be a big help in order to organize your inbox to the result of a well managed personal inbox.

Facebook bot unsubscribe
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