Decoding Steps to Win at Rummy Tournaments

Updated on: June 23, 2020

After free rummy games, you may definitely want to try out difficult challenges. Tournaments are one of the challenges that come for pro-players. If you are an amateur, we suggest that you first learn how to play rummy and only then try out cash games or tournaments. Even before the tourneys, it is best to get the best at the cash games. It will give you a better understanding of how to tackle players and tourneys. Once you are an expert at the game, then you can definitely choose the tourney of your choice and make a go for it.

  1. What is a Rummy Tournament About?

An online tournament is different than free card games or real cash rummy games. A tourney has several rounds. These are not individual games. Each round will have a certain number of games. Winners of these games will then go to the next round. This cycle repeats until the finale. In the final, the remaining players compete out of which few winners emerge. These winners get a promised prize. Winners receive a promised prize at the end of each tourney. There are certain terms and conditions regarding the prize and how you can utilize it.

  1. Type of Tournaments

There are two types of rummy game tourneys. The most popular ones come with buy-in. A buy-in is a small ticket price that you pay to participate in the game. If you win the round, the prize amount is a lot bigger. These types of games usually provide a cash prize. The second type of tournament is free. This is usually for players who join the gaming platform for the first time. For them, freeroll tournaments are available for the first two weeks or so.

Here, you do not have to pay from your end. The buy-in if any is sponsored by the free points you earn on joining the website. The winnings from the online rummy tournaments are to be used for further games. The winnings are non-transferrable to your bank account.

  1. Make Your Choice

If you are new to the rummy online platform, then you can make the most of the freeroll tournaments. This way, you do not put anything at stake. Also, you get the experience of participating and playing a tourney. Before this, you must play the practice games for a better chance of winning the tournaments. You can also take part in buy-in tournaments at other times if you are up to it. Check for the buy-in, rules of the game, rewards, and other conditions before you book a seat.

  1. Skills You Need for a Win

Now that you understand what Indian rummy tournaments are all about, here are the skills you need for a win:

  • Observation: You should stay focussed on the game. Observe the cards the opponents pick and throw in the open pile. This shall give you an idea of the type of sequences and sets the opponent intends to make. It will also serve as a cue to you about the cards you should hold or discard.
  • Thinking Capacity: Think out each and every move. Do not pick or discard cards at a random. Plan your moves in a way to bait the opponent.
  • Ability to Analyze: You need to analyze your moves and that of the opponents. Try and understand the card formations in the hand of the opponent. Shape your game tactics accordingly and play ahead.
  • Calculations: Always calculate the total points in the hand from time to time. The goal is to reduce the points to zero after forming a valid hand for a win. Avoid stacking high point cards such as King, Queen, and Jack. These cards carry 10 points each. If you have these cards, try and make a pure sequence out of these.
  • Quickness: Do not spend much time playing your move. You will get a certain amount of time within which you have to make the move. If you cross this time limit, your turn will be skipped. Consecutively skipping turns may drop you out of the tournament.
  • Predictions: After all the analysis and observation, you should be able to predict the hand of the opponents. Only then you will be able to step up your game and confuse the opponents.
  • Bluff: You need to confuse the rival into giving you a card you need. Here, you have to apply tricks that will make the rival into thinking that you do not require a particular card. This will further provoke the opponent to discard the card you need, with which you make form a sequence or set.
  1. When is it the Best Time to Play the Game?

Unlike free or cash card games, tournaments consume more time. So, if you want to participate in a tourney, make sure you do not have any other engagement. Also, you need complete focus and no distractions, especially, if the game comprises of a cash reward. Of course, you aim for the win and do not want to lose out on points or let go of the reward. Depending on your schedule, you must select a tourney that suits your free time.

  • Check your rummy app for the list of available tournaments, their timings, and buy-in, along with other terms and conditions.
  • Now go through the ones that suit your timings. After this, select the one that suits your interests and expectations.
  • Some go for higher while others go for lower stakes.
  • Some like to choose games with higher rewards, while others are not much concerned about the same.
  • Make sure to book a seat soon before the spaces fill up. You may get notifications to remind you about the start of the game. You should join the tournament in time to be a part of it.
  1. Rewards of the Tourney and How to Use Those

You are perhaps allowed to transfer the cash winnings from playing card games to your bank account. However, this is not so in case of a freeroll tournament. You can use the winnings in the latter case for future buy-in games. You can also choose to keep the winnings in your account for buy-in games and not transfer in your bank account. The gaming platform may have a tie-up with a merchandise store, where you can use the winning amount for a purchase. So, check for the rummy rules regarding prizes and rewards and be aware of what to expect.

To Conclude

Tournaments are one of the most sought-after formats in rummy. You need to have all the skills to win the game. When playing cards, you should know the type of game and its norms. Once you know the tricks to play the game, the win usually comes easy. You will however face challenges as all the players involved to compete. So, you must be the best to win. For this, play the games frequently and increase your knowledge and skills for the win.

Author Bio : Nitin Pillai is an avid gamer, and loves to write about the gaming industry. He has worked in this industry for quite some time now and specializes in video game journalism.

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