Top 5 Apps to Boost Up Business Support Process

Updated on: September 6, 2019

Want to boost up your business support process? Most of your business success depends on how efficiently you can deliver your product or service to your customers, how seamlessly your business support process can work that brings productivity in the process. So, if accelerating your business support process is the biggest challenge you are facing right now, here are the top 5 apps to help you in this. Use these top 5 apps to boost up your business support process.

Visitor Track - Visitor Management Application 

Visitor Track replaces the age-old paper log system and boosts up the visitor check-in process. This is one of the most sophisticated visitor management application. This application will ease your visit check-in process keeping your office security upfront. Business Support Process-apps-2

This robust application uses biometric technology for visitor id verification which ensures unbreakable security along with the efficient check-in process. The best part of this application is, you can use this both from the desktop and from the mobile that opens more flexibility in use.

Simple CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management Software 

Think about how difficult it is to maintain your machine and equipment. Proper maintenance can increase the lifetime of your machine whereas improper maintenance can decrease the lifetime of your machine. Moreover, lack of maintenance can cause a sudden shutdown, increase machine downtime and overall cost of the maintenance.

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Simple CMMS a computerized maintenance application has the answer to all these problems. This computerized maintenance software will ease your maintenance task. Using this robust software you can schedule work orders, assign work orders, perform preventive maintenance tasks, send a notification to the workers so that they never miss any single maintenance and you can monitor all these maintenance work from a remote location that ensures proper maintenance of the machine. If you have multiple manufacturing units located on multiple sites, you can monitor all their maintenance task from your comfort zone without visiting each of the sites, isn’t it great!

Fleet Manager - Fleet Management Application 

If managing fleet is the biggest nightmare and the most time-consuming task for you, then Fleet Manager is the perfect application you might be looking for. Fleet Manager is the cutting-edge fleet management application that brings all the cumbersome fleet management tasks into one place. You need to go through all those complex paperwork for a simple reservation.

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With Fleet Manager you can do it within a minute. The application will give all the related information such as fleet location, driver profile, reservation time, etc those are important for a reservation. Even you can assign the trip to the drivers, check fuel costs, manage driver profile all from this single application with just some clicks. In short, with  Fleet Manager your fleet management task will become effortless and error-free.

Simple CRM - Customer Relationship Management Application 

The customer is the king. If you can’t keep your king happy no matter what you can’t be happy. So managing an efficient and solid customer relationship is the must. But with the manual process managing a good relation becomes challenging.

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Thanks to Simple CRM a  customer relationship management application that boosts up the whole process and makes this management task effortless. With this robust application, you can manage multiple accounts, manage contacts, create or update deals, add products or services and manage salespeople all from the one single app. This app runs on the cloud which means you can access your customer data whenever you want, wherever you want.

Asset Tracker - Asset Management Application 

Asset Tracker is a robust application to manage your asset seamlessly. With this cutting-edge application, your asset management task will become effortless and efficient. This application will bring all your asset management tasks in one single platform. Using this application you can check asset usage history, get a notification when any issue arises regarding your asset, get repair request when required, get updated asset information within just a few clicks all from this one platform.

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So, are you ready to make your business support process more efficient and effortless? Are you ready to enjoy the immense growth of these top 5 applications? Then grab them now to enjoy your desired business growth.

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