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TrustUnion Blockchain Helping Business to Build Trust in Digital Economy

TrustUnion Blockchain

I’ve recently met Mathias Valon CEO and Cyril Ternay CTO of the TrustUnion project in Coinadvice blockchain conference. I would like to present this huge project to share with you the insight of the underlying technology. In this generation, trust became an issue to anyone, even in the growth of the economy. Businesses are the most popular contributor to change the status of one country’s economy. Because of people’s habits are now more and more focus online, the marketing needs to evolve as well. Thus, raising the importance of trust accounts to every seller and buyer as a major factor. Trust accountability happens when seller and buyer sacrifice their own time, money and even their privacy to each other just to gain the expected mutual trust. It is all about building a great connection and at the same time learning in order to obtain a trustworthy profile. In real life, human beings biggest nature is to trust other people, and that is what TrustUnion bring to the world.

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