Best Tips to Track a Phone with Hoverwatch

Updated on: April 18, 2019

Hoverwatch is a mobile tracking app which can be used when one requires to get information from another party without the target person not knowing that his/her phone is being tracked or the information on the phone is being seen somewhere. Before starting this process, one requires to get the exact tips on how to do it, why to do it and when to do it so that the targeted goals can be achieved.

Tips to Track a Phone

A phone is becoming one of the most prestigious items in human life as almost every task is made very easy with it.

Reasons why you would want to track a Phone

The phone offers the owner or the user to share and access many products which include audio, media, and video files while on the other hand enabling real-time communication.

Since the phone has almost all the information one requires, to get it from the other is hard and it is possible to get the best tips on how to track a phone using the Hoverwatch app of the person you want information from who has proved hard to give it out in the normal way. Tips to track a phone can be easy and can be done to any of the following in the event of getting critical information.

To spy in Teenage Son or Daughter

Though the Smartphone has numerous benefits to the teenage kids, sometimes it impacts very negatives on the behavior and actions of these children both son and daughter.


In this case, parents may want to know what activities go on in their son and daughters’ Smartphone. For this reason, the parent may want to get the tips on the tracking process using the great Hoverwatch app and know exactly what is going on and what they are using this Smartphone for.

Since the Smartphone can give out any information whether good or bad, to prevent these kids from being involved in criminal activities, then this tips on using the hoverwatch app can be used to get this information from their phones using the app.

Monitor your Spouse

With the current use of social media sites everywhere, it is highly possible for either spouse to involve with a lot of unknowns and will lead to spouse cheating either wife or the husband.

This unwanted relation makes the real one feel so much unappreciated and may lead to use spy software to spy like Hoverwatch or get tips to track a phone and resort to this services to get him/her and know exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

For this reason of cheating husband or wife, it is easy for either party to resort to Smartphone tracking as an option and get all the information because it is difficult to get the whole truth from the party himself or herself.

Monitor Employees

Most companies always want the information about their business made private mostly to competitors and other outsiders. Sometimes you find that there are employees leaking this information to the outsiders and competitors. This will prompt the management to start looking for the tips that can help in tracking the employees’ phones to know exactly who and what information is given out.

Theft in the business can also lead to company directors or management resorting to Hoverwatch tracking app and get the tips on how to do the tracking of their employees’ phones to get out the truth. This is in when there an event that there is a likelihood of employee collaboration and monitoring their communication will be very vital.

So how do you track a phone with Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the cheapest ways to track an android phone through the computer. This app gives you an opportunity to buy a package that can track more than 5 phones at the same time simultaneously. This is quite good for parents with large families and wants to monitor their children and also employers who have many employees and want to monitor their phones.


The process of using these Tips to track a phone using Hoverwatch app is very easy; first, get an account by opening one in the Hoverwatch website. This will give you details to log in to your account.

Gain access to the targeted phone which you want to track and enable unknown sources’ by going to settings > security > unknown sources and enable it on. This is a very vital stage otherwise it will be hard to gain access.

While still on the target phone, go to the Hoverwatch website and login with your details that you opened the account with and then download the hoverwatch app to the target phone and select whom you want to spy either employee, kid or any other person. After finishing select the hide app icon to make it hidden as it is in the target phone.

You can then secretly track all the activities going on from the target phone simply from your computer without any struggle at all.

What makes Hoverwatch Best phone tracker App

-It is cheap and easy to use because it is not such complicated and its installation is easier.

-The only app that can be used to track 5 android phones simultaneously hence it makes it easy to access more than one phone at the same time and get the information at the same time.


-Monitoring windows as well the app is great because it is not only limited to android phones but also with Windows and Mac. You can also monitor computers and laptops of the target person using the app and this makes it the best to be used.

What can you access with Hoverwatch tracking app?

The following can be accessed by Hoverwatch phone tracker app for android;

-Calls and SMS logging list for any specific time. This will help to know who the target person is talking to and for how long.

-Social media networks monitoring to see and evaluate how long children or employees take in these sites which can be a hindrance to doing other useful things.

-Tracking the location of where the target person or phone is by using the phone’s back or front camera secretly.

-Recording incoming and outgoing calls and listening to them later

- For easier viewing of logs on another device, use the Hoverwatch Viewer.


Now you do not need to go to the browser, you can see everything on your phone. Hoverwatch Viewer will show all actions on another device by selecting them by activity.


For any person who is much interested in getting this great app, there are available pricing options to choose from.

Personal Plan

This plan is for a single phone and it costs 19.95 per month, 49.95 for 3 months and 99.95 for 1 year.

Family Plan

This Plan is used to monitor up to five mobile phones or devices. The prices are $39.95 monthly, 49.95 for 3 months and 99.95 for 1 year.

Business Plan

This plan gives an option of monitoring up to 25 phones per month. The cost is 149.95 per month, 299.95 for 3 months and 499.95 for 1 year.


There are many methods and ways of tracking any android phone which includes cocoscopy and hoverwatch. But Hoverwatch has proved to be the best app to be used mostly when dealing with more than one person or target phone.

  • It is quite awesome when using it and gives out the best result ever for the user.
  • It is used mostly by employers and has proved to be quite okay because of the larger target audience it covers and very easy to handle.
  • It is also very friendly with the cost because it doesn’t cost a lot of money to have it.

Hoverwatch has been the best ever and it can be used when you correctly use the Tips to track a phone.

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