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The Troubles &Travails of Microsoft’s New Operating System


There is no doubt that Microsoft was beginning to feel the heat. In the last several years, the company that is most responsible for launching the modern computer revolution, along with Apple, was beginning to feel the competition chomping on its heels. For one thing, the sale of traditional PCs has been decreasing the last few years, as mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets, have taken off. Almost all these new devices are using either Google’s Android operating system or Apple’s iOS. As a result, licensing revenue for Microsoft started to nosedive. What they needed to do was get back in the game, by creating a completely new operating system which could be used either on PCs or mobile devices. Thus was born Windows 8.

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Cheap Windows 8 Upgrade Offer: INR 699 / $14.99

Windows 7 to Windows 8

Finally wait is over Microsoft released their most awaited Windows 8 product, a re-imagine  version of  windows family. We already wrote about windows 8’s features & specifications.Microsoft taking lots of effort to make it success.I personally used their developer & consumer preview versions,I like few features of win8 especially metro UI & App store.It will help them to create more valuable apps for their users.UX and UI is good but navigation is little bit messy for newbies.We can easily do dual boot of windows 8 & windows 7

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How To Install & Dual-Boot Windows 8 With Windows XP & Windows 7

Windows 8 Features

Recently Microsoft announced their brand new Windows 8 Developer Preview Edition which  is now available for download.Windows 8 is basically a  Multi-faced  OS from Microsoft ,which has more number of improvement and more number of newly added features which make it possible to be use in many platform like Desktop or in Tablet PC. The UI design of windows 8 is pretty good w.r.t tablet PC. The beauty of windows 8 is , it  support  ARM compatible device.In windows 8 they furnish most of old UI functionality with new one like Windows 8 Explorer with Aero and Ribbon Menu Interface etc.

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