Rocket VPN : Best way to Protect Your Online Privacy

Updated on: May 10, 2017

What is Rocket VPN

To understand what is Rocket VPN, first we need to understand the term VPN. VPN or the Virtual Private Network is a network that provides privacy to private as well as public networks, like Wi-Fi Hotspot and the internet. The user’s personal IP address is replaced with the IP provided by the VPN provider, thus making it more secure.

Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN is a free VPN Freedom apk file or app that provides you fast connection where you can browse your web and watch videos without sacrificing on the speed. Rocket VPN lets you browse everything on the internet even if it is geographically restricted. The reliable servers that avoid interruptions and downtime are used in this app.

Rocket VPN Android 1

The first step of using Rocket VPN is to download their app from the play store (free download) and connect to a VPN. Next you are required to choose a region which is closest to you physically. To have the fastest connection, you are required to choose that one which is geographically closest to you, although you are free to choose some other country also if the app thinks that you are not in that country. It should be noted that the access to content is not available to our country, for instance through applications or YouTube videos.

One of the best feature provided by Rocket VPN is that it does not share your connection with other users as other VPNs for example Hola VPN network. Rocket VPN is designed using the Google’s Material Design principles that gives an amazing and uniform look and feel to the app. The users can always connect to the US servers for free and also subscribe for more countries.

Rocket VPN

You can test the fast speed of Rocket VPN by connecting it to the local Wi-Fi network and running the app a few times with no VPN and few times with Rocket VPN running on it and see the difference yourself.

Free version Vs Premium version

The app is available in two versions: one free version and another premium version. The premium plan is convenient as well as affordable and you can surf unlimitedly and have access to all the locations. You can subscribe and download the app for 7 days FREE for unlimited data and the PREMIUM version for $2.99 per month and $29.99 per year (thus saving 16%).

To pay the subscription fees, first you need to have a registered account with Google or an authenticate connection Google. You can upgrade to unlimited version to cover all your devices with unlimited bandwidth usage and the fastest possible speed.

Rocket VPN Android 2

Features of Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN provides benefits and several serviceable features such as:

  1. Rocket VPN provide features like hiding and securing your identity from the third party, encrypting your private mobile data, unblocking the content which is even geographically restricted, as well as surfing fast and anonymously.
  2. Encryption is required to keep your personal information protected and safe.
  3. With Rocket VPN, your identity is protected and your connection is guarded and secured.
  4. Rocket VPN also provide additional features like utmost speed, security and privacy, that too specially in public Wi-Fi.

About the app


The app is designed by Liquidum Limited and Liquidum also received “The Top Developer” badge on Google Play store. Liquidum guarantees to develop high quality apps and is committed to launch innovative apps. Liquidum develops mobile apps that are located in Dublin, Ireland with offices on Montreal, Canada. The latest version is APK v1.14 (258).The app is rated 4.3 stars from about more than 50,000 users and the requires an android version of 4.0.3 or iOS version 9.0 and above. The in- app products costs around 50 INR to 2,350.00 INR per item for android version and ranges from $3.99 to $17.99 for iOS users.

You can download Rocket VPN app on android smartphone and iOS device very easily.

Rocket VPN
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