Simple Trick to Setup Video as Wallpaper in Windows Machine !!!

Updated on: May 18, 2013

According to me  Wallpaper is first impression of the your desktop or laptop.High resolution wallpapers,3d wallpapers,Artificial Art wallpapers are few of them.User Interface of any any machine is very important for beginners.Windows 7 one of the recent version of windows family support variety standers of wallpapers but they are static one,i.e they don't have a motion in them.

Many people want to set the "video" as desktop wallpaper.To do this lots of software are available on cloud.Most of them are consume lots of system resources like process queue and Primary memory.So it is not feasible solution for those who have low end m/c Configuration which affect their machine performance.

Recently I came to know a Simple solution to "make Video as Wallpaper".To do this you need

  • Windows Operating system (Higher Than WIN 2000)
  • VLC Media Player(Download it  from here)
  • Video Clip

that's  it,No more hectic software is needed !!! To configure this follow theses steps:

  1. Firstly Install VLC Media Player, Now open VLC and select “preferences” from “tools” option.                                                                                          
  2. Under “preferences” windows, click “video” option and select “DirectX video output”. Click on save before existing VLC.  
  3. Now, open any video file in VLC media player and right click on the screen. Click on “video”option on menu bar and click on “DirextX wallpaper”. You are done setting up video wallpaper on your desktop.                                                                                  
  4. If you are using Windows Aero theme in windows 7, you will receive a warning and your current theme will automatically change into Windows Basic theme.        
  5. Enjoy  video wallpaper on your desktop and when you want to switch back to your previous settings rollback same process, click on “video” and unchecked “DirectX wallpaper”.

Note:While Using this trick if you refresh you desktop then video wallpaper closes.So don't refresh until video get over!

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