Things to Consider Before Buying a GPS Tracker in India

Updated on: June 6, 2020

A car is one of the prized possessions that you own. Whether it's about buying your car in the first place or maintaining it every day. You always have to consider the necessary factors. In line with this, you should also ensure that your car is not only in good condition, but also secure for your loved ones. For this purpose, a GPS tracker serves as an excellent device that can assure you of your loved one’s safety to a great extent.

Most of the cars are driven by a chauffeur.  Along with a spike in road accidents, a GPS tracker in India is a must for your vehicle. It is particularly essential if a woman drives the car or if it is used by kids who travel with teenager friends & it keeps you updated about their well-being. So, if you’re planning to buy the same for your car, then go for the best GPS tracker in India. which assures you of all-round protection.

1. Dash Cam Features to Look Out for

When you’re buying a GPS tracker, why not buy one that also comes with a dash camera. Going for a device that has both the GPS tracker and the dash camera means you will be not only able to track the location of the vehicle but also be able to stream video to ensure complete safety.

Look for a device that comes with dual camera feature as that will give you a view of both outsides and inside the car. Not only that, but some devices also allow for live streaming option, and upload the activities taking place outside and inside the vehicle to the cloud. All this is possible by them being an IOT device, fitted with a 4G sim card.

2. Live AI Alerts

Look out for another significant feature of alerts, as offered by some GPS trackers in India. Few GPS trackers are embedded with intelligent alerts that can help prevent the misuse of the vehicle, as well as keeping you sure about the safety of your loved ones.

Few GPS trackers in India give out intelligent alerts such as the following -

  • Speed alert when the car’s speed exceeds the set limit
  • Geo-fencing alert if the vehicle goes out of a set perimeter
  • AC alert in case the vehicle is parked, and the AC is on
  • Unknown Driver Alert that uses facial recognition will alert you in case an unknown person is driving the car

You will also receive an alert if the power cable is removed or when the device is rebooting, running out of battery, or the camera is being blacked out.

3. Good Battery Back-Up

Make sure to go for a GPS tracker that has good battery backup so that ensure the safety of your car as well as your loved ones without any interruption. Especially when the vehicle is being driven on long distances, that is when security is an utmost concern. At such times, a device with a long-lasting battery backup will prove to be more reliable for you to be sure of your dear one’s safety.

4. Route Playback Option

Some GPS trackers that come with a dashcam also offer you the playback feature.Meaning you can view the videos for 90 days after the recording is done. You can also save the videos on your device. This feature comes handy when you want to rectify your teen or chauffeur’s driving quality.

5. Be Fully Sure When It Comes to Security

Your car ensures that your loved ones and you can enjoy comfortable rides. However, when it comes to security, it is you who needs to ensure the same. For this purpose, what you need to buy is the right GPS tracker in India that comes with technologically advanced features.

One such device is the KENT CamEye, a next-gen car camera & security device launched to provide a vehicle security solution. The device is equipped with the latest technology and offers you all features such as dual camera, route playback, double calling along with several useful alerts, and good battery backup.

So, when looking for the best GPS tracker in India, consider all the necessary features, as mentioned above. This will help you be sure about not just giving your family a comfortable riding experience but also wholesome security.

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