Play Games Like Pinball While Installing Windows XP

Updated on: February 11, 2020

Many peoples are bored with the Windows XP Installation Process,all the configuration and settings and lot more and most bore thing it takes 20-30 minutes to install ,most probably many people just put their Computer in Installation mode and just go away,either they take coffee or do their important work   till entire process finish w.r.t approximate time. same think is applicable for me also,while installing any OS on my pc I just start the process and go away until it finish his job.

Games For Windows During Installation

But recently I came to know a trick from whichyou can easily utilze your  wasted installation time ,with a very entertaining way and it is GAMING ,yes it is possible !!! ,we can avoid that  long and boring experience by playing well know game PINBALL in Command prompt simultaneousness , playing pinball not only  make the time pass but also shows the multitasking feature of XP. We can  run  pinball program while the rest of the XP files are downloading to your system.below I am sharing all this steps in details you can go through them and feel better experience enjoy 🙂

  • Play Pinball in your windows installation

Step1 : Get your  windows XP installation CD from either Microsoft or an official Microsoft dealer and boot your system and start your installation process.

Step2 : Enter your product key and other information during  the installation process. After that,  copying files to your computer will be started.

Step3 : Press Shift and F10 keys simultaneously when you see natice blue screen , scroll bar and the words "copying files." This will popup  command prompt screen.

Step4 : In that Screen simply type  "cd "  (Without Quots).

Step5 : Type: cd "Program Files" (Without Quots).

Step6 : Hit enter, then type cd "Windows nt" or "Windows XP"(Without Quots).

Step7 : Hit enter again, and then type "cd Pinball" (Without Quots).

Step8 : Type "Pinball.exe" to launch the pinball game. Enjoy until the Windows XP setup will finishes.

Note: You can also run Minesweeper and Solitaire by following the same steps you would use to play Pinball in Windows XP.I will also try it on Win 7 and let you notified with  same thread,is any one already done with windows 7 ?? Please Comment accordingly.

Games For Windows During Installation
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