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Updated on: January 30, 2024
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There are many subtitle and caption generators available in the market today. In this article, you will get information on the best 10 tools to generate subtitles and captions for videos automatically. Speed up your video content queues by automating the crucial task of adding subtitles. By adding subtitles and captions to your videos automatically, you will save lots of time, efforts, and scale up your video content library swiftly!

Why Should You Use Automatic Subtitle and Caption Generator Tools?

Videos that have captions and subtitles have better audience reach. Many of your viewers might not be native English speakers. More than 50% Youtube viewers are non-English. There will be some who are watching your videos in loud surroundings. Many users prefer to watch videos on mute, with over 85% of Facebook and Instagram videos being seen without audio. Hearing impaired viewers will also be able to access your video content if it has closed captions. Hence, by adding accurate subtitles in English and other languages, you can make sure that more people are able to enjoy your videos and understand your content! Over 80% of your viewers are likely to watch your videos completely if they have subtitles/captions. These are good universal design practices known as accessibility and internationalization.

You can always transcribe the audio and speech in your videos manually. This ensures that everything is written accurately. Then, you can get your transcriptions translated into several languages. But this process can take plenty of time, money, and efforts. It can slow down your video publishing schedule and increase your production budget. In today's age of AI tools which can transcribe and translate accurately and fast, it makes sense to rely on automatic subtitle and caption generators.

We have researched and found out these 10 awesome tools that will make your job easier:

  1. Zubtitle
  2. Kapwing
  3. Flixier
  4. SubtitleBee
  7. MaestraSuite
  8. CheckSub
  9. Subly
  10. HappyScribe

Now let us have a look at each of these great tools one-by-one, and discuss their features!

1. Zubtitle

zubtitle logoWith its quick 4-step process, you can finish your video projects in record time. Simply upload your video and let Zubtitle's AI automatically transcribe your video. Then, you can customize the style, fonts, and colors of your captions, or just select from their library of templates. And just like that, you are ready to share your video, with subtitles and captions!


  • Zubtitle supports over 60 languages
  • You can manage your entire workflow online, without needing to download any additional software
  • Zubtitle also has additional tools for enhancing your finished videos, such as adding professional and well-designed titles, credits, trim video, crop and resize video, and add your logo for branding
  • It has attractive and affordable monthly and annual plans, to suit your budget and production volume.
  • You can start right away by trying its free Bootstrapper plan, with 2 free videos per month.
  • For every transcribed video with Zubtitle, you can also get a prepared SRT and TXT file. You can reuse the captions and subtitles using these files in the native closed caption or subtitle features on different platforms.
  • Zubtitle is mobile-friendly too, and works on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobiles and tablets.

2. Kapwing

kapwing logo

Kapwing is an online suite of over 70 different creativity tools. So, it is not limited to automatic captions alone. You can use its online video editor, meme generator, automatic voiceovers using text-to-speech, mp3 editor, slideshow maker, and many other tools, to edit your photos, audio, videos, GIFs, etc.


  • Kapwing's Subtitles and Captions tool supports not only videos, but also pictures and GIFs.
  • With its in-built AI tool, Kapwing will transcribe your videos and auto-generate subtitles.
  • If you already have transcribed SRT files ready, you can upload them to generate subtitles on your multimedia content.
  • Kapwing also supports over 60 languages for translating videos.
  • You can start using Kapwing's entire suite of tools for free online.
  • Kapwing also has Pro and Team plans with monthly and yearly subscriptions.

3. Flixier

Flixier is a powerful online video editor that lets you edit and publish videos in under 3 minutes. Having a streamlined and frictionless workflow for your video content is essential to scaling your projects. Over 300k people already use it to produce youtube videos, online courses, webinars, zoom recordings, and marketing videos. Flixier supports all the essential video editing tools, including adding subtitles.


  • Flixier supports adding subtitles both manually and automatically.
  • It has over 1000 fonts and many color options, so you are spoiled for choice when deciding the look of your captions to your videos.
  • The handy tool for adding subtitles and captions can be used with all the other great tools. Picture Slideshow videos, Green Screen videos, adding audio and music, changing cropping, splitting videos, blurring or pixelating videos, etc. This ensures that you always add the professional edge to your finished videos.
  • You can optimize your videos for Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, etc.
  • Flixier has two affordable monthly and yearly plans for Creator and Business.

4. SubtitleBee

As its name suggests, SubtitleBee is built primarily to serve as a fast and hardworking "bee" that can automatically add subtitles to your videos. With its flagship AI subtitle automation feature, SubtitleBee will remove all stress from your video captioning and subtitling tasks. It is a well-tested and utilized tool with 26 billion subtitles created and 23 million translations.


  • SubtitleBee recognizes over 120 languages, making it more versatile and specialized than most other tools.
  • Its AI algorithm has a high accuracy and with the extensive range of supported languages, video or audio content in almost any common language is supported by SubtitleBee.
  • This makes automatic transcription of video and audio files easy using SubtitleBee's subtitle and caption generator.
  • The original language can also be translated into any other supported languages.
  • SubtitleBee can also had a progress bar burnt into the finished video, which helps to engage viewers and increases user retention.
  • Other than subtitles, you can add other types of captions and text elements on the videos, like Supertitles. This will make your video presentations and sections easy to understand.
  • SubtitleBee supports video cropping, to help you adjust your video frame size for the optimum dimensions supported by different social platforms. For example, square shaped videos for Instagram, widescreen videos for Youtube, etc.
  • While its Free Trial supports only 1 video export per month, you can get great value from its paid plans, which come in Starter, Premium, and Business tiers. Subscribing annually will get you discounts, so make sure to consider that if you have lots of videos in your content pipeline.

5. logo is a popular online video editor tool, with an inbuilt automatic subtitle and captions generator. It lists big brands on its homepage, like Facebook, Visa,, P&G and VaynerMedia. So this conveys that you will be in good company and get a premium tool that is well-designed for professionals. Like other top online video editors, supports a wide variety of editing tools in its toolbox.


  • Subtitles and Transcription feature of includes these tools: Adding Subtitles to Videos, Audio to Text, Auto Subtitles, Video Transcription, Video Translation, and Video to Text.
  • supports over 100 languages for its transcription and translation services, making it useful for content creators for all around the world.
  • Other great tools in's video editing tool suite include: video cropping, music visualizer, teleprompter, remote interview recording, green screen editor, livestreaming, adding photos to videos, and many more.
  • supports subtitle file formats like SRT, TXT and VTT.
  • You can create marketing and meme videos for Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube etc.
  • allows you to try out its great tools for one video. And it offers Basic, Pro, and Business plans with monthly and annual pricing.

6. by Wondershare is an online suite of free tools for all your multimedia editing needs. It has newly introduced Auto Subtitles, Auto Transcription, and Text to Speech tools. While a lot of tools in its suite are free, some excellent tools are available as a freemium model. In particular, you can try its Video Editor with Auto Subtitlesfor free on 30 minutes of video.


  • Automatic Subtitle Generator Online tool by supports many common video formats, like MP4, MOV, FLV, VOB, WebM etc.
  • You can use Auto Subtitles on any device, including Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows.
  • lets you create highly accurate subtitle transcriptions, without needing manual correction.
  • It supports up to 90 languages, enabling you to cover a wide range of regions and languages.
  • You can burn subtitles into the videos directly.
  • With over 50 million users, you are in good company and have an excellent suite of multimedia editing tools in your toolbox.
  • Besides video content, you can also use's Auto Transcription for converting audio like podcasts, phone calls, lectures, or meetings into text.
  • has Basic and Pro plans billed monthly or annually, depending on what you choose. You save money and get more value for your bucks with annual subcriptions.

7. MaestraSuite

maestrasuite logo

MaestraSuite or Maestra is marketed as an Online Speech Translator. With it, you can automatically generate text for transcripts, subtitles, and voiceovers in minutes. With its Video Dubber tool, you can produce automatic voiceovers in different languages! This is a unique feature that can replace or complement multi-language subtitles. Rather than focusing on video editing features, MaestraSuite specializes in both speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversions. Thus, you can convert the speech from audio and videos to text, and even generate AI voiceovers, with great accuracy using Maestra!


  • Transcripts. Subtitles. Voiceovers. These are the three powerful solutions that this product provides.
  • It supports over 50 languages, enabling you to reach millions of people worldwide with your video, audio, and text content.
  • All the popular video, audio and subtitle file formats are supported, like MP4, MOV, MP3, AAC, SRT, VTT, TXT, etc.
  • While most other automatic subtitle and caption generator tools support text, Maestra also packs in voiceovers and video dubbing!
  • Maestra has an advanced text editor built-in. This makes it a great product for generating text content from your video and audio libraries. This can boost your SEO and take your content to a larger audience.
  • You can export text to Word, PDF, TXT, and MaestraCloud.
  • MaestraCloud is an online library for all your text transcriptions, from where you can easily share your podcast or lecture transcripts with one click.
  • Maestra supports adding subtitles in various fonts, sizes, and colors.
  • Video Dubber feature has many AI generated voices supporting 30+ languages.
  • MaestraSuite provides pricing plans for different usecases. They have a "Pay As You Go" plan that bills on a per hour of content, which is suitable if you are needing their service infrequently.
  • For regular users, they offer Premium subscription, which has two fees: one is flat fee that you pay per month per user. And second is the usage fee which is billed on a per hour basis, however this rate is cut to half for the premium subscribers.

8. Checksub

checksub logo

Checksub, like the previous tool Maestra, focuses on doing automatic subtitles, translation and dubbing. You can repurpose a single video into different versions with subtitles, foreign language voiceovers, cropping, and captions. It's a great way to reach audience across the world, and on all social media platforms.


  • The automatic subtitle and caption generator is the flagship product of Checksub.
  • With one of the best speech recognition engines, you receive high accuracy transcription.
  • Checksub supports over 190 languages, so all your transcription and translation needs are covered.
  • You can burn subtitles right into the video, or export them as SRT or VTT to subtitle management in Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, Kaltura etc.
  • For larger subtitle projects which might need oversight and supervision, Checksub also provides manual support with a network of professionals.
  • With 200+ fonts, colors, and styling available, you can customize your subtitles and captions to suit your brand and design taste.
  • Checksub even provides a subtitle add-on to enhance the look of native subtitles on Netflix, Youtube, etc.
  • With only 5 minutes of subtitles per month for free, Checksub's trial might not be large enough.
  • But their paid plan called Junior gives you 360 minutes of subtitles per month. And you can get larger plans by contacting the Checksub team, like for larger teams and enterprises.

9. Subly

subly logo

Subly provides an online subtitles management platform, to make subtitling easiest ever. You and your team can add subtitles, captions, transcribe, and translate videos together, in a matter of minutes. Subly makes collaboration on your video library easy, editing is fast, and requires no special skills. Its homepage mentions many success stories from other content creators. Subly covers all your video captioning projects, from online courses to video ads, podcasts to live events.


  • Subly supports over 67 languages, and high-accuracy automatic transcription from your videos and audios.\
  • For subtitling, you can choose the Subtitle Mode, with timestamps added automatically.
  • And for making transcripts, you can choose the plaintext mode. You can download and repurpose the transcripts for blog posts and social media posts.
  • Even if you make audio content, you can use Audio to Video to convert it to video using soundwave visualizations, and your logo or featured image for branding and recognition.
  • Subly's subtitle and caption generator supports VTT, SRT, TXT files, and multiple font styles, sizes and colors.
  • Their automatic subtitle generator uses AI to convert speech to text accurately.
  • You can also add your logo and brand colors to captions.
  • With Subly, you can resize and design videos for different social media platforms, like Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter etc. with one click.
  • Subly offers a no credit card required, full featured trial for 7 days. So you can get to know all its powers quite well before paying a single buck.
  • For the paid plans, Subly offers 3 models: Pay As You Go, Subscription, and Business. With this range of plans, you can be sure to find the one that suits your team and budget the best!

10. HappyScribe

happyscribe logo

Happy Scribe is an all-in-one platform for transcription and subtitles. It offers both professional human transcribers and state of the art AI automatic transcription. Their rationale is to offer high quality services at different price points. The accuracy of their machine translation service is said to be 85% but with only 5 minute turnaround time. So you will need to review and edit some parts manually. Or you can go for a higher-end manual transcription service, which guarantees 99% accuracy but with 24 hour turnaround time.


  • Automatic transcription of HappyScribe supports over 120 languages.
  • You can simply pull your existing video content from Youtube, Vimeo, Drive etc. or upload video files.
  • Audio files are also supported, so your podcasts, meetings, lectures, etc. can be transcribed and translated.
  • HappyScribe's automatic subtitle and caption generator will transcribe your videos and prepare your subtitles.
  • You then review, correct any errors, and publish your transcripts and subtitles.
  • HappyScribe lets you export your transcription text as subtitle files as SRT, VTT, TXT, or plaintext files as PDF, Word. Even JSON, Final Cut, and AVID formats are supported.
  • You can create workspaces for your teams and collaborate easily.
  • With APIs and Integrations supported, you can seamlessly integrate with Zapier, Youtube, etc. and create fast workflows.
  • For your premium projects, or for enterprises with bigger budgets, you can try HappyScribe's manual professional transcription and subtitling services.
  • HappyScribe has different per minute pricing rate for its Automatic Transcription Software and for its 100% Human-Made Transcription. Both these services come with speakers and timestamps mentioned. They have different turnaround times and accuracy rates, as noted above. Choose the best option and get high quality results for your budget!

Additional Tools for Generating Subtitles and Captions

The above 10 tools are awesome for converting your video and audio content to text, and support 50-100 languages. They have thousands or even millions of users, great affordable pricing plans, support multiple devices, and team collaboration. But if you try them and find that they don't match your quality requirements or budget constraints, we have more recommendations for you.

You should definitely try the inbuilt auto subtitle generators inside Youtube and Facebook. They can work pretty well for English language, and a few other common languages with large audience. However, for more specialized services and features, and for good support of additional languages, it is necessary to use tools that are designed and built specially for that purpose. So be sure to check also out Sonix, Otter, Nova, Clideo, Rev, Subtitle Horse, Amberscript, Type Studio, and Closed Caption Creator.


We have seen why you need to add subtitles and closed captions to your videos. They can greatly expand your audience reach, retention, and therefore increase your revenue and following. Automatic subtitle and caption generator tools are powered by speech recognition engines and AI models. They can help you to accurately, quickly, and at a low cost convert your videos and audios into text content. This text content can be used as subtitles, or as transcripts that can go in your blogs and social media content.

The accuracy rate for AI transcription isn't always 100%, and requires some reviewing and correcting. Hence, there are also human transcribers available, for ensuring higher accuracy. However, with the best 10 automatic subtitle and caption generators, you should get fast and reliably accurate results. So be sure to try these tools and speed up your video, audio, and social media content pipelines!

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