Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Most bloggers know the key to a successful website is to always rank high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing for certain keyword phrases that your audience is searching for. The ability to be highly visible and always rank high in the search engines is what SEO is all about and since WordPress blogs account for 80% of all blogs on the Internet the proper utilization of SEO plug-ins is very important. By using the right plug-in you can maximize (with little effort) your blogs visibility and search engine rankings immensely. There are many ways to do this through using keyword density, metatags, breadcrumbs the list goes on, so Let’s look no further than these top 5 SEO Plug-ins for WordPress:best WordPress SEO Plugins

1)All in One SEO:  This is one of the most recommended SEO plug-ins on the market, and why?  Because it is so flexible and as simple as plug and play.  It allows you to set the parameters on a post by post basis for title, description and keyword or for an entire set of blogs.  It also helps with metatagging each post and you don’t need to make changes in your blog before making changes to your title and meta tags. This plug-in has everything you need to utilize all aspects of SEO for your WordPress blogs.

2)SEO Ultimate:  The dark horse of WordPress plug-ins.  Until recently it was overlooked by the majority of bloggers but it is gaining in popularity as more people realize the range of features it contains.  It can perform all the functions of All in One SEO and platinum SEO and has great functionality.   It includes features such as code inserter for Google analytics, Link Mask Generator and allows you to export files with the settings intact to a different WordPress setup.

3)Platinum SEO:  This is a good alternative to All in One SEO as it has many of the same features but also supports canonical URLS’s and other features preventing you from inadvertently repeating content.  It is compatible with other SEO plug-ins so you can install it even if you are using alternatives.

SEO Plugins

4) SEO Friendly Images: In general people tend to ignore images when thinking about SEO. In fact, if the website doesn’t have a lot of pictures, a lot of users move on to another page. However, this plug-in will assist with making your images optimized for search engines using add ATL and TITLE.  It also gives titles to your images to add more keywords and help with optimization.

5) Scribe SEO:  This is a subscription plug-in that makes optimizing your blog extremely straightforward by analyzing your blog post and giving it a score from 0 to 100.  It will then offer alternatives to help improve your score. Scribe will also show you what keywords searchers are looking for and offer substitute keywords to help in your SEO efforts.  You can get the basic version of this staring at about $17 a month.

The top five SEO plug-ins are the best and the most popular within the WordPress community. By using any of the above you will drastically improve your SEO for each post on your blog and its overall ability to rank high on the search engines. WordPress blogs are dominating the Internet and if you're not implementing a WordPress blog as a website developer then you will be left behind. Also, make sure you have high-speed Internet connectivity to be able to utilize a WordPress blog and have the ability to upload and download content easy. Take a look at Verizon’s  fios internet service and its high speed fiber optic ability at a fios deals page. Happy blogging !!

best WordPress SEO Plugins
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