TrustUnion Blockchain Helping Business to Build Trust in Digital Economy

Updated on: March 15, 2020

I’ve recently met Mathias Valon CEO of the TrustUnion project in Coinadvice blockchain conference. I would like to present this huge project to share with you the insight of the underlying technology. In this generation, trust became an issue to anyone, even in the growth of the economy. Businesses are the most popular contributor to change the status of one country's economy. Because of people's habits are now more and more focus online, the marketing needs to evolve as well. Thus, raising the importance of trust accounts to every seller and buyer as a major factor. Trust accountability happens when seller and buyer sacrifice their own time, money and even their privacy to each other just to gain the expected mutual trust. It is all about building a great connection and at the same time learning in order to obtain a trustworthy profile. In real life, human beings biggest nature is to trust other people, and that is what TrustUnion bring to the world.

TrustUnion aims to create and solidify connection towards peoples and their environment. The best opportunity and practice to start with. It gives every individual the freedom according to their trustworthiness by their connection. Your identity becomes how you behave and don’t rely on your personal data anymore. The good thing about returning trust to the economy is by all means of the blockchain. The main reason that many banks do exist is because of the insurance they provide, acting as a third party. TrustUnion overcomes this situation and here are some of their features.

Features of TrustUnion

TrustUnion aims to give people an easy way to transact with money and raise trust through the creation of a connection between people. TrustUnion is the one who encourages and give every business owner the freedom to choose their tools to build trust. Whenever businesses provide products or services, they can rely on a more secure and fastest way.

1. TrustUnion has its Trust Score

You name it, the higher your TrustScore, the higher signal of trust you give. There is always an impact on the link of the website. The main reason why TrustScore is the strongest features of the TrustUnion, as it will be the way to compare and sort things to the website. If a member of TrustUnion commits fraud then it will automatically decrease its TrustScore.

People can apply this TrustScore in buying online, as it became a great choice for everyone. Buying online can be risky, you cannot touch, see, taste the items or you are not sure that the services are good, but yet you trust. It is because of different feedbacks from the seller. TrustScore is always important to take good care with a reliable connection on the network.

TrustUnion TrustScore

2. TrustUnion has Trust Network.

It refers to the peer to peer connection, computer files can be shared without any central authority. TrustNetwork is able to detect any harmful actions based on the protocol. This is designed for the security and protection of users, and it is compared to the immune system of trust. TrustNetwork can do such actions for identity verifications, storage capabilities, and privacy.

3. It runs on Blockchain Technology

TrustUnion introduces the use of blockchain that can help every business in the world. Trust is giving new opportunities to the people, includes receiving, sending and using money virtually. Building a trust can’t be that easy but with the help of blockchain, it can be possible to make money online. Just like bitcoin, it has a system that can record all the transactions of the digital cryptocurrency. The system is maintained with several computers that are linked to the network.

Why Businesses need to use TrustUnion

One of the main tools that TrustUnion is offering businesses is through blockchain. Here are some genuine reasons for using TrustUnion as Business tools.

1. Transparency

TrustUnion offers this kind of technology. It is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to use Blockchain as the network can give full transparency to every transaction while keeping privacy. It is believed that the ledger is shared to all participants, it is for them to be aware of what transaction they had. Everything is presented for the proper liquidation and labeled clearly for the protection. Every transaction will reflect automatically on the network, and there will be no possibility of a discrepancy. It is also the reason businesses use blockchain as their main tool.

Blockchain Security

2. Security

Nowadays, many people enjoy making their transactions online, particularly money transaction. A simple device in your hand and you become capable to send and receive money globally. Thus, with the great intensity of hacker’s technology, it raises the needs of security. Blockchain ensures the safety of every user and provides actions that can fight the harmful one.

TrustUnion provides TrustNetwork that will ensure blockchain to perform well and make it connected with each other. The technology indeed developed and know how to deal with this harmful situation.

3. People prefer to use apps which involves blockchain because it is Inexpensive.

People can save money by having their transaction through blockchain. The traditional way of financial transaction is quite expensive to pay. However, the Blockchain network, specifically the TrustUnion one, allow us to experience a fair and cheaper price.


TrustUnion gives us a way to connect with the newest technology in the world. Allows to experience various perks of having this kind of product. Blockchain gives us permission to make every money transaction faster and easier at the same time.

Anyone can send, pay and even receive money in just a matter of minutes, unlike before that people need to travel just to pay bills and go to the nearest remittance center just to have their chosen transactions.

TrustUnion Blockchain
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