STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank for iphone,iPad & Android

Updated on: August 29, 2020

Quite a while back we utilised our cellular smartphone for making calls, message and few minutes of web perusing. But today we utilize smartphone along with bunches of applications like gaming, videos, camera and online streaming etc. Many people using  Whatsapp Call, Viber, Skype, Twitter, and Facebook for voice and instant messages.So this generation smartphone are quite powerful w.r.t usage and battery backup.

But like "Sky's the Limit" every electronic device has its threshold which many put you in trouble especially when  you are traveling or going outside area. We are so addicted thats why its hard to control mobile browsing and handling.Many people play high end games and hd video while on the go.

smartphone battery-life

To perform these assignments we need loads of battery limit. There are heaps of approaches to spare cellular smartphone battery power. In the event that we join each thought it prompts one basic thought i.e. Switch Off Your Mobile Phone. We can't just switch off the telephone. We can really take after some force sparing tips, yet not all. In such case its better to have a portable battery which will help you during blackout of smartphone.

STK Portable Powerbank 4000mAh Best choice for iPhone,iPad and Android devices :

If you don't want to have disaster then  STK 4000 mAh is convenient portable charger. This charger is unique in relation to others. This charger has inbuilt connectors for USB in, 30 pin and lightning connector for Apple iPhones and Micro USB connector for other cell phones and adornments.

STK Soap Powerbank

The charger is little and light weight and resembles a rock. Aside from the connectors, this charger accompanies committed force switch and a catch to switch the yield voltage of the charger between 0.5 Amps and 1 Amps. There is a battery marker to see capacity left in the battery pack.

There is a rubber coated top cover, we have to open the cover to get to the force switch and connectors. This top shields the link from harm. We can likewise close the cover with the links out.

STK 3 in 1 power bank

We can accuse the force bank of the joined USB connector by associating it to a divider connector or PC. It takes around 5 hours to completely charge the versatile charger itself. The appended link is great and also awful. The every link from the connector is only 2 inch. There is no customary USB OUT port to interface the honest to goodness links to charge the gadget. Over everything you can make do with this force bank.

Features of STK 4000mAh Soap Power Bank

1. 3 separate connectors – Lightning, Apple 30 Pin, 8pin Apple  and microUSB

2. Charge different gadgets

3. 4000 mAh battery limit with simultaneously device charging

STK UK Power bank iphone

4. Switch to choose 0.5A and 1.0 A power.

5. Little, light and convenient

6. Battery get fully charge in 5H

7. Battery level pointer, Power catch.

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Basically this charger is best convenient charger for its size and transportability. Since the charger has its own particular link administration for diverse gadgets we don't need to convey any additional links. For 3,299₹ this convenient STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank is worth for your cash and available at as STK Power bank 4000mAh

STK Soap Powerbank
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