How do I Unsubscribe from Facebook Messages from Bots ?

Updated on: April 1, 2019

The Facebook Messenger chatbots have been around for quite some years now. But many users get frustrated with the amount of sponsored ads that pop up in personal messages. When you begin chatting with Messenger chatbots to do basic tasks, Most chatbots integrate sponsored messages with databases that save links to services in your conversation.

Messenger Bots are programmed to send daily updates. Anyways, apart from blocking you can consider unsubscribing from a bot, so you stop getting daily updates, and you can also deactivate targeted messages from each Bot in your messenger. If you rather not see the Bots again, Alternatively you can block the Bot.

How Do I Get Rid of Bots on Facebook Messenger?

1. Unsubscribe Bots On Facebook Messenger App.

Before you go ahead to block a Bot you should consider unsubscribing. If you find fault with the number of spam messages you get from the bot then unsubscribing will do the trick. When you unsubscribe, you bring an end to endless messages, but still, be able to stay connected to the bot.

The process for unsubscribing from a bot will differ depending on the bot.

  1. login into your Facebook messenger app
  2. Tap on the Bot to open it, at the bottom right corner Tap on Actions.
  3. Select "Unsubscribe" among other options.

How to view all Bots on your Facebook messenger.

  1. Tap on any Bot to open it, at the bottom left corner you will find an Action button.
  2. Click on it to see various options.
  3. Among the options click on (+) Bots.
  4. You will see options buttons for Subscribed Bots and All Bots.
  5. When you click on All Bots, Every Facebook bot on your messenger will appear.

Knowing how to view All Bots in your messenger always comes in handy, especially when you get Bot spam frequently.

2. How to Block Facebook Messenger Bot

You can block any bot directly from the conversation screen. All you have to do is tap on the Bot and a conversation window will be open.

  1. To open a conversation page. Tap on the Facebook messenger Bot you intend to block.
  2. When the conversation page opens, tap o the Block button at the top of the screen.
  3. Next, you will be given two different options "Block sponsored messages", and Block all sponsored messages".
  4. To completely block the messenger bots, tap on Block all messages. 

When you are done following these steps, you will end all spam messages from the messenger bot. After this step, you will notice that you do not have access to send messages to the bot, and in turn, block all sponsored messages that would have been sent to you.

How to Block sponsored messages & disable Facebook Messenger Bots.

You can deactivate the messages from the Bot, and still keep the bot messenger active. In other words, you will only be disabling spam messages from the Bot or any Bot of your choice. This comes in handy because disabling only the message feature, Wouldnt hinders you in any way from sending regular Bot queries, but rather blocks the Bot from sending you unwarranted messages.

How to Unblock Facebook Messenger Bot

If you wish to begin a conversation with a chatbox you blocked, you can however opt to unblock the Facebook messenger Bot just tapping on it to access the conversation screen.

  1. Look through your chat history, and Tap on a messenger Bot to begin the conversation.
  2. Tap on the "Block" button located at the top of the screen.
  3. After that, you will be given an option to Toggle"Block all messages" Tap on it to toggle "Block all messages" off.
  4. When the toggle is turned off, you will be granted access to chat with the messenger Bot again.

In case you deleted an earlier conversation with a messenger Bot right after you got it blocked, and you are facing problems finding it in your chat history. Fortunately, this does not pose any threat all you have to do is type the profile name of the Bot in the search bar, and when it appears, proceed with the instructions given above on how to Unblock a Bot.


Facebook Bots can be frustrating for most users, while for business owners they can be used as an efficient tool for marketing, the main purpose for the messenger chatbots is to improve progress for whatever service you render as a business owner. With the help of the Messenger Bot, you are allowed to set automated messages whenever you are not around to give a reply, and you are assured of getting good reviews from customers.
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  1. The article incorrectly assumes that the bot sponsor will try to connect with contact even after unsubscribing to a bot. The overwhelming majority of bot sponsors are the responsible bunch. After the opt-in message, a bot will first check if a contact is unsubscribed and, if true, kick them right out of their flow.
    So if a bot sponsor does not want to get shut down by Facebook, they will treat an unsubscribe the same as a polite form of block.

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