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Updated on: July 4, 2022

If you are a blogger or support your business with an online website, then one thing you would always wish is to capture the top spot in the search result. But as easy or tempting as it may sound, achieving the same is pretty hard and only some lucky websites are able to reach there. Though it’s just not about luck, it also involves some smart working behind the scenes that will take you to the position. Getting ranked in search engine results requires some special skills in order to beat your competitors in the race and reach out for the finishing rope first. The most important aspect to take care of in this case is “Keyword” or “Keyword Density”.

Importance of Keyword Density

So, what exactly do you need when you've done writing great content with a keyword density of 1 percent and other points that you need to keep in mind when finding the SEO benefit? It's not only about you, but also about your rival, you have to work equally hard on your analysis.

What does he do or where does he do better than you, is the biggest question you have to ask yourself all the time. It will keep you motivated to do better and also allow you to learn the other channels you can use to pull in some more traffic just like your rivals do.

Keyword Density Tools

When you do work to figure out your issues, you do need to keep your eyes wide open to see where your rival is doing you. Now all of this is easier to say than to get it done, but you have tools for everything in this smart technology world. So yes, today we talk about a powerful program called SEMrush. A tool you can use to get the most out of your keyword planning and see your website gradually rise through the ranks. So, here's a comprehensive analysis of SEMrush.


In 2008 SEMrush started as a small group of SEO and IT specialists united by a common goal to make online competition fair and open, with equal opportunities for everyone. We've developed into the world's leading competitive online marketing research service after eleven years of trailblazing experiments and steady development. Having traveled the road from a small startup to major multinational business, we at SEMrush are still loyal to the fundamental principles that have taken us to where we now adapt to change according to a strict plan and still position individuals over processes.

SemRush Keyword Difficulty

Tools to bring out the best

SEMrush is a web application that has been used by thousands of website owners around the globe to improve their keyword game and ultimately boost their online search result rankings. Kudos to a bunch of powerful tools and features, SEMrush is one of the most loved keyword density tools in the market today.

  • Keyword difficulty

The SEMrush Keyword Difficulty tool has been developed to show you which keywords to focus on. This tool helps you estimate how easy it would be to seize your competitors’ organic positions in the Google top 100 by indicating a particular keyword’s percentage of difficulty.

  • Position tracking

This versatile tool was designed to give you the best possible data that goes beyond your imagination. The tool will provide you with the necessary details in relation to your competitor.


  • Domain v/s Domain

This tool's name itself is fairly self-explanatory. Domain v / s domain displays the outcome where both of you share the common keyword. This will show you the keywords result in which you rank in the top 20. When you want to get more comprehensive details then simply roll over the place and click on it, the details you were searching for will come up.

  • SEMrush Product Listing Ads Positions

This section gives you detailed access to websites using product listing ads (PLAs), their product listing ad copies and keywords triggering these PLAs.


  • Ads history

This feature gives you valuable insights about ads history for keywords. This yields you a report with some crucial information about your competitors as they do the work while you reap the benefits. You can simply sit back and determine when, and how often your competitors bid on each keyword.

  • Ad Copy

Using this guide to get a detailed look at the different forms of ad copies that your rivals using.

Getting started with SEMrush

Getting the most out of your keyword planning involves keeping your eyes on your competitors. But in order to do that there are certain things which you need to do and execute correctly. Next, you have to figure things out on your end, and then move on to your competitor's next step of prying. Let us get into the things you need to do to get started with SEMrush.


#1 Overview Screen

Upon accessing the SEMrush application, you'll see that the overview screen will appear just after you enter your web address. The overview screen will send you the result about the traffic you got. This doesn't limit the result with just that instead it will also help you keep a track on how the traffic goes up and down. This will also show in there depending on the keywords whether the traffic is actually rising or is going to get worse.

#2 Tracking down competitors

Now the next move is to monitor your competitors progress. Once you go online to the official website, a search place will be made available where you can enter your competitor's name and then you will also need to pick their venue. After this information has been submitted, you can then click on the tab to find essential information like keywords. In the result you'll see how the ranking changes depending on the keywords. Not only the ranking, but even the traffic is influenced by the use of keywords.

#3 Optimize the value of information

Now when you know where your customers beat you in the race, it's nice to pursue them but you have to be rational when doing so. When you see your competitor getting strong traffic due to using a particular keyword then you can use it, but if your competitor has content that is better written than yours then you won't get any gain.

SEMRush Dashboard

#4 Nailing the details

With the aid of the result of SEMrush, you'll be able to focus more on the related issues. It literally provides you with a path you can take to boost your flow. SEMrush also has a segment on place shift that you can follow to see where your rivals have been in the past and compare it to the place they currently hold.

From this contrast, you'll know if their success is rising or declining, or why. Next comes the tab of the Competitor where you can check organically and find out what your rivals are up and. The summary first appears and if you click a connection out there, the outcome of the quest will extend and you will be able to know more about it.


Closer Look into the SEMrush Dashboard

  • SEMrush Projects overview

This section allows you to easily track your project positioning and check how is your website performing on weekly changes in campaign.

  • Backlink Comparison

This segment helps you to easily track competitors backlinks by comparing them. It will help you examine your competitor's relation structure more closely. How many links to the picture, follow links or no-follow links competitors have.

  • Competitor position tracking

You can monitor your competitor position for different keywords within this section. You can see a positioning chart of your competitors highlighting your top competitors in organic search. This graph gives you a fast snapshot of where you rank in the competitive landscape in terms of the number of keywords found in the top 20 search results, as well as the amount of web traffic that goes to the domain.

  • Position Tracking

Although this feature is currently in Beta, the Position Tracker allows you to control regular changes in your competitors' positions for keywords in Google's organic and Adwords. This tool lets you track changes in place for up to 500 keywords.

  • Charts

The “Charts” tool allows you to quickly produce data visualizations for up to five different domains.

  • Keyword Positioning

This section of SEMrush gives you insights about your keyword position in Google SERP’s. Once you have these insights, you can easily analyze these keywords and start optimizing your campaigns accordingly.

  • Site Audit

Site Audit is a feature that provides an overall overview of the domain in terms of mistakes, alerts of various website pages. It will offer insights into what the site is missing in SEO factors. In terms of meta tag optimization, image optimization, category optimization and various SEO parameters what all changes website need.

SEMrush Plans & Pricing

SEMrush offers users to choose from 3 different plans, according to their online business needs.


Price: $99.95 per month ($83.28 per month – Annually)

Ideal for freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with limited budget

  • Run your SEO, PPC and SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools.
  • Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.


Price: $199.95 per month ($166.62 per month – Annually)

For SMB and growing marketing agencies

All the Pro features plus:

  • Content Marketing Platform
  • Branded reports
  • Historical Data
  • Extended limits


Price: $399.95 per month ($333.28 per month – Annually)

For agencies, E-commerce projects and businesses with extensive web presence

All the Guru features plus:

  • White label reports
  • API access
  • Extended limits and sharing options
  • Google Data Studio Integration


SEMrush works as the perfect in-house toolkit to enhance the marketing skills and efforts of your online business. The developers have worked hard to make all ends of their consumer base meet by blending their knowledge and experience in the field to craft the most efficient and enjoyable service for online marketing specialists out there. From advertising research to backlinks to keyword density planning, SEMrush has just the right tools designed to execute these actions, all packed in a neatly crafted dashboard.

Altogether, SEMrush is just the right tool for any type of business, small or big, looking for the perfect marketing tool that tackles important aspects like keyword planning and backlinks with a reasonable price tag!

SEMRush Traffic Ananysis Review
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