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ShutApp : Killer way to Save Battery of Smartphone using 1Tap


Everything is mobile and you should be proud of it in this emerging age. Smartphones still creating disruption in our daily livelihood. Variety of apps and mobile services making our life more simple like from food to yoga, glossaries to accommodations, calling to dating etc. Heterogeneous things happening in this Internet space and smartphones are number one game changer in this market,their is no doubt on it.

We are observing huge improvements in smartphones performance and hardware in recent 5 years. Powerful upgradation happening in processors, memory, design & display of it. This enabling them to become our daily lifestyle gadget. Everything is good but one thing everyone still waiting to see is “Revolution in Smartphone Battery Life“,isn’t it ?

Yes, this is awkward for everyone as an average person using their smartphone more than 3h of day & hence due to heavy battery sucker apps like live streaming apps,Periscope,Facebook,Snapchat,Twitter or multiplayer gaming apps etc. people are not getting good battery life. Hence have to carry those heavy power banks with us. Which is quite uncomfortable solution we have.


How to Save Battery of Smartphone

If I tell you ” I’ll give you solution to get rid from battery issues using another app”,will you try it? I guess you have too. ShutApp is an awesome app build for android devices to save your valuable battery life,which majorly consume by unwanted background apps. Guys I tried lots of app but believe me this one is killer and result oriented app. I personally used and tasted it and its literally delicious 🙂

ShutApp really saves your battery life in an unique but very effective way.It recognise and close down lazy background applications on your android smartphones or tablets without root and the best part is, closed apps will not restart.


According to study hibernating background running apps is the simplest, fastest and most effective way to boost battery of any android smartphone. Thats why this app is real battery saver. I used it on my Sony Xperia-Z2 and result was totally amazing. Only thing is you have to create right whitelist of an apps in configuration of ShutApp.

Features of ShutApp

  • 1Tap to close all battery draining apps & after closing, they will not restart.
  • Apps Automatically shut down in background, no device rooting required.
  • Block access to data when phone is not in use & only apps in active state will get data connectivity.
  • Easy onscreen floating ball for quick action.
  • Prevent unwanted data uploading from malicious app.
  • Easy way to monitor running apps.
  • Exclude required apps from hibernation using Whitelist option.

Note: After installing ShutApp you have to give permission using accessibility settings on your device. Without doing this, it will not work.


Pro level battery administration is way superior to other different applications, you can now truly master of your gadget and indirectly enhance battery life.The amount of battery and network data saved using this app is really appreciable as these two are driver of your smartphones.

I’m 100% sure you will like ShutApp as its really help to save battery life of your smartphone.Especially if you are heavy user of internet like me 🙂

I recommended you to try ShutApp and let us know your genuine feedback in comments





1Tap Operation


User Interface





  • 1Tap Onscreen Floating Ball
  • APP Whitelisting
  • Cellular Data Saver
  • Automatic Pocket Shut
  • Real Battery Saver


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  • Ivan Jordon May 30,2016 at 12:34 pm

    In that case, I’m gonna download ShutApp…

    • Saurabh May 31,2016 at 12:46 am

      Do try Ivan, You will love it !

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