Top 5 Media Apps for the Android Lover

Updated on: May 18, 2013

For all those Android lovers out there who want to get the most out of their phone, there are some media apps that are very beneficial. The Android market is incredibly vast and can be overwhelming to search through at times.

Android Media Apps

When looking for good media applications, it is important to find ones that are easy to use, fast, provide added benefit, and best of all FREE.

With these five factors, a clear list of the best media applications emerged. They all provided a high amount of functionality, served their purpose, didn’t take up too much battery life, and were of course FREE.

YouTube Mobile

Everyone loves YouTube videos and this app delivers. Instead of taking up a lot of time by going onto the YouTube website, the user can simply click on this app and immediately begin browsing videos. The videos can play in a small version with the description showing or the video can turn full screen with a simple tilt of the phone.



Pandora is the number one app for music lovers. It allows you to stream music for free and find new music that you may never have heard before. The songs that play are based on what your music preference is and what your past choices have been. The newest version is very accurate to each person’s individual taste. It allows the user to like/dislike any song, which is incredibly useful for keeping to the best music. The only downside is the advertisements, but for great free music you can’t beat it.

Android Kindle

 Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle App is an incredible e-reader app which makes well over a million different books available for quick access. Many of these books are already free, and all others are at a very big discount compared to book store prices. This app also cuts down on the time needed to drive the nearest book store to pick up a copy of the book you are looking for. Almost every book these days is made available in the Kindle store and at huge discounts too. The app also allows you to immediately look up anything found in the book on Google, Wikipedia, or look up words in the connected dictionary.

Direct TV

 Direct TV App

This app is a must have for any satelite Direct TV user and cinema buff. With such useful features, this app rivals all other TV recording apps. The main function allows the user to set recordings on their home TV for movies and TV shows up to 14 days in advance. It allows you to record a single show or an entire season all while you are on the move. The user can even get full info on the cast and crew, descriptions, and suggestions for other TV shows.



If you love going to movies in theaters, this is the app for you. It is the all in one movie theater application. Firstly, it has trailers for every new movie which allows the user to find the perfect title to go see. It allows the user to find local show times as well as the nearest theater location. It also has a connection with Yelp which allows you to find restaurants near the theater that you will be attending while also providing reviews and ratings of each restaurant.

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Android Media Apps
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  1. I love to use Pandora and SoundCloud. SoundCloud provides an excellent platform to the talented newbies to showcase their talent and even for the music listeners too as we get to listen awesome music created by those music creators. Rest of your recommendations are also looking very useful. Will definitely try ‘em out. Thanks Saurabh for your reviews and recommendations.

  2. Thanks for sharing such type of amazing and informative opportunities for app development. Its true that Android is the largest install base of any mobile platform and it is growing fast.I just found your post and tried to close it. But honestly your sub headings with image are so attractive that I compelled to read it. After that I just stoked here. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing it.

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