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Evolution of Blockchain and VR on Online Gambling Industry

Blockchain based games online

Technology always causes change. The internet—for instance—changed way too many things to list in this article. Sure, it takes time for this change to be fully realized but it is almost always inevitable. In our present decade, technologies like Blockchain, IoT and VR are what will probably shape how our world moves forward in basically every field, even how we gamble in an online casino. Let’s have a look at how these technologies will shape the future of online gambling.

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Blockchain For Developers: Is it Right for Your Application?

According to the numbers, the blockchain market is expected to reach a high of $20 billion by 2024. Moreover, the average investment in this exciting technology’s projects was more than 1 million in 2017. In case you weren’t living under a rock for the last two years, you know what bitcoin and the blockchain technology is. However, though blockchain is often thought to be a synonym for bitcoin, you have to understand that the latter is just one of the many uses of this hot technology. In truth, blockchain is a platform or system which is decentralized and can be beneficial for a lot of things such as applications.

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Why Blockchain & IoT Can Do Disruption in Future of Technology

Change is the only constant. Do you feel and see how technology has completely transformed our lives in the last few years. If you go back about ten years, you will find that your life involved a lot less technology back then, due to which performing even simple tasks took a lot more time and effort. Most of the changes that have come about are owed to the internet. However, if you think that the internet revolution is over, then you are wrong. The combination of technologies like Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) has immense potential. These technologies have already entered our lives, and it is set to bring about futuristic changes in almost all the sectors.

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Top 10 Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2018


Blockchain tech is what keeps the cryptocurrency networks ticking over. It makes it possible for you to utilize services from companies as diverse as Bitcoin casinos and charitable foundations.

But, cryptocurrencies were only the beginning. Blockchain tech can be applied to an equally diverse number of industries. Here are the top ten blockchain projects to watch in 2018.

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How to Create Effective Blockchain Queries using Hyperledger Composer


I have always had a particular interest in the IBM Hyperledger and IBM Blockchain platforms for creating various business models.

If you go through my blog carefully, then you will see that I have already written and posted a couple of previous articles surrounding IBM Hyperledger and Blockchain services.

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Deploy Business Network Archive (.bna) files to your IBM Blockchain

Deploy BNA file IBM

Let me get real with you for a moment! The world of business and networking is dynamic and changes every minute of your workspace. Your performance either boosts or breaks. That being said, it is highly recommended and rather essential for business associates to create a stable and reliable Business Network Definition to experience a profitable and sustainable growth in business.

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Learn Chaincode Tutorial Using IBM Bluemix Part 1


Recently we discussed IBM Bluemix & its presence into Blockchain application, especially into private blockchain projects. Bluemix is the new cloud solution service offered by IBM. Bluemix allows organizations as well as developers to easily and rapidly create, deploy and manage applications on Cloud. This cloud offering utilizes implementation of IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture relying on Cloud Foundry which is basically an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS). The best part of Bluemix is it offers entries-level services which can be integrated effortlessly with the Cloud applications without requiring installing or configuring them. In this article, we are going to discuss chaincode & how to implement it using several steps.

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