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Updated on: May 18, 2013

Gone are the days, if you need to access the documents from one PC to other PC, you need to put the documents on storage devices and carry everywhere you go in order to access it on multiple PCs.See if you’re in meeting or in home and need to access the important documents on your office desktop, what if you forget to carry the storage device where you've stored the important documents? And what you can do in this critical situation?

One of the best ways you can access the documents on the other end from your end without carrying it is using remote desktop access and it will help you a lot to handle documents quickly and easily.

So today let me tell you about the Amazing browser based remote desktop software techinline which helps you to connect your personal computer remotely and reduce your expenses to some, in a way helps you save more while on travelling.

Techinline Remote Desktop Sharing

Techinline is excellent free remote desktop software that enables you to have instant, secure and flawless connection without any hitches between your personal computer or desktop and the remote computer across the globe. It’s powered by original Techinline Remote PC technology.

You can transfer the important files securely or solve any issue of your clients with amazing instant messaging options where you can send or receive message without any trouble or pop ups in between.

Techinline support system team is also highly experienced and available 24x7 who will solve all your queries quickly and instantly. You might be eager to know about its unique features which are only for its valuable users.

Techinline Unique and Amazing features

  • Techinline allows you secure fast and easy connection to remote computers anywhere in the world.
  • It is very clear to all the proxy servers as well as the firewall so you can be sure of that it will not block your access.

Remote desktop Firewall Proxy Transparent

  • You can easily operate and control the remote desktop or personal computer.
  • Techinline Helps you transfer files at ease between local and remote PC and desktop.

remote File & Clipboard transfer

  •  Helps you in Reboot and Re connect again with the remote desktop.

Remote desktop Multi monitor support Techinline

  •  Send and Receive unlimited chat messages without any interruption.
  •  Full support is provided by the highly qualified and trained personnel who are 24x7 available to solve your needs and take right decisions and guide to through the whole process.

As you might know already that there are many Remote Software available in the market and some are for free also and are being used. But you want to be sure of the files that you are transferring goes with a secure connection and the most important the uptime needs to be 100% so that you can work easily without ant trouble free environment which only techinline provides and guarantees you.

 How Techinline Trace your sessions/logs:

Monitoring the sessions and activity is essential part of any remote desktop software. If you want to know more details about any activity like remote file transfer or data sharing then this software has provision to log your activity report. Activity report help us to analyze the data flow and conversation ! If you are sharing your desktop in corporate sector then  data analysis is more crucial part which can be minimize through Techinline reports.

Techinline - Reporting Tool Remote Desktop Sharing

Techinline report generation focus on following points:

1. Export reports to PDF and Excel

2. Generate custom-built reports

3. Enjoy automatic data collection

 Though we have many remote desktop sharing  tools  but Techinline provide some additional features to stand out of the crowd. Its 100% compatible with earlier windows and windows 7 environment.

File and Clipboard transfer Techinline
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  1. Just finished testing it. Techinline is a nice and affordable service. Web-based applications are much easier and faster in use. I used to work with other professional remote desktop programs and this one is the most profitable for me and has nice set of functions.
    thanks for the review!

    1. Does web based application is takes less time than it's actual takes? I want to recommended on my friend who actually looking for the same services.

  2. This is also good.
    The software works well, Ammyy Admin doesn't require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN.

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