Essential WordPress Tips for Beginners

Updated on: May 18, 2013

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms that you can use. There are several great things with WordPress that you can do if you are just starting out. Here’s a few of the best essential WordPress tips for beginners to use.

Keep a good arrangement

You have to make sure that the way how you are arranging the data on your WordPress site is made to where the data is easy to read and notice. This includes finding data that is easy to handle through a theme that includes not only the right colors but also the right ways to arrange data. You have to edit your WordPress site with regards to where your data is being placed in so you can use something that is suitable for your site.

wordpress tips beginners

Supporting your sidebar

You have to see that your sidebar is made to be easy to read. This includes working with only a few things on the sidebar so it is not too complicated. Some of the things to use in your sidebar include such common things as:

1. Social media buttons

2. A share button to send the article to

3. Special update sections that list details on what’s new

Avoid Wordiness

You need to keep your sites easy to read. This includes finding sites that are well arranged based on things like the URL that is on a page or the keywords you have. Avoid using words that are too long or complicated and focus on fewer words that are to the point. WordPress sites that are easier to handle are often easy for you to handle.

Image Edits

There are a few tips that you can use for editing images on WordPress,check your images to see that they can handle the WordPress theme. This includes seeing that it can support a particular arrangement. Check the tags on the photo to make sure that the photo has some SEO information on it.Review the size of your image. It has to load quickly.


Plugins should be relevant

You need to be careful when finding plugins for your WordPress site. It is true that plugins can be useful but at the same time they might take up more space than needed if they are the wrong ones. You have to use plugins that are relevant to your site if you are going to get something to look better. You may want to consider these options:

A plugin for a social networking site will help you to grab your users attentions.A search box may work well if you have more data.Forum plugins may be used if your WordPress site has a forum attached to it.

You have to use these tips for your WordPress page if it is going to work well. These essential WordPress tips for beginners should give you an idea of what to do for your site.

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wordpress tips beginners
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