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Why Blockchain IDE is important in Blockchain Development


Blockchain has come a long way since its mainstream breakthrough around five years back and is gradually penetrating through various Internet-based models and algorithms, especially crypto-currencies. It is due Blockchain’s high-grade security and stability that it is widely used by crypto-currency developers and is even being researched upon to be collaborating with the Internet of Things (IoT) to make devices “Smarter.”

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Configuring MSP(Membership Service Provider) in Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain


Recently I posted articles on how to deploy a Business Network Archive (.bna) file to your IBM Blockchain Platform and how to build a small blockchain application using the IBM BLUEMIX, both of which garnered quite a few positive reviews.

I was flooded with requests for more similar articles on IBM Business models and services, out of which the most common request was for Membership Service Providers (MSP) using IBM Hyperledger.

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Deploy Business Network Archive (.bna) files to your IBM Blockchain

Deploy BNA file IBM

Let me get real with you for a moment! The world of business and networking is dynamic and changes every minute of your workspace. Your performance either boosts or breaks. That being said, it is highly recommended and rather essential for business associates to create a stable and reliable Business Network Definition to experience a profitable and sustainable growth in business.

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How BlockChain & Blockchain for Business Works


Since the emergence of the digital age, there has been a great increase in the exchange of currency, goods, and valuables called ‘Transactions‘. For validating the Transactions, many depend upon various intermediaries or third-parties in the form of Banks, Dealers, Retailers, and so on. This dependency on the third parties for securing transactions results in frequent delays too and frauds and misinterpretations as well.

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