Square factors:Never let go out of your sight when Buying a Car

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Do you dream of owning a car, setting off on a long drive and heading to places? Read the rest of this blog and make a better decision to live your dream.It's a wish of everyone to travel in their dream car. But how to identify your best dream car, their are some factors that you really want to consider for your long drive.

  • Brand & Make

Are you lost in endless parade of car launches? Don’t worry, just find answers to these following questions. Your hunt for the ideal car will get a lot easier.

brad of car buying

1. How is the authorized after-sales-service in your area?

Though modern cars are pretty well-made, you must be sure of service support. Without a reliable one, you’ll end up inviting worries in future.

2. What’s the cost of spare parts?

Expensive spare parts could make you life hell later. Cheap and easily available spare parts are very crucial decisive factor for obvious reasons.

3. Is it a newly introduced model?

Good set of features is not everything; you must know how they are on road. For that you’ll need user feedback. For newly launched models, you won’t get much of user feedback handy.

4. What’s the re-sale value?

It’s basically an exit guarantee. Prefer buying cars, which claim good value in used car market.

Save fuel and money buy car

  • Fuel

With skyrocketing petrol price, everybody is talking diesel cars. Does buying a diesel car really make sense? Yes, if you drive long kilometers regularly. Remember, diesel cars require more servicing compared to petrol driven cars. Here is a formula for quick reference.

Minimum kilometers for breakeven in 1 year = (Price difference between petrol and diesel cars + cost of regular servicing in a year)/ (price difference of a liter of diesel and petrol)

Don’t consider first year servicing cost as that comes free most often with new cars or certified old cars. Try to know “what’s the regular servicing cost on the model from second year". Ask that to any registered service center.

easy Car EMI

  • EMI

It’s an area loan agents always try to scam you. Remember, EMI is inversely related with repayment period but directly related with interest rate and principal loan amount. Remember;

1. Always calculate EMI per lakh basis. It helps to benchmark against different interest rates.

2. A part of your EMI goes into repaying loan amount. Always go for monthly adjusted car loan for better valuation.

3. Never believe agents on face value. Judge them with online independent EMI calculators

4. Bargain with multiple lending companies for best deal on loans.

Service car dealers

  • Service history & Environmentally friendly:

Good service is always appreciable, if you willing to choose any kind of brand do check with its service history.It will give you an idea about how they are serving and solving their customers problems.Its really essential things to check to avoid future maintenance problems.


To buy environment friendly car make a note of efficiency of that car. Eco friendly cars are always better option to go with it to reduce pollution level. If you want a car for travelling  into intra city environment then we recommended you to go with some electric cars like reva  etc.

buying a car
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