Top 10 Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2018

Updated on: August 29, 2020

Blockchain tech is what keeps the cryptocurrency networks ticking over. It makes it possible for you to utilize services from companies as diverse as Bitcoin casinos and charitable foundations.

But, cryptocurrencies were only the beginning. Blockchain tech can be applied to an equally diverse number of industries. Here are the top ten blockchain projects to watch in 2018.


This is a world first. It offers a decentralized solution for accounting, real time reporting, and auditing for companies. It is responsible for the founding of the DCARPE Alliance. This non-profit brings together the stakeholders in the accounting, legal, and auditing community to work on fraud prevention.


This is not a newbie by any standard but is one to watch. Its focus is on digital assets and making them tradable and identifiable.


This is a non-profit aimed at assisting refugees. The idea is that currency holders will be able to nominate worthy projects, vote them up, and fund them as well.


The aim here is a global currency. Unlike most cryptos, it has a financial guarantee backing it. This company is also unique in that it has a transactional coin and an investment coin to reduce the impact of market volatility.

This is a payment gateway with its cryptocurrency being backed by gold reserves.


This company is aiming at creating a gambling environment that involves more credibility. It rewards those developers who incorporate best practices that engender trust amongst users, like auditing all transactions and keeping complete records.


The idea here is to help solve the problem of the spread of counterfeit drugs. This is done through tracking every stage of the medicine’s journey from when it is first made to when it reaches the end consumer.


Expect good things here. The idea is to create a cryptocurrency exchange that will engender the sharing of information. Registered traders will receive incentives for sharing their expertise and strategies.


The exchange also aims to make it easy to execute a number of different currency trades in one transaction.


Built within the Ethereum network, the idea here is to help make betting between peers more automated and accurate. The system will lock wagers, and make sure that the funds are properly secured while the wager is underway.

Sparkle Coin

This incorporates an exchange, a cryptocurrency, and an e-commerce platform. The idea is to connect B2C and B2B businesses through the use of blockchain tech. They hope to promote the use of cryptos in the real world.

There you have it, the top ten blockchain projects to watch in 2018. Use this guide as a starting point for a more full exploration of this fascinating tech.

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