Best 3 Free tools:Type in Regional Languages with Unicode

Updated on: July 4, 2022


Day by day the computer systems are increasing very quickly, because of their better ,fast and optimize  nature.It  help's the  every part of  the industry and business.Most probably we are using ENGLISH as a default language  for communicating with our computer systems.So many of peoples have computer systems in their house,if we want to write something in our regional languages then its possible with some std.  fonts style.But they have some limitation like Portability i,e we need to installed that font each and every system from which we  want to read the regional language data.

Type In Indian Languages

Type In Indian Languages

Yesterday I went to a shop for taking a print out of my data ,that time one of the  person came over their and started quarreling with shop keeper !!! I didn't know why they were quarreling,but after hearing their discussion I realized that,that person took some  printouts of his matter,which was written in MARATHI (Regional language). So due to absence of corresponding  font he got all the things  in printout as  unreadable format like this " [][][][] ",For that he was blaming with  shop-keeper.That  matter ends very quickly as shopkeeper accept his fault 🙂

So the thing I want to tell you that,if you are using some regional font for writing your matter then you always need to carry it with you  so that you can  open it in other machine. As a  UNICODE   encoding is supported to all major OS ,we can easily overcome such Problem/issue. Their are lots of free software's are available for many OS platforms that will help you to write in any regional language.So you can easily use it in any Unicode compatible machine,no need to carry/install  FONT with each new machine .

Following are some free tools that will help you in Regional Language Writing

Google Transliterate

Google Transliterate

1. Google Transliteration : Google Transliteration is very Powerful free regional language tool develop by search engine giants Google. I highly recommanded every one to use it for better and optimum performance.This application is available in 2 versions.

It also used by Indian government for Aadhaar Card (UID)

aadhaar typing software used

#Online : If  you have good internet connectivity then you can use this online version to type in any regional language. It has very simple & rich user interface.

#Offline: If you don't have internet connectivity ,still you can avail all the features of  Google Transliteration with their Offline/Standalone IME(Input Method) version. Some key features of offline versions

-No active  internet connection needed,Personalize choice

-Word Completions/Suggestion,Cool Customization

-Easy keyboard,Quick Search

Offline installation have some guide line,must read it  from here

Regional and Language Options

Regional and Language Options


[note] If you are running Win XP ,then before going to install offline Google Transliteration setup you need to install some supported files from your Win Xp CD ,so insert your XP CD then go to Control Panel-> Regional and Language Options->Language tab- >check all 2 check-box under 'Supplemental Lang Support '. That's  it !!! You can see snap above . [/note]



2. Tamil Cube : Its a Unicode editor mostly support major Indian languages. Its also so simple,but it don't have Rich Text Editor like Google transliterate :(. As it is online editor you compulsory need internet connectivity


3. QuillPad Editor : This is also one of the good and popular Unicode editor after Google transliterate.It has rich text editor with great options.It also help you to embed their script in your regional website using QuillPad widget,so that your visitors can put comment in native languages.It's also need internet connection  to work 🙁


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Type In Indian Languages
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