Things to Do Before Writing Your Blog and after writing your Blog

Updated on: February 16, 2019

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. It is an online diary or journal that can be found on the website. The content of the blog usually includes text, videos, pictures, animated GIFs and as well as the old physical offline diaries or journals or other documents that will help your readers. Blog often use for personal use, sharing experience and information that is engaging to the public.

A lot of people who heard the term blogging usually fail to understand what a blog is or how to create blogs. Another is how reading a blog can affect or improve their lives. Blog owner can always have the choices of setting their blog in private or to public access. When a blog is made publicly, anyone can always have the access and find the blog through a link available on the website of the blog owner. Usually, blog owner shows the link in their social media profiles and emails. A blog is more interesting to read when a blogger gets personal to the readers. People love to read blogs that have a personal connection to them, which is an advisable technique for bloggers. There are some points to remember when writing a blog and here are the following.

Before writing blog articles

Before Writing your Blog

In order to encourage a lot of people to read your blogs, you need to have a catchy SEO title. Hence, the title is the most visible part of your article, it will reflect the whole content of your blog. Most of the readers rely their willingness to read an article base on the title. The more informative and engaging your title is, the better results you will get. The feedback from the people depends on the title you have and the results with search engine improve when the title is good for the readers.

  • Keywords in the Post

Keywords throughout the content in a blog reflects the whole content. It is one of the most important factors that a lot of people keep visiting your website. Make a certain and do not choose the unnecessary keywords. Search the most familiar keywords so that people can easily find.

  • Subheadings Exist

it is also a big factor for the readers to have a catchy subheading. It is a good idea to have a subheading on the blog, this will help your readers to recognize more your different views on the article. Also, subheadings help the readers to know what the article section is all about. If the subheadings are properly structured then you will have the best results for your blog.

Make sure you pay attention to this, in order to gain more readers then you must be sure what you are writing. It doesn't make sense if you have a great text, pictures in the blog, people usually keep their eye on the spelling and grammar on they are reading.

This could help you to earn the trust of the public. You can post a link to your social media profiles and through sending emails.

  • All links are working

Links are useless if your readers can’t open and read relevant information to your blog. Make sure to put the links that are relevant to your chosen niche.

  • There’s a CTA at the end of the post

It is a basic form of an invitation for your readers to take a certain action. Its another way of gaining subscriber to your website and readers as well.

  • Give credit to anyone that should be credited

Citing is very important when writing a blog, it adds your own credibility as an author. It only shows that you’ve done proper research in your blog.

  • The text styled and formatted for easy reading

A lot of people prefer to read a simple blog, words are easy to understand and format are easy to their eyes.

  • Custom images for your social media accounts.

Through this, you are able to promote your website and how to reach you for possible opportunities. Also, it is one way of showing that you are a reliable and reputable author.

  • Easy permalink URL

So that people can easily share the link that you will be posted in any social media platform.

  • The post is optimized for SEO

When writing a blog you need to remember what type of writing you will be writing. In that case, you can have the proper format, content, and structure. You need to optimize a blog depends on what type you are writing.

After writing blog post

Things to remember after writing your Blog

  • Double check spelling and grammar

Before writing a blog it is advisable to do this. But it is also recommended after writing a blog. In order to create a good reputation, especially if you plan to set your blog publicly accessible. With the help of different grammar and spelling tools, you can create a good quality blog.

You can get easily the attention of the people when you write good content with a good image. Make sure that you double check images and information before posting it, as many people can see it and will affect your blogging immediately.

It is one of the most effective ways of gaining readers and earning their trust.

  • Respond to all comments on the post in social media

Engaging with your readers is very important. Responding to them can help you to improve your skills in writing through their suggestions, and comments.

  • Check old posts, should any have a link to your new post

  • Thank everyone who shares your post. It is always the right thing to do, to acknowledge people who help throughout your journey in writing a blog. This will help you to create a solid connection with your readers.

  • Make sure anyone you mention in the post knows about it in a tweet or email.

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