[Fixed] Can't Post on Instagram? something went wrong?

Updated on: May 29, 2023

Imagine returning from a tour one fine day to upload the trip's pictures to your Instagram account. Instagram works well and you can scroll everything, but you won’t be able to post your pictures. The same is the case with videos and reels. If you encounter this problem, then please read this article for the resolutions.

Can't post on Instagram

Why are you unable to post on Instagram?

The main causes for being unable to post on Instagram include IP issues, corrupt phone cache, problems with the phone, large image/reel size, and a problematic data server. We will address all these causes sequentially and resolve them accordingly.

  1. Use VPN to counter IP issues
  2. Clear cache and force stop the app
  3. Check for Instagram Community Guidelines
  4. Compress files while posting
  5. Check if you are prohibited from posting on Instagram

1] Use VPN to counter IP issues

Instagram bans many IP addresses and locations. If you are at any location banned by Instagram (and the IP address is banned too), then you can consider using a VPN to unblock yourself. Interestingly, unlike many other applications, Instagram allows the use of VPN to access its servers. To help you, we have listed a few VPN deals. Paid VPNs are usually faster and allow more bandwidth. If you are uploading multiple videos to Instagram, then using a paid VPN is advisable. You can use any of best windows 10/11 VPN 

If you don’t want to spend on VPN, then you can try free VPN software products. Usually, free VPN software products like Windscribe and TunnelBear will do the job for you. However, first of all, these software products offer a limit on the usage. Secondly, these free VPN software products use data center IP addresses which can also be banned by Instagram. In this case, you can use options like Tuxler free VPN (free version, not paid) which uses residential IP addresses. Though Tuxler is slower.

2] Clear cache and force stop the app

The cache memory allows users to store miniature images and elements of webpages and app pages so that the webpages load faster when they open them next time. If these cache files are corrupt, then trying to load previously stored pages will be useless. The apps and websites associated with cache files might either cease to work or at least show problems. Thus, clearing the cache will be advisable.

To clear the cache on your Android phone for the Instagram application, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Open Settings on your Android phone.
  2. Select Manage Apps.
  3. Scroll down to Instagram and click on it.
  4. Select Storage.
  5. Click on Clear Data.
  6. Select Clear cache.
  7. Tap OK to confirm.

Cannot post on Instagram

To clear the cache on your web browsers, please follow browser-specific instructions.

3] Check for Instagram Community Guidelines

Instagram has strict community guidelines. If you breach these guidelines while posting content, then Instagram might prevent you from doing so at the same stage. Here’s what you can be careful about:

  • Don’t post anything which you have neither clicked nor created. That could be a case of copyright infringement.
  • Don’t post anything NSFW.
  • Don’t post anything which is against the local law.
  • Don’t post anything with the intention of degrading a person or a community.
  • Don’t post fake news.
  • Don’t post anything depicting self-harm.

If you don’t follow one or more of the above-mentioned guidelines, then we will have the resolution to the problem. Instagram’s community guidelines must be followed while posting.

4] Compress files while posting

If you wish to know the maximum size for posting on Instagram, you can ignore the resolution since that will be auto-adjusted anyway. However, the maximum size for posting an image is 30MB and the maximum size for posting a video on Instagram is 4GB. This size seems reasonable for 2 reasons. Firstly, Instagram doesn’t allow the highest quality of images and reduces the quality anyway. As for videos, they too have a time limit.

However, if you encounter a rare case in which you wish to upload media of greater than the allowed size, then you can consider compressing it. To use free media compressing tools, simple Google “video convertor” or “image convertor.” The first free results will be free image and video conversion tools.

5] Check if you are prohibited from posting on Instagram

Instagram restricts violates of community guidelines from posting. Sometimes the restrictions are temporary and sometimes they are permanent. With these restrictions, you will encounter the error “You’ve been temporarily blocked from performing this action?” In this case, you have the following options:

  1. Wait for the period of the ban.
  2. Repeal the decision. Click on Learn More when you encounter the error. Then fill out the repeal details.
  3. Lastly, you can also consider creating a new account.

How to check Instagram server status?

Instagram does not have a specific page to check the status of its server. However, you can use multiple third-party websites to check the status of the server. A few examples are downdetector, isitdownformeoreveryone, freshworks, etc. These websites can give a fair idea of the server status. However, it is rare for the Instagram server to be down.

Why is my Instagram not loading new stories?

If you encounter this problem on your phone, then most probably the internet connection would be down. Check the wireless symbol in case it reads “No internet.” Also, check if shifting to a data connection helps. Other than this, you can try updating the Instagram app.

Can't post on Instagram
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