Top VR Games you Should Play in 2017

Updated on: February 11, 2020

With the advent of VR, and along with its accessories, finding good VR games that suit your needs and preferences may still prove to be a challenge. But 2017 is the year when tech giants will release their big titles and expect a really big movement in the gaming industry. VR gaming is a new turf, an acquired taste. While some people are still enjoying their old school online casinos with latest casino bonus offers, more and more people are transitioning to a more fun-filled virtual reality gaming. Especially not that both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have gone on sale and PlayStation VR I awaits in the corner for a grand reveal.


Do not fret, friends, we have come up with the best VR games you should definitely check out this year. These titles come different brands and cover many genres so it would not be hard to choose what’s good for you regardless of whether you wish to play using a console, mobile, or a Windows PC.

Elite: Dangerous

The Elite brand and franchise have been in the industry for more or less 30 years, and it is alive and well. David Braben, the creator, was able to reacquire its license ushering a rebirth. Getting the original elements from its predecessor which includes exploring, trading, and involving in combat in an alternate universe, Elite: Dangerous is a version for the modern world and targets audience that crave the technologically advance century. It even has a vast and vivid representation of our place in the galaxy. The best thing about Elite: Dangerous is that it can be played in many platforms which means you are able to enjoy the game both online or in VR.


There will come a time when you will feel sluggish to play hardcore games, or perhaps you wish to rest your eyes for a bit before tackling head-on the boss stage, Perfect is indeed perfect for you! It is not totally a game, per se, but more of an app that lets you relax. You are able to choose from more than three outdoor destinations, which include their own daily and nightly sequences. If you think you have an explorer side, this is for you. You are also able to play with different objects found in the virtual world like rocks, trees, water, and you will be delighted to know what happens next.

Eagle Flight

If you could still remember when this certain game was released on Nintendo 64 where you would soar in the clouds and jump through hoops in order to complete game objectives? Eagle Flight is a bit like that, but instead, the gameplay is more minimalistic and you play as an eagle. This game can be played on multi-platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. This game gives you the freedom to explore the skies of Paris five decades after humanity has ceased to exist.

Surgeon Simulator

This game may also be about aliens just like Alien Isolation but instead of fighting or running away from them, you are tasked to chip away at their insides. You will be doing brain and heart transplants. It is fun especially when played using a VR headset.


Minecraft VR

Minecraft has arrived in the virtual reality world, and many fans think it’s long overdue. Minecraft Windows 10 edition is now also available on the Oculus Rift, and you would not even have to shell out tons of cash just to enjoy the experience. It can also be played using the Samsung Gear VR. Imagine playing your favorite all-time game on VR, how fun can it be?

Eve: Valkyrie

Set faraway in deep, modern space, Eve: Valkyrie is a fast-paced, group space simulator that gives you a very real experience. The gameplay is centered on combat styles which gives the game a bit more realistic and better than other games under the same genre. You need not look further if you wish to enjoy an arcade-like game but does not take much of your time, Eve: Valkyrie is the best pick for you.

Pool Nation VR

There will come a moment when you and your friends wish to play pool but could not find the motivation to go to a bar. Say no more, friends! Pool Nation is here. The game does not fall short if we take the billiard experience into consideration. The beers along the sides of the pool table are even present in the game. The game is fun, comical, and visually pleasing without compromising its realistic representation.

Dear Esther

The beauty of VR gaming is that it gives you a sense of presence in an alternate world and the ability to interact with it. With VR environment, Dear Esther shine brightly as a “walking simulator” game. Being an exploration-type of game, Dear Esther tasks you to roam around an isolated island in Scotland, exploring its heights and hidden gems. Imagine playing a game while you just wander aimlessly. This could be good for people who are pondering about a decision as the environment may help you think clearly.

Dying Light

If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic games wherein zombies rule the world and all you have to do is survive by all means possible (close combat, lots of running) then Dying Light is good for you. It is a not so official sequel to Dead Island. The graphics and stunning visual make up for what they fell short in storyline.

There you have them! We hope that you’re able to find the best game for your taste and needs. Note that not all of these games are available through all platforms, so be sure to check it out first. What we can guarantee is you will not waste any time or money playing these games. Have you played any of the games we listed above? If so, let us know what you think when it comes to its gameplay, storyline, and graphics! We would love to hear about your opinion. Do this by leaving a comment below.

Images by dsloan79 and szyphy under Public Domains CC0

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