Ten Mobile Technologies that Pave new Routes for Real Estate Industry

Updated on: January 12, 2019

Mobile phone technology is leading the way in several industries, changing the way that businesses and customers interact. Realestate is no exception, with many agents and clients wanting to access details on the go. New technologies are constantly emerging which enhance the real estate market.With the help of these technology we can do some smart business.

Mobile Internet

Mobile internet is perhaps one of the biggest revolutions in mobile phone technology since text messaging. It allows users to view websites (many of which have their own unique mobile versions) and powers countless apps which provide current information and real-time updates. Much of the internet-based technology relating to real estate that now dominates the mobile phone market has only been made possible by mobile internet. latest mobile phones are very much compatible with internet services.


Mobile Web Browsing

Thanks to mobile internet, it is now possible for phone users to view websites on the go. In terms of the real estate market, this meansthat both agents and clients can view properties online, read details, look through pictures, make comparisons with other options and embark on virtual tours. One of the most popular choices of phone that includes advanced web browsing is the iPhone, deals for which are available from any good mobile sites.



The primary focus of any mobile phone is obviously communication and, alongside making calls and text messaging, mobile internet enables users to send and receive e-mails via established accounts such as Hotmail, Google Mail, Yahoo! and many others. This allowsestate agents and their clients to liaise through a more formal medium and keep records of their correspondence, doing all this at any time without needing access to a computer.

GPS_Street app

GPS and Map Technology

It is widely recognised that the real estate market is dominated by one three-part issue: location, location, location. Mobile map technology, often utilising Global Positioning System (GPS), not only allows users to see where the property is situated but it also helps them to find it if they are attending a viewing or open house, for instance. Recent developments and technologies such as Google Street View can even enable prospective buyers to remotely view the area in which the property is located.


Intelligent Assistant Apps

Intelligent assistant apps, of which the best-known is probably Siri, as found on the latest model of iPhone, allow users to navigate their phones and perform various standard functions simply by talking to the devices. The use of this in real estate is mostly based around making the agent's job easier through hands-free organisation of appointments and use of contacts.

Social Media Mobile apps

Social Media

Business and marketing operations are now frequently implemented via social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Viewed by huge numbers of people every day, these sites offer vast advertising potential and because many of them are now accessible viamobile phones that potential is greatly enhanced.

mobile banking service uk usa

Mobile Banking

A further development on online banking, mobile financial services can be useful in the real estate market as they allow clients to transfer funds and make payments on the move. This could make all the difference between securing the perfect property or losing out on it to someone who is able to make the payment on a shorter timescale.


mobile smart calender

Both agents and prospective buyers may well have to deal with multiple appointments in one day, or over a short period of time. Organiser functions on mobile phones represent a superior and more portable alternative to a traditional diary and even send reminders in advance of any appointments. This makes it ideal for those in the real estate market.


Now a mainstay of any modern mobile phone, cameras are becoming more technologically advanced. They can be used to take high-resolution images of properties. These images can be sent to others via multimedia messaging or shared on websites, including social media sites.

commercial realestate mobile apps

Real Estate Apps

Among the most recent and relevant developments in mobile technology for real estate are specific apps that can be managed by estate agents and utilised by buyers. These include 'Homes on Mobile Phones', which, thanks to mobile internet and text messaging codes, allow much of the real estate sales process to be conducted via mobile technology.


Overall, it would appear that the future of real estate technology belongs to smartphones. Many recent developments have made theagent's job and client's life so much easier. Mobile phones combine the roles of so many other gadgets and are naturally portable and compact. Current technology is already geared to improve the real estate market and future enhancements will almost certainly take this further.

About the Author:

Roxanne writes regularly on mobile phones for a number of commercial technology websites and blogs. Her work often covers information provided on sites such as sim-only. Overall, her expertise in this field is extensive and varied, particularly in respect to the real estate business and other major economic ventures.
commercial realestate mobile apps
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  1. Hi Saurabh, these mobile based technologies are bound to affect not only the Real estate businesses but also any venture. Mobile devices have penetrated excessively into the lives of consumers, middlemen and manufactures leaving no room for any aspect of life to escape from mobile technologies. Thanks for the effort put in highlighting the uses of mobile in the real estate field. Am Indian property agents are in dire need of this!

  2. I personally likes intelligant Assistant Apps and my banking apps. Benefit of having a smart phone is you can use this kind of apps and reduce you efforts. Thanks saurabh 🙂

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