What is Skyactiv Technology in Mazda 3?

Updated on: December 28, 2020

For Mazda car owners, it is certainly familiar to see the words SkyActiv, which are commonly seen on the engine and rear body of the car. However, do you already know for sure what SkyActiv technology is immersed by Mazda in its assembled cars? SkyActiv itself is a technology developed by Mazda, to increase fuel efficiency and engine emissions. Mazda cars like the Mazda 3 can use Premium fuel, but it will affect the engine performance.

Increasing fuel and engine emissions is one of the functions of SkyActiv technology, which is precisely applied to engine parts. Apart from the engine, Mazda also presents SkyActiv technology for other parts of the car components such as the chassis, body, and transmission.

Types of SkyActive Technology in Mazda:

Here are some types of applying SkyActiv technology in Mazda:

  1. SkyActiv G

SkyActiv G is the latest generation of SkyActiv technology. SkyActiv G has a fuel compression engine with a ratio of 14: 1. Fuel efficiency increased by 15 percent, coupled with a 4-2-1 exhaust system, where the exhaust system was not available in the previous type. The 4-2-1 duct system originates from the exhaust ducts of the 4 cylinders in the engine, then divided into two groups which eventually the 2 groups will become one.

  1. SkyActiv D

By using the world's lowest compression diesel engine, the SkyActiv D engine is highly efficient and can complement global gas emissions regulations without the need to add relatively expensive NOx-reducing devices. SkyActiv has a low compression engine with a ratio of 14: 1, making fuel efficiency twenty percent better.

  1. SkyActiv Drive

The engine is a compact transmission, allowing fast and smooth gear shifting. The compactness of the transmission engine is caused by the combination of a conventional automatic transmission engine, continuously variable transmission, and dual-clutch transmission. This transmission also creates high fuel efficiency thus contributing to the overall fuel consumption.

  1. SkyActiv MT

Compared to SkyActiv Drive which is intended for cars with automatic transmission engines, SkyActiv MT is intended for cars with manual transmission. Gearshift on the SkyActiv MT is light and light, like using a sports car.

  1. SkyActiv Body

Mazda uses the thinnest high tensile steel material in its class. High tensile steel is used in nearly all Mazda parts, resulting in a significant reduction in body weight. As a result, the Mazda body frame was eight percent lighter, thirty percent stronger.

  1. SkyActiv Chasis

To unify the engine and rider for a better driving experience, Mazda increased the safety and comfort of the chassis based on several concepts. The concept is a combination of low-to-high-speed agility and high-speed stability, balancing driving comfort in a high-speed trinity, and combining reduced body weight and good body strength.

All these SkyActiv technologies are mutually integrated under the driver's control, which is called SkyActiv Vehicle Dynamics. The whole concept provides driving comfort for the rider with a very good level of performance safety and improves peace of mind thanks to the stable movement of the vehicle.

For your information, owners of Mazda cars with SkyActiv technology cannot use any fuel. Mazda cars that use the SkyActiv engine must use at least RON 90 or Pertalite fuel.

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