Five Tips On Managing Blog Comments Fairly

Updated on: August 27, 2021

Comments are what keep blogging going. When it comes to your blog, you want comments. The goal of brand management is to create something that gets people to engage, to respond, to feel passionate enough about your brand that they care to share their thoughts.

Reputation management is increasingly vital to the success of your business. Poor word of mouth has always been dangerous, but the Internet has enabled personal opinions and experiences to spread further, faster, and with more far-reaching consequences than ever before.Blog comments are a great way to build relationships with people in your field online, create positive touch points for your personal brand, and link back to your best content online.

The following are some tips to make sure that your blog comments leave a strong yet, positive impression.


1. Intelligent readers

Hey, it’s your blog, set the rules. The most effective way to lessen the significance of bad comments is with good comments. All blogs have both, but one or two negative comments won’t hold as much weight if it’s surrounded by a lot of positivity.If that one negative comment is all you have, it will be the only thing visitors to the site will see. Whether you have negative comments or not, don’t be afraid to encourage positivity and set a certain tone for your own blog. The best comments will help counteract bad ones, or they’ll just build and enhance your online reputation positive, which can never be a bad thing.


2. Community

Blogging  builds the community of readers and we know there are  'n'  type of readers going through your articles and rising their queries.To make this conversation more interactive we must start blogging conversation via email i.e nobody has a  time to visit your blog daily basis.So if you want to keep your readers with you  & want to continue their discussion than use some email newsletter ! So that  they will keep in touch with your latest updates !

community for blog comments

3. Comment spam

Some comments are meaningless, idiotic,i.e  the person writes something which is too far-off topic, such commentators are  inaccurate.Which are nothing but spammers !

For better user support strictly remove some unwanted and spam comments.Think before approving ! If the comment is belonging from your topic and have some meaning with discussion then and only approve it ! Don't approve comments like 'I like your blog', 'Nice post' etc.

Generally, try to pick a blog publishing tool that provides you with some level of comment control. The comments section of your blog is nothing but the magnet that attracts blog readers to come back to your blog regularly So it's important to manage it  properly.



4. Comment restrictions

You must have comment restrictions mechanism like spam bot killer,Akismet  plugin for WordPress help you keep away from spammers ! Such automated things help you to reduce the load of moderations ! Second you can use CAPTCHA while submitting comments,using this system caneasily  recognize humans & ignore bot code. It indirectly nullifies all your upcoming problems related to ranking and all

comment restrictions

5. Comment moderation

Comment moderation is another important part ! It's nothing but the pathways of building relationship with readers,If somebody comment on your blog and you  didn't reply back to that comment/query such time it will create a negative impression on your readers which leads to loss of good readers. Consider your reader's queries on priority if they are legitimate one.Kill the spammers  !

comment moderation

You can use some tool to monitor your comment easily.Like comment approval from email,bulk comment verification etc.  It reduces your efforts & give u a chance to see in-depth of comment content which implies quality interaction. Use some follow-up tools to  keep in touch with readers discussion thread !

Article by By Yo Noguchi

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  1. It is very important to say no to unwanted comments. because offtopic comments may turn the loyal readers off. enjoyed reading your article Saurabh.

    1. Yes its important to filter unwanted comments ! Be specific with only article related comments ! btw Thanks for your kind word ! Keep reading & subscribe to our newsletter !

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