How to Stop People from Adding You into Unnecessary WhatsApp Group

Updated on: April 24, 2019

WhatsApp is one of the largest and most popular apps all over the world. The one who has a smartphone will surely have WhatsApp installed. This app made popular because of its integrity and user-friendly apps. But everything has its benefits and disadvantages so WhatsApp has too.

WhatsApp is just like a messenger and text message, it only differs in using it for free. You just need to download the app of the software in order to have access and to establish a great connection.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp as a Software to Use

  • WhatsApp is absolutely free for use.

  • Immediately send a message to wherever you are in the world.

  • Simple and easy to use, even a beginner mobile user can use it.

  • Voice call assistance.

  • Video calling available.

  • Transfer to anyone Document files up to 100Mb such as PDF, Slideshows, etc.

  • It does not have any advertisements on the presentation screen.

  • WhatsApp calling executed it more reliable and stable.

  • It has also the features to delete the information that you have sent (So He/She won’t be able to read what you have sent to them) in a period of 1 hour.

  • It implies the contacts from your phone and tells you how many of your friends are practicing WhatsApp.

  • You can give your location, photos, situation, images, documents, videos with your friends.

  • It does work without sim card, Only if your (Mobile No) account is already recorded.

  • You don't need to pay any money for talking and sharing with your friends (except the internet charges)

  • It proves that your message sent or not and the receiver has acquired or read the message. (single tick for sent and double tick for delivered, grey is for delivered and blue is to determine that the message is read by the person).

  • It also shows that the receiver got your voice message and listened to it.

  • Free calls to other WhatsApp users are established.

  • One of the best features is that it gives an easy way to change your number to another number without losing your current WhatsApp account.

  • App interface of WhatsApp is very manageable and user-friendly, that’s why it is very easy to use.

  • WhatsApp started implementing end-to-end encryption feature, which performs your WhatsApp communication highly secure.

  • It has also reached its services for using immediately in a web browser and in Desktop System (Windows, MacOS)

  • It saves your money by decreasing normal Text and Multimedia messages cost.

Just like the normal messenger WhatsApp also use for sending messages into one person to a group of people. An individual can freely create a group conversation using the software. A lot of people prefer using WhatsApp as you can always establish a good connection when making a video call or chatting.

Thus, it is not a good practice in adding you into an unnecessary group in WhatsApp. It's kinda disturbing for you to take messages that you are not aware and also you are not familiar to the people involved in a conversation. There are ways that you can avoid this kind of circumstances.

How to stop People from adding You into Whatsapp Groups

1. The first thing you can do is to Update your WhatsApp to its latest version. Through this, you may know what is missing and what are new to your WhatsApp. Usually, unnecessary groups appear when the software it latest.

2. Then, you can start Opening your WhatsApp on your phone, and go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy->Groups. From these, you will establish a good set up and start the configuration to start with the process. Tap or click on Groups, and select the option that suits you best. The first one will help the user adding you to first send an invitation that you can approve.

setting Stop People from Adding You into Unnecessary WhatsApp Group

Tip 1: You can only unsubscribe to a group if you receive an invitation. You cannot stop this kind of situation if you don’t have any kind of notification which tells you to be with any groups.

Tip 2: Your contacts will be the guide of every group to add you and contact you. So, anyone can add you to a group of people without an invitation, however, if you truly value your privacy then you can take the last option or this second option. This is how you Stop People Adding WhatsApp group

3. These are an easy way to maintain your privacy. To follow the above steps and tips, through this you will be no longer be with the people or groups that you are not aware of.  You will enjoy using your account in WhatsApp and have the great kind of freedom in reaching people.


This will help people in making life easier and faster when you Stop People Adding whatsapp group, it keeps communication as one of the implications of this kind of application. People can have their own choices and freedom in contacting other people with using this kind of app. When WhatsApp started, people were complaining about the price of SMS texts. SMS was expensive and limited. WhatsApp solved this kind of problem. With WhatsApp, you could send messages to other WhatsApp users without calculating words, without being stripped of multimedia content, and without being limited to the number of contacts, all for free. Until, in some parts of the world, one SMS message could cost as much as a dollar.

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