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Updated on: May 15, 2019

Firefox Send is free to work and open source online service produced by Mozilla to send large files online up to 2.5GiB. Development started in 2017 and it became out of beta on 12th of March 2019. The code is allowed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License. While sending bulk files it is really important to ensure the safety of the files. Sharing files around the web can be difficult, complicated and as well as expensive. But, today firefox send is one of the best ways in organizing things online especially the most important files to be a treasure. There are a lot of services enable you to send for free but you usually run up against small file moving sizes or have to deal with links that don’t expire. Several of these tools can provide more control and privacy, but only after you pay for support.

If you’re tired of having to lose your privacy or your money in trade for sharing your data, then there have a better choice. Firefox send is best free online file distribution tool with a powerful end to end encryption. Which enables you to send large files in a secure way. Which includes private links that you command. Relationships, jobs, and activities increase so that you be able to set limits on how long your files live online. With Firefox Send you can set an expiry date or set a maximum number of downloads, giving you control over how long your file stays online. Plus you can add a password for an extra layer of security.

Simple Private File Sharing Firefox Send

Features of Firefox Sender

Encryption & Keys at your fingertips

One of the best features of this Mozilla firefox sender, is you are able to send end-to-end encryption. It is just like moving to a new home to be your setting. Thus, firefox sender gives its user to be more reliable in sending files with it comes to this information. This firefox can offer this kind of service of one time or limited access to those kinds of files.

Send File With Download Limits Online

When you send some files and you feel that it is not reliable at all then you can choose how to secure. By sending it end-to-end encryption in order to keep your own data and information from the time you want to share or send the file opened. Another is it also provides the sender to secure their controls that they want to set from their files. You can select when your file link expires, the number of downloads and also the further optional password for the extra layer of security.

Firefox Send large files Online free

How can I send large files online for free?

You can send also and you can choose if you want to make it just so simple to share large files sizes. This process is the best for sharing different professional designs files or combination on the presentation with co-workers. Then, it can send for almost 1GB instantly. If you want to send a file that covers a 2.5GB, then you will need to sign up to have a Firefox account.

Through this, there will be no conflict in connecting to other devices just to send files. It will be easier and simpler for all of the recipients as well. There will be no hoops and jump through the sending process. This covers the process of simply receiving the link to click and just download the file. People just don’t need to get or make a firefox account just to access the file. Generally, this will make the sharing experience better and quicker for both parties, just like sending emails.

Firefox Send

More Trustworthy Organizations

Firefox Send is the most reliable and quick application I ever use. It uses Google Cloud Platform for storage. It has a “Private By Design”, this only means that all files are secure and protected. On the other hand, firefox sender was established and created so that every account will able to send password protected files. Firefox Send adheres priority of customer privacy. Thus, security experts are required to examine the whole system first-hand before signing off on their trustworthiness.

Firefox Attract Every User to send customizable files. Anyone who is using this kind of tools then it can attract new audiences and users. It is because of the reason Firefox is one of the top web browsers and household name, but its market gives declined over the years as the built-in choices. However, people’s growing faith about the suspicious behavior of big tech, as well as far-too-frequent data breaches. it’s the real-time for Firefox to try to stage a comeback. Whether it will really be able to deliver is another matter. Firefox Send is launching on the web at and will be free as an Android app in beta and PWA(Progressive web app)


The best thing about technology is people are able to explore and get other opportunities. It’s very first step would be to change to Firefox. The thing about Firefox is, it comes from Mozilla, which is a non-profit group. Mozilla does not try to make large profits by getting user info and selling it. It is an open-source project. Which means anybody can have a look at the code and see how it works and use it.

Mozilla Firefox does not send your private info to its servers or any third party associates. It sends some non-sensitive demographic data including IP address and uploading system information for any kind of violations. Firefox browser has characteristics such as Tracking protection to make sure that websites do not track your online activities over multiple sites, something that Facebook does very intrusively. It is one thing that  Mozilla Firefox can be proud of, together with its users. Mozilla Firefox covers and always prioritize the protection of the files of the users. This is also to protect its integrity as well.

Firefox send large files without registration
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