6 Components of SEO That Online Retailers’ Need to Use

Updated on: June 27, 2018

If you want to boost your website rank exceptionally in 2018, there are fundamental SEO components you need to work with. You cannot optimize your e-commerce website to rank well if these components are not part of your strategy.

When you type your website’s name on Google like serpbook.com, you are likely to get excited if you are ranked among the top pages under the bulk rank tracker query. It’s imperative that you work with keywords that drive users to your site. The more you channel resources towards increasing prospects and traffic, the better it will be for your brand. Remember, careful keyword management on all your social media platforms will do your site a lot of good.

1. Keywords

Keyword research is an integral component to factor in if you expect your SEO strategy to succeed. A successful site owner needs to know what followers are searching for. Understanding your keywords helps you to identify rich keywords that help in driving desired traffic to your site.  There is need to research and try out keywords, but don’t forget to assess how the competition is faring. There are tools that can help you weigh up your keywords and you need to put them to use. If you are battling competitive keywords, try the long tail keywords that are easy to rank. Long tail keywords don’t have intense competition within search engines.

2. Meta tags

The role that Meta tags play in the SEO landscape is indispensable. Search engines such as Google have a way of comparing your keywords against the page title to see if there is relevance. The description of a page thus becomes a significant ranking factor. The keyword tag shouldn’t be your main focus since Google doesn’t prioritize such tags since webmasters have over exploited these tags to rank for certain words.

3. Content

Without content, nobody will know that you exist. The adage that content is king means that you need quality content to drive your presence. With excellent quality content, you rank for keywords and offer an attractive user experience. If Google notices that you are educated and solving audience problems, you are on the safe side. If you are consistent, you become an authority in your industry and your leads will keep turning into sales.


4. Backlinks

When content ranks asking, it’s the backlinks that take the second position. It’s not about the site with the best links, but it’s about who has drawn significant volume of quality links for the prominent sites. It’s advisable that you channel your creativity and strategies into building backlinks. It’s advisable to reach out to other resourceful blogs and sites to benefit from a link that trickles back to you.

5. Product Images

If you are in the product sale category, images can do your strategy a lot of good. Users have not glued on text alone when searching for a specific product. They want a first-hand view of the product. This can influence their decision to buy. Don’t use poorly defined images or you will experience bouts of bounce rate. Images optimized with the right keywords can conjure the conversion magic fast. If the quality images are used, more traffic will descend on your site to see whether you can solve their problems.

6. Social Media

Within the social media arena, algorithms keep changing. It’s advisable to build strong social media connection on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. The signals that the platforms send to search engines regarding your site tell the engines that you are influential and notable.

Off-site Authority Building

Effective off-site authority building means your endeavor to build relationships on external platforms. Search engines love to see inbound links coming from external sources. This makes it easy for Google to brand you as an authority. Remember to leverage all the strategies that will make your brand gain an inch over the completion.

Competitors’ Backlinks and SEO

Monitoring what your competitors are doing is one way of driving up your rank. There are tools that will help you to spy on your competition. The said tools will also help you to identify those linking with the competition and strategize on how to make the link with you too. Remember, it’s possible to spy on how a competing site is optimized, and you can tap on what they are doing right to your own advantage.

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