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Updated on: July 4, 2022

Tired of using the traditional ways for tracking a call and their complexities? If so, try Ringba. To introduce this amazing technology, let us begin with its introduction followed by some of the great features of this application which will give you an idea to use it for enterprise level.

Introduction to Ringba:

Ringba is a call optimization platform which uses advanced call tracking and routing technologies that enables its users to have a complete control over your call marketing. Tracking the source of the call, detailed information of the caller, controlling the call flow along with the perfect management of the affiliate marketing programs of the product, Ringba does the entire work for you.


It has many capabilities; load balancing is one of them. It automatically routes the inbound calls to the right target and thereby prioritizing the load balancing feature. It also provides the sellers “publishers” or buyers “targets” a free sub account with more robust reporting.

Ringba makes use of ring pool technology to track every aspect of the on line campaign which enables the users to keep an eye on related data for optimizing the paid campaigns. The software allows you to know every action which happens in the business.

Ringba is not only gives the technological advancements but is also much cheaper than the other similar software available. It is the right aid that you require to automate your business along with focusing entirely on having a higher return on investments and optimized campaigns for effective and desired results.

The Possible Users of Ringba:

Ringba is a flexible platform that can be used in many ways by a number of businesses to enhance their performance and return on investment. Some of the different businesses that can be benefitted by implementing Ringba in their business are as follow:

  1. Pay Per Call Network: If there is any business that requires technology and tracking the most is pay per call network. Since, they to keep a record of every call that is made, having better and advanced ways for tracking is a must for them.


Ringba understands this necessary need of the affiliate networks and provides them with a fast, robust and secure tracking and monitoring platform.

  1. Call Centers: Ringba lets the call centers to eliminate the technical issues because of the 3rd party and the loss of calls due to competition by providing them additional revenues and increased margins. It enhances the profits of call centers by proving them an opportunity to run the maximum capacity contact center of their own.
  2. eCommerce Vendors: Nothing can help the eCommerce vendors to keep a track of their customer's online activities better than Ringba. Ringba allows the vendors to analyze the movement, preference, and likings of the customers by monitoring their activities.
  3. Large and Small Business: If you are an established brand in the industry, there may be a possibility that because of the business complexities you may miss some of the business opportunity but with Ringba you can track, monitor and analyze the insights of the marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, if you are a small business, managing your business operations with limited resources can be tough at times. But, by using Ringba you can manage all your calls, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and can have effective email marketing.

  1. Performance Marketers: Ringba help the performance marketers by giving them the much-needed visibility to optimize the ad campaigns and to manage the total spending on the ads.

Ringba - Enterprise Call Tracking Software.

What are the features of Ringba?

Ringba offers the following features to its users:

  1. 24/7 Support: Ringba provides its users with a real time analysis of the calls with the help of great engineers along with immediate and instant access to the site.
  2. Call Attribution: The feature of call attribution of Ringba allows you to get a clear understanding of your users and traffic by using the facilities of number placement tags on the landing page which makes the tracking of the data easy.
  3. Number Pooling: Ringba manages the specific information of every user that visits your page and stores this information in the pool for future use.
  4. Call Routing: Using the feature of call routing along with the system's information of the call receiver, the callers can be given a profitable place at a profitable time by developing the best routing plan.

Benefits of Ringba:

Ringba offers the following benefits:

  1. Tracking of the source and inbound calls
  2. No more manually routing calls
  3. Reduction in the number of abandons
  4. Improving return on investment without any loss of money
  5. Smooth call flow for multiple locations

Conclusion: Without saying much, just in case if you want to have a complete package of benefits ranging from instant call tracking, detailed information of the caller to finding new ways for generating business, try Ringba.

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