Top Tips for Getting Instant Traffic to Your Website

Updated on: October 28, 2019

The quest for web traffic can feel like one of the most brutal competitions of all time. Whether you're an online business, aspiring influencer or dedicated blogger, traffic will likely be both your number one concern and most significant yardstick for measuring success. While they say content is king, that's not the whole story.

Driving up your visitor numbers is about so much more than just the quality and quantity of your content; it's about reworking your content in a way that makes your site more visible, as well as collaborating with others for the sake of cross-promotion. Here are some quick tips for instantly boosting your web traffic. Website traffic

It's All About the Formats

Different formats of content work different for different audiences. You may have had a written blog post that did well a few weeks ago, but could've done so much better if you had posted it as a vlog. Look through your content and see if you can release the same stuff in various formats, as this will greatly expand your reach, both on search engines and with your followers. Try and aim for your best stuff to be available in as many formats as possible, including images, text, video, audio (e.g. podcasts), and infographic.

Re-Work Old Content to Keep It Fresh

Every business and blogger makes the mistake of creating content that is really only relevant for a few days, if not mere hours. If you want consistently healthy traffic flows, you'll need to see how you can tweak existing content in order to make it "evergreen". This could be as simple as removing all date-specific references from a written piece or to remove all content that is no longer relevant. This will boost your SEO rankings and help with periodical traffic surges.

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Have Authoritative Sites Link to You

No successful website can go it alone. You need to ensure you have a digital network of authoritative, well-known websites that link to you so that potential audiences know you're worth a click. This could be in the form of round-ups, listicles and comparison sites. Take the online casino comparison site, for example. They feature the names (and links) of all of the biggest casino gaming platforms, as well as their bonus offers and which games they specialize in, be it Live Casino or slot games. Having a reputable site linking to them works wonders for traffic, which is why you need to get your name out there.

Enlist a Guest Blogger(s)

Take some time to conduct a little research into your field and see which blog writer's names keep popping up again and again. These are the people you want to get in touch with to see if they can do a little bit of so-called "guest blogging" for your site, or on their own site. It's an opportunity to get highly influential people to promote your website, while you can further benefit from having your site linked to their name. You can also use platforms such as Upwork to source the most skilled guest bloggers who will be able to give you that much-needed surge in traffic.

You may just be looking for brief traffic surges for the sake of a campaign you're working on. It's important to remember that such short-term boosts can also have a positive long-term effect on your overall visibility, so take time to construct a detailed and thoughtful strategy.

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