How TataSky+ Transfer Makes Magic in your Digital Home

Updated on: October 12, 2015

We have all experienced to the worst situation of being late and missing our favorite TV programme — whether it’s a series, talk show or something else that grabs our attention. When we come to Metro cities, the irritation is at its highest, we bet, as late trains, traffic jams and whatnot are everywhere to mess things up. Tata Sky — a leaders in DTH Services industry in India — has come up with an awesome solution for this issue! Its brand new product, namely Tata Sky+ Transfer lets you watch your favorite TV programme anywhere, anytime, given that you have a compatible Smartphone with you.

In this post, we shall have a detailed overview of Tata Sky+ Transfer, how it is useful for the typical metro resident and discuss noteworthy features of the connectivity-rich set-top box.


What is Tata Sky+ Transfer — Essentially?

Well, as such, Tata Sky+ Transfer is a set-top box that lets you record your favourite TV programmes, regardless your location or time! Once you have recorded the programme, you can “transfer” the content into your Smartphone, to watch it, as per your convenience and needs. And if you would like to watch the recorded content when you are on your bed, you can use the Wi-Fi Streaming feature of Tata Sky+ Transfer to get that done, quite easily, with no tough installations or related stuff.TataSky+ Transfer

This is the crux of the product, but as it comes to your hall or drawing room, Tata Sky+ Transfer can offer some truly impressive features as well. And, now, we shall have a look on various aspects of Tata Sky+ Transfer, such as usability, working method and other noticeable features out there.

How Tata Sky+ Transfer Works

Essentially, there are two things you have to take care of! First, there’s the set top box and second, we have the apps for Android and iOS Smartphones.

 1. The Tata Sky+ Transfer Set-top Box

Now, we can call Tata Sky+ Transfer a new-gen Personal Video Recorder! To get you best options during transfer, it is equipped with all the required connectivity options — basically Wi-Fi! It’s to be noted that you have to connect the Tata Sky+ Transfer box and your Android or iOS-based Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network. Once you have done it, you will be able to stream or transfer content you have recorded using the PVR. The device has a storage space of 500GB to offer, thus letting you store up to 625 hours of recorded TV content. In that case, as a person who cannot miss his or her favourite TV programmes, Tata Sky+ Transfer is a kind of blessing to you, that’s assured.

MobileApp TataSkyMobile

2. Tata Sky Mobile Smartphone App

This application is what lets you watch your favourite TV shows using your Smartphone screen, either using transfer feature or through Wi-Fi based content streaming. To do that, you just have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi. That having said, Tata Sky Mobile Smartphone App has some other capabilities as well. For instance, you can have Live TV feature to make sure that you don’t miss your favourite TV programme because you’re not in front of set top box. In addition, as we come to Tata Sky+ boxes, the app lets you record TV programmes remotely; also, there’s an option to use the tool as a remote for your Tata Sky+ Transfer device.

TataSkyTransfer Plus

Using Tata Sky+ Transfer

As we said earlier, you have to connect your Smartphone and Tata Sky+ Transfer to the same Wi-Fi network. If you’d done that, you can use your Tata Sky+ Transfer remote to transfer / stream recorded content from the set top box to your Smartphone. As in case of content transfer, you would be able to watch the recorded content for a maximum time of 72 hours, after which the video would be expired.

It’s to be noted that, after the transfer process, you do not need an internet connection to access content. And, once you have finished the transfer process, you can watch the favourite shows in a convenient manner; be that in bed, couch or anywhere else. Won’t that be awesome if you’re able to watch your favourite series when you’re travelling in a Metro train?


Well, apart from content transfer, Watch Now feature of Tata Sky+ Transfer lets you watch the content over Wi-Fi! It is to be noted that you don’t need an internet connection to do that. You just need both the STB and your device to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Be in the range, and you can watch your recorded video content on screen of your Smartphone.

In addition, as we come to the case of recording, there is a set of nice features to check out. For instance, you can watch other programme while one is being recorded. Similarly, transfer process can be done even when you are watching TV using Tata Sky+ Transfer box. In light of these, we can say Tata Sky+ Transfer is quite usable.

Tata Sky Transfer Stream

What Makes Tata Sky+ Transfer Impressive

Now, we shall have a look on various features of Tata Sky+ Transfer, which are way too productive as well. We hope that these features will be helpful in one situation or another.

  • Ultimate Quality, Guaranteed

High Definition video recording has been made available in Tata Sky+ Transfer and you can use the feature in variety of TV shows and channels. The list includes HBO, Star Movies HD, Discovery HD etc. So, you will be able to preserve the visual effects of High Definition content, even when you are watching it in your Smartphone.


It’s to be noted that the device has been optimized to give you better video output, given that you’ve compatible TV with you. For instance, the device gives you content in 1080i resolution and 16:9 wide aspect ratio. In the long run, it can be made sure that you get best viewing experience.

Also, thanks to the 500GB storage of Tata Sky+ Transfer box, you can store enough content in the device. It’s claimed that you can store up to 625 hours of recorded content in the given space.

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  • Series Link

Series Link is the dedicated feature in Tata Sky+ Transfer to help you record different episodes of a TV series. Using this feature, you can be clever enough to skip repeated shows and thus to have a clear, continuous experience. It has to be noted that recording is not available in some particular TV channels.

  • Value Added Features

Several Value Added Features are available from Tata Sky+ Transfer. While Video on Demand brings you the content that you love to watch, Active Services from Tata Sky+ Transfer can have an impact on productivity aspect of your set top box. Also, from the Showcase, you can select the blockbuster movies you want to watch and have a theatre-kind of experience at your home.

It’s to be noted that these features are apart from the connectivity-rich set top box that you get when you purchase Tata Sky+ Transfer. Considering all these features, and the stunning cloud-integration and app-based control of Tata Sky+ Transfer, the system seems to be perfect for metro residents.

Tata Sky+ Transfer box is available for 9,300 INR + Standard activation charge at nearest retailers.You can order online or exchange your existing set top box and get discount in this one. For details contact Tata Sky helpline number 1860 208 6633

Tata Sky Transfer Stream
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