How to Split Website Traffic for A/B Testing?

Updated on: October 13, 2020

A software application that can split the traffic of a single page of a website is commonly known as A/B testing. This helps to measure the difference in the potency of the particular page while achieving the website's goal. When the visitor of that web page takes the desired action for example purchase or submit a form, the process in technical terms will be called a conversion.

Why should one undertake to split website traffic for A/B Testing?

Splitting websitetraffic

will differentiate with the top web designers from the ordinary amateur crowd. This is because Split testing helps to provide knowledge with a merger of website elements that will deliver desired results for clients. By doing so, they can even ask for higher pay as an outcome of their extra work.

Split testing also helps to gain the following advantages:

  • Helps the visitors to hold on the website for a bit longer than usual
  • Helps visitors to link on real times basis while they are on the site
  • Delivers footfall which turns into real clients as they plea a consultation or amalgamates with a newsletter

Hence the knowledge of splitting website traffic for A/B testing has been growing and gaining importance. Moreover, it also helps to be lighter on the pocket. When an online business has more competitors than others, split testing guarantees the delivery of footfall and also promises that a company would be head in every corner of the world even in the toughest competition.

Google Optimize -Splitting Traffic

The web page split testing will look into the facts when the matter of advertising arises as a business can maximize profits by reaching the remotest corner. If a website has the power to double in conversion traffic from 1% to 2% by split testing, this would simply mean that the revenue of the business has increased in the same manner. Hence, if looked technically into the matter, one when spent on advertising, his return on investment will increase in the same manner. At the same time, one would gain clients and with the word of mouth, they will also increase.

How to set up a Split Website Traffic for A/B Testing with Google Optimizer

Google Optimizer

acts as an A/B split test of a website and works as a multifaceted application for testing the platform which will allow the effects to be seen on the page elements which are directly related to webpage transformation rate.

Google optimizer can be easily used by any layman as it is user friendly and robust. One can also find pre-existing website page URLs and similar split testing applications where an ordinary URL can be pasted. This helps to make free website traffic such as SEOs to split into halves.

Further, Google's website optimizer will also help to serve various pages to views with the humongous possibility of variations. It is also evident that the use of website optimizer will not affect the ranking of a page and also would not cause duplication.

How to set up an A/B test alongside with Google Website Optimizer:

  • First, find out the page or count the number of pages you would need to test. Remember, the home page will always receive more traffic.

Google Optimizer experiment A:B Testing

  • Next, define the element thoroughly which you would want to test as the element will always be testing first in A/B testing. Commonly tested elements by companies are the headline, subheading, first paragraph, actions which are lime lighted, images, and lastly the submit option.


  • Then add a tag to the primary page followed with the variation page and also the conversion page to allow the traffic. Then you may enter the URL of the website on which the testing requires to be done and then preview the page. The preview option will show how the page will look to the audience before you take the site onboard.


  • Google website optimizer also thoroughly revolves around the page which is shown to the visitor. First, the traffic of people will get to see version 1, the second person will get to see version 2, the third person sees version 1 and this is how the process will be carried further.

Google Optimize Reporting

  • The tester also has an advantage to see the outcome of the report statistically within the Google website optimizer as to which variant proved to be the most efficient one.

Understanding with the process is complete:

The number of transformations required to accumulate a reliable indicator of later traffic differs astonishingly with various sites. If one's business is to design a high-client volume with a low-value spend store, one will have to test till approximately 70 conversions are completed for a particular variant.

On the other hand, if a low-client volume with high-value spends stores should roughly aim for 20-30 conversions. One can also test different variants of a similar element or even carry out multivariate testing considering the restriction of traffic volume.

It is vital to note that not every time the split testing will be fruitful. If the success rate is 20% in which one in every five split tests improves the complete conversion rate, then it can be said that your entire process is successful. One must remember that every success is a stepping stone and hence to keep performing the test with various websites will help in improving A/B testing skills.

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