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Why Ad Spying is important in your Marketing Campaigns

Ad Spying, clearly as the name suggests is the technology or art of “Spying” on the other competitors in your niche. Ad spying basically studies the following key aspects.

  • Marketing campaign strategies used by competitors
  • Social media marketing strategies used by competitors
  • Countries and regions targeted by competitors
  • Strategies that turned out to be successful or unsuccessful for competitors

Ad Spying is a business in its own today and is a golden tool for achieving success because

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Best Free Marketing Tools for Startups

Being a startup means taking care of many things from day one. The most important thing is to make sure that as many people as possible know about your business. You normally do it through multi-channel marketing, which includes creating content, maintaining a social presence, generating multimedia, sending emails, keeping an eye on SEO, all of which is, of course, driven by analytics. When you work in a startup, there rarely is a significant budget all this; therefore, an arsenal of free tools could be of much use. Below are the 11 best free marketing tools that every startup can benefit from.

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