Samsung Galaxy Ace - The King Of Medium Budget Android Phones

Updated on: May 18, 2013

The million dollar question which has no particular answer is "Which Is The Best Android SmartPhone", and the entire world would fragment into pieces by supporting various phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X , the Xperia S, etc .these are all good phones but all of them are high end android devices and tend to be a bit more pricey. On the other hand there are entry level android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Y and the LG Optimus Net , which are cheap but do-not have very high processing capabilities.

The King of the category in between these two categories is the Samsung Galaxy Ace!

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Close look of Galaxy Ace :

The Galaxy Ace is one of Samsung’s lower level smartphones sold by any mobile dealers, little sister to the powerhouse Galaxy S models. There are distinct similarities between the two, of course. The Ace has some of the best bits of the S models – it’s fantastically light and comfortable to hold in your hand, but at the same time feels nice and sturdy. Although, like the S models the phone is constructed of primarily plastic casing; this is what keeps the phone so light and doesn’t detract from any of the structural specs. The curved back means that the phone is ergonomically appealing as well, something it holds over the latest iPhones. This isn’t supposed to be Samsung’s major Apple competitor, but the Ace has definitely taken a few cues from the iPhone.

The phone measures 112.4 by 59.9 by 11.5 mm, and weighs just 113g. The display is impressive for a smaller phone, with a TFT capacitive touchscreen measuring 3.5 inches, 320 by 480 pixels with a 16M colour display. The implementation of Samsung’s latest TouchWiz Interface, v3.0, makes it a responsive phone that is easy to navigate. The Ace has 158 MB of internal storage space, supplemented by a 2GB microSD card (the 2GB is included with the phone, but it can handle a card up to 32GB if necessary). The camera isn’t the most impressive out there at 5 MP, but it can hold its own against other smartphones within its range.

Samsung boasts two virtual keyboard, the default keyboard and the Swype. The default keyboard is fluid, has a predictive input system which is rather fair. This is not the most efficient system in terms of relevance of proposed words, but it's a great start and most of you will not need to change it.

Then we have the Swype keyboard. A system that allows you to enter text by drawing lines between the letters of a word, which makes texting a lot more fun thing to do. This system allows you to write very quickly once the operation is well assimilated. It is pre-installed on the Galaxy Ace, as on most devices running Android Galaxy.

Ace in the Galaxy, like all Android devices , you can install applications that can replace the default keyboard. So if you are not satisfied with the proposal of the manufacturer, you can change it.

The gaming experience in the galaxy ace is far better than most of the android devices out there, the battery life is good, but we are a bit greedy and feel that it should be extended a bit longer.


Galaxy Ace & Others :

Within the increasingly competitive smartphone market, the Ace could easily have been lost like a face in a crowd. Whilst it certainly isn’t the powerhouse that the S3 is, the Ace is still a passable and even impressive little device. The snappy interface is complemented by the Android operating system, and its solid battery life means you can keep using your phone a lot longer than many of the powerhouse smartphones that now saturate the market. It may be small, but it’s still pretty mighty.It may be small, but it’s still pretty mighty. Don’t rule the Galaxy Ace out of the game just yet, it still gives a stiff competition to the iphone.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
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  1. It comes with 5mp with flash led, the pics are good but not the perfection, but still it's best phone in this range with compact package I must say ace is a pure value for money nd i seriously recmmnd it to u guys !!

  2. I had bought an ace for my little brother a few months back. Surely its one heck of a device at medium budget, surely recommended value product

  3. Hell yes, this is the king of medium budget android phones, you won't believe how many people i have suggested this phone to and they have taken it and are totally happy with its performance, also the iphone type look is awesome 😉

  4. Samsung has captured a lot market by introducing the Galaxy series. Galaxy Ace is a really cool smartphone for people who can't spend thousands of rupees for a smartphone only. So its a medium budget smartphone which provides all features of some high-end phones 🙂

  5. Galaxy Ace is a nice budgetary phone but its camera is not up to that quality that i was expecting as it has 5 MP camera.

  6. Saurabh, As you know that Samsung is one of leading South Korean Giant and the same company really owns world known gadgets. Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 are the most promising example for that but they are truly costly, I totally agree with you the same Samsung Galaxy Ace is truly one of comfortable, impressive and affordable phone for those who can't own costly gadgets. The descriptive mode of this source is really looking perfect to know the incredibility of Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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