Seven Steps To Getting Traffic for Your New Blog / Website

Updated on: May 18, 2013

The most difficult part of launching a new website is to start driving traffic to it. But, once you are able to start driving traffic to your new website, everything will be easier. There are many methods you can use to start driving traffic to your new website. However, you will only need to implement these 7 steps:


1. Basic SEO

Basic SEO involves two things: optimizing your pages for search engine and giving your pages supporting links from external pages. If you do basic SEO correctly, you will be able to start driving traffic to your new website naturally. However, you must be aware that a new website generally doesn’t have strong power in the search engine. So, for starter, you will need to target some low competition keywords for the content on your pages.

Find low competition keywords and start creating optimized content with basic SEO. You will need to insert your keyword in your article title, article introduction, article body, and conclusion. You will also need to optimize your meta-tag, page title, and ALT tag for your images as well.

However, your optimization doesn’t end here. You will also need to put some links pointing to this page. Go to some blogs related to your niche and leave your comment on those blogs and leave your link in your comment. Remember that you have to link to your specific content, not your home page. For more power in the search engine, some of your related content should have link to this page as well.


2. Viral marketing

Viral marketing involves creating buzz about your website. It means that you will need to do something that will make your website popular by word of mouth. The simplest method is to give a prize or run a contest in your blog. Giving free stuff is the best way to attract visitors to your website.

write blog press

3. Writing press release

If you have new website, it is good for you to publish press release about it. There are two main benefits that you will get by submitting press release about your website. First, you will get good quality link juice that will help your website to get indexed quickly on the search engine. Second, you will officially “introduce” your new website to the world. However, be sure to submit only newsworthy content about your website.

Writing Good Content  blog

4. Writing groundbreaking content

If you want to make your website stand out from the crowd, you have to make groundbreaking content and post it to your website regularly. It means that you will need to create unique content that offer unique perspective about your niche. You have to post this kind of content regularly to your website (every day). This will attract attention of your visitors as well as the search engines.


5. Social networking

Start building Facebook page and Twitter account for your new website. Those are two channels for you to promote your website through social networking. Then, you will need to attract as many likes and followers for your Facebook page and Twitter account. If you don’t want to do the hard work, simply find some services on Fiverr that will help you to promote your website through social media.


6. Write guest post/guest article

Find some blogs in your niche and contact the blogger of those blogs and ask them to post your article as a guest post. If you want to have successful guest post, the article that you submit to those blogs must be your best quality article. Once your content is published on their blogs, you will be able to start receiving traffic immediately.


7. Article distribution

The last thing is article distribution where you promote your website by writing content and submitting your content to various article directories. Article distribution will help to raise your rank in the search engine as well as driving highly targeted traffic to your website.

Those are 7 steps you can take to start driving traffic to your new website. Most new websites start with zero traffic. If you want to boost the traffic to your new website in short amount of time, you can use those steps.

Traffic is the primary building block of a successful website-related business. If you agree, you should read an article about Top 10 Traffic Builder WordPress Plugins. As I always say, learn, learn, learn...

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  1. I think social networking is a great place to start spreading 'the word' about your blog. I see it as a stepping stone the complements search rankings. Would you agree?

  2. One of my favorite way to make traffic is Facebook. Only facebook, I can get 100+ leads daily, but after read this article, I wonder why I forget the super way to get high quality traffic. I'm on step 2 🙂

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