What are Successful Drop-Shipping Companies

Updated on: June 20, 2020

If you are an individual that has heard a lot about drop-shipping, you may be wondering why despite it being described as a very prevalent business, you have heard little to nothing about companies that have been successful in their hustle towards being a drop-shipper. To bring up some context for confused readers, Drop-shipping is a relatively new development that allows a goods sales store to feign availability of stock for a customer, leading to them making a purchase.

After the purchase has been made, once the retailer knows the demand for the product he poses as a distributor for, he then purchases the same goods by the same amount of initial purchase at a price that is lower than the price that they sell it for. But the difference in price cannot be too big, as they have to be able to pick up customers that aren’t gullible enough to pay prices that are much more than what the product is actually worth.

Now that you have some sort of understanding of the business, it is your turn to ponder on whether you have come across any real-life examples that fits the description given.

Most drop-shipping businesses have moved to e-commerce retail as this has the biggest scope for development in the field. Most of these faux online retailers use a service known as “Shopify” to create or find plugins that allow them to create a platform for the exchange of goods for money and even come across available retailers that have the amounts of products that they need. Some services that are widely known for their service to drop-shipping businesses are listed below:



This is one of the more widely known plugins. With this, you can find the retailers you need by simply browsing through their directories, where one can come across any product that the drop-shipper’s store would be required to provide. The plugin does not only provide this but it also allows you to see how in-demand the other retailer is by looking at how many people viewed them on the same platform, and how many people have bought from a said retailer. Drop-shippers can also look at the rating of any specific retailer based on the number of stars they have before actually making a purchase from them.



This platform has a larger number of suppliers than Oberlo™ has. In fact, SaleHoo™ has exponentially more retailers when compared to Oberlo™. With the availability of almost 9000 retailers, SaleHoo provides a premium service that guarantees customer satisfaction. With quality comes a price, which means that SaleHoo is members only, and costs $67 per annum to join.



Like SaleHoo™, Spocket™ is also a premium service that costs a certain amount of money per year. But, they have a starter plan that is free for all users. Although their database does not have as many retailers as SaleHoo™, they are incredibly well acclaimed and are rated Four and a half stars out of Five on “Shopify™”.

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