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Updated on: August 13, 2022
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There are many intelligent automatic writing and content generation software in the market today. You just have to provide a topic, or some text prompt describing what you wish to write about. And the AI writing tool will generate a reasonably well-written paragraph. You can put together many such short sections to compile into long-form content. Some automatic writing tools have advanced text editors, making it even easier to write, edit, and generate full-length blog posts and articles.

These tools have modules called templates, features, or use-cases, which are specially trained to tailor the content for a particular purpose or medium. It could be for a video script, a sales pitch, a Facebook ad, an Amazon product description, or a Youtube video description. You can write long-form content such as blog posts, listicles, product reviews, essays, and even books using these AI content generation tools. Certain modules might be optimized for generating stories, whimsical product ideas, or poetic writing.

Many AI automatic writing tools come with in-built plagiarism checkers, grammar improvers, and SEO optimizers. You can specify the keywords you want your content to rank for. AI writing tools allow you to specify a tone of voice for your articles. Thus, you can be very specific about the directions to take and purpose to achieve, helping you to guide your AI assistant to create content that makes you happy.

Natural Language Processing Powers AI Writing Tools

natural language processing for ai writing tools

AI writing tools use Natural Language Processing (NLP) models. These models are neural networks with billions of parameters. A raw neural network is trained on large datasets of written word. Books, articles, social media posts, ads, marketing copy that is available on the Internet are fed into these neural networks.

From this, we get Large Language Models (LLM), such as Open AI's GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer), DeepMind's Gopher, Microsoft-Nvidia's MT-NLG (Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation) and Google AI's GLaM (Generalist Language Model).

Most popular and successful AI content generation software use GPT-3. They customize and further train the original GPT-3 on high quality data, tweaking its various parameter and filter values, till they get reliably satisfactory results.

Let us explore some of the best AI writing software tools that you can start using today. With them, you can scale up your content library on a smaller budget. They will also help to power up your human writers and help them fight writer's block. These AI writing assistants can generate content ideas, article titles & outlines, rephrase, paraphrase, expand or summarize existing content.

1. Rytr - Best Budget-Friendly AI Writer

Are you a content creator, a marketing specialist, copywriter, or an entrepreneur? Do you write a lot of articles, descriptions, pitches, emails, essays, ads? What if you could do that at 10x speed? That's what Rytr promises!

With 30+ templates or use-cases, Rytr supports your variety of writing projects. These include blog idea & outline, blog section writing, brand name suggestor, business idea pitch, call to action, AIDA, PSA, email, social media ads, post & caption ideas, product descriptions, job descriptions, SEO meta title & description, and even song lyrics and story plots!

You can write content in 30+ languages, enabling you to generate content for worldwide audience. It includes 20+ tones to ensure you are tailoring the flavor of your content to engage and persuade your target audience.

And it can deliver all that on a tight budget. Rytr's built-in plagiarism checker is a money-saver, since you don't have to pay extra for ensuring that you are generating fresh content. For $9/month or $90/year, you get to generate 50000 characters with Rytr's Saver Plan.

But what if you didn't want to be restricted by monthly character limit? Don't you worry, for Rytr has an Unlimited Plan for $29/month, which can provide great value for money and save your time if you are interested in generating content at scale.

There are better longform writing assistants, like Jasper, however their costs are also high. Its creators have optimized Rytr for short and medium length writing items. But you can always use their Blog Outline and Blog Section use-cases together multiple times for putting together blog posts, essays, and even books. Hence we can call it the best budget-friendly AI writing tool.

2. Writesonic - Best AI SEO Writing Assistant

Is there an AI powered writing assistant that can generate 1500 word articles in 15 seconds? Yes there is, and it is called Writesonic! Not only are the articles great to read, but they are easy to find, thanks to Writesonic's SEO-friendly writing engine.

Writesonic started as MagicFlow that was designed for generating high converting landing pages. Thus, they had SEO content strategy at the heart of their product from the start! This is their USP, to generate content that is SEO optimized, whether it is short-form product descriptions or online ads, or long-form articles and emails.

Writesonic's AI writer is the core feature of this product, and has undergone iterations over the years. Currently, it is AI Writer 3.0. With AI Writer 3.0, you can generate longform content like blog posts, sales emails, ebooks etc. at a fast speed. Sonic Editor with GPT-3 is another great editing tool for reusing existing content in a variety of ways: rephrase, expand, shorten.

With 60+ AI templates, and 25 languages, Writesonic is great for creating versatile written content. These AI templates produce content as articles & blog posts, ecommerce product descriptions, ads and marketing copy, website & landing page copy, general-purpose writing and other miscellaneous writing categories like startup ideas, growth ideas, and analogy maker.

Good for Balancing Quantity vs Quality on a Budget

You can fit Writesonic into your budget by selecting between four quality options while generating any content. These 4 quality types are Premium (highest quality), Good, Average, and Economy (lowest quality). So, if you want to create lots of content on budget, go for Economy quality. And if you prioritize quality, then choose Premium quality.

The quantity of words for every Writesonic credit increases as the lower quality option is selected. Economy supports 10x words compared to Premium. Similarly, Good and Average enable 2.5x and 5x quantity for every credit respectively.

As for its pricing, you can try 6250 words for free in its one-time trial. To help you balance your content strategy with your budget limits, Writesonic provides you with Pay-As-You-Go plans. As the number of words selected increases, price goes up. There are two tiers - Short-form and Long-form, starting from $10/month and $13/month respectively.

While generating content, you are free to choose any quality type. In the pricing section, the estimated words covered changes as you toggle between the four quality types. This helps you visualize how much you are paying and how much quantity of words of different qualities you can expect to generate.

Thus, Writesonic lets you plan between quantity and quality for your given budget. And with SEO optimization as its core value, Writesonic is made to be the best SEO-friendly AI writing assistant.

3. Jasper AI - Best AI Writer for Longform Content

If you are looking for the superstar of AI writing, you have come to the right place. Jasper AI was previously named Jarvis AI and Conversion AI before that. It has a huge 50,000+ community, rave reviews on various platforms, and content marketing teams from top companies use it regularly.

The real power of Jasper is unlocked with what they call the Boss Mode. That's the USP of Jasper: high-quality, longform writing in one unified editor, with access to all templates. Add-ons are available, like SEO integration with SurferSEO and Plagiarism Detection with Copyscape.

However, to get to Boss Mode, SEO optimization and Plagiarism Checking, which together make Jasper a superstar AI content writing tool, you must pay superstar prices. Relative to other AI content generators, Jasper can feel intimidating for your budget planners. And there is no unlimited word limit plan, so to extend your content capacity, you need to pay extra.

Jasper without Boss Mode

With their Starter package, you get 20,000 words/month and all templates, with 20+ language support. However this costs $29. This functionality can be provided by Rytr as well, without the word limit, for the same price.

So, Jasper's Starter package is more like a paid trial, and really a way to upsell you their Boss Mode plan. This starts at $59/month for 50,000, and only with the Boss Mode ON can you really utilize the value that Jasper can provide.

Jasper with Boss Mode + Add-ons

Enter Boss Mode: A unified text editing interface, with templates panel with 50+ power-packed tools for generating niche content. Or you can go plain with just the article title, description, tone and keywords form. And every time you hit compose, Jasper writes according to the context. You can choose Small, Medium or Large sized sections of text to be generated.

Jasper with Boss Mode is built for generating all types of content, without any limit to its length. It can be as short as a tagline, or as long as a book. Grammarly is integrated with Jasper's Boss Mode, to help you will spell check and grammar. You can buy plagiarism detection credits from Copyscape. By subscribing to SurferSEO, you can use its Content Editor for optimizing your Jasper content for SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Thus, Jasper AI is a superstar of long content generation using AI, with commensurate pricing to match its power and quality.

4. AI Writer - Best Article Drafts from Headlines Generator

When most people initially think of AI writing tools, they imagine that they will simply provide a headline. And the rest of the work will be automatically written by AI. Most tools cannot consistently produce good content like this. They need to be guided, corrected, and multiple passes and edits are required until you have a satisfactory article.

Another flaw in most AI content writing tools is that you need to do fact-checking on the content, since they can produce fictional descriptions for real things and people. This kind of content, if left unchecked, will not help your readers. In fact, it can mislead and confuse. And it can keep your writers busy for hours, just dealing with fact-checking.

AI Writer promises to solve these issues. It is built to generate fast, relevant, and accurate content, with citations included to verify the written words easily. AI Writer can be a great tool for researchers, journalists, fact-checkers, and other writers who want to rapidly generate accurate and fresh content.

AI Writer Generates Accurate Article Drafts for You

With its Basic Plan for $29/month, you can generate upto 40 article drafts. As the examples on its website show, AI Writer only needs an input headline or article topic. And it will generate a reasonably readable and useful draft of an article, in 2 minutes.

Thus, you only need to start with a headline, and you get a medium length article draft. It may not be what you wish to be the final product. But by having relevant and accurate information in under 2 minutes, your workflow speeds up greatly.

AI Writer's Additional Features to Turn Your Draft into Finished Article

What do you do once you have the first article draft before you within 2 minutes? It is time to edit, format, and expand this draft. You can use AI Writers text rewording feature to rephrase certain sentences or paragraphs. Or you can just generate an alternate draft using that.

With its subtopic discoverer, you can find out what other relevant topics you can include in your present article. This will help you make your initial draft more in-depth and authoritative.

You can quickly verify your draft by checking the included citations. And with its inbuilt SEO friendly editor, you can use its guidelines along with your editing & formatting skills to fine-tune and polish the draft into your finished article. What's more, you can then simply publish this article to your WordPress blog with one click.

AI Writer's Content Kits

Generating SEO friendly content and improving the site authority score needs an SEO strategy. You need to do spend time doing keyword research, creating a list of related article topics to cover, so that your website can boast to be an authority in a given field or niche.

Well, you don't need to waste time doing all the research when AI Writer has already done it for you. With their Content Kits, AI Writer performs the keyword research for you on thousand of keywords, and presents you with 250 top keywords with the most potential.

Then with its AI article generator, it can quickly create article drafts for every keyword. After manual editing on these drafts, your entire content library can be queued and published directly to WordPress. This is a premium service to generate SEO optimized content libraries in bulk, and costs $299.

Thus, be it AI Writer's Standard Plan, or its Content Kits service, you can generate accurate article drafts very fast. This makes it the best AI automatic writing tool for generating content at scale, from headlines and keywords.

5. Content Villain - Best Custom AI Writer Solution

The AI content generator writing tools that we have seen so far, support general purpose usage. Any person or business, wishing to create a wide variety of written content, can try these tools to speed up their workflows. However, what if you wished for a custom AI writing solution? What if you want to optimize it for your brand, business, or purpose.

Custom AI Models

Content Villain provides custom AI models that can be trained and fine-tuned for generating exactly the kind of content you need. You get to choose what expertise these models need to have, what their tone and voice is like, ensuring an authoritative and uniform voice across all your written content. Content Villain is not limited to Open AI's GPT-3 language model, unlike other popular AI automatic writing tools. It also supports AI models from AI21Labs, co:here, EleutherAI, LightOn, etc.

Short-form Generators

As with other tools, there are templates called short-form generators in Content Villain. With over 100 such templates, you can cover a wide variety of writing material. Thus, it can give the impression of a trusted human expert creating all your content, whether longform blog articles, persuasive marketing emails, or small descriptions and captions for social media posts.

Your Custom AI Writing Solution

Content Villain provides you with a web app, for a simple way to use its powerful features. However, you can also use its webhook functionality to integrate Content Villain into your existing systems and tools. And you can create custom AI models yourself, using Content Villain's DIY Custom Model Creator!

Pricing plans start at $5 for using all features of Content Villain for 5 days. This is a great way to test-drive your custom AI writing solution. Once you have seen its power, you can subscribe to its Warrior Plan for $49/month.

To get additional features like API access and Personal Onboarding, there is the Power User Plan for $79/month. All-in-all, if you want to differentiate your voice, style, and quality, and have a custom well-integrated workflow, Content Villain is the best custom AI writing solution for you!


There is an AI writing tool for every kind of user and business. For affordable short-form content generation, you can use Rytr. If you want to find the best value for your money, and strike the right balance between quantity and quality, Writesonic is great! Jasper AI can get costly, but it has a large community to share ideas. And it provides powerful tools integrated into a unified interface for writing all sorts of longform content.

For crafting and executing an entire content strategy and generate articles in bulk, AI Writer is an awesome service. And to create custom AI models and integrate them into your existing workflows, look no further than Content Villain!

Thus we can see that there is a wonderful AI writing tool to suit every kind of content creator, be it individual bloggers and solopreneurs, or large content marketing teams. Tell us in the comments below what kind of content writing project are you working on, and which of these AI writing tools is the best pick for your needs!

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