Review of Nokia Asha 303 1Ghz Cheap Smartphone

Updated on: May 18, 2013

The news about the Nokia Asha 303 appearing on the mobile phone market has quickly spread out, and the phone has gained a lot in popularity since its release was announced. In spite of the fact that Nokia Asha 303 does not seem like the most beautiful phone in the world, it is actually a very good phone. However, the fact is that a lot of potential users are turned down by its not so stylish design. On the other hand, people who get pass its design come to a conclusion that this is a very good phone after all.

Nokia Asha 303 – The design

The aforementioned fact that the Nokia Asha 303 has been of a slightly less attractive design than its rivals is what makes this phone ranked with the middle-range phones. The phone has a 2.6-inch capacitive Touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard. The latter seems to be more appreciated by the Nokia users, as it really helps handle the phone more easily.

Nokia Asha 300

Nokia Asha 300

Nokia Asha 303 Camera 

The Nokia Asha 303 has a 3.2 megapixel camera, and to be blunt, this is only a solid camera. A lot of experts in this field suggest that Nokia Asha 303 has a rather poor camera, and that there are a lot of phones on the market that have significantly higher resolution and make clearer videos. As opposed to this, Nokia Asha 303 is a phone of an average quality, and should not be compared to any other phone on the market. What can be concluded from the above mentioned statement is that there really are phones with 8 megapixel camera, but they come with a lot higher price tag. Therefore, if you want to buy a phone with a decent camera at a great cost, then Nokia Asha 303 is definitely the phone for you.

Nokia Asha 303 Processor

This smartphone has a 1GHz processor and this is generally considered to be a fast phone, as it both their users think it is fast, and the phone truly finishes any given task in a really short period of time. The main downside of Nokia Asha 303 is the fact that the users are not able to perform multitasking with it. However, some other things will run smoothly on the Nokia Asha 303, and this can be anything from listening to radio to playing a mega popular Angry Birds Lite Version game, which comes with a phone.

Nokia Asha 300 review

Nokia Asha 300 review

Nokia Asha 303 Battery Life

The battery life has always been one of the most important criteria that determine whether you should buy a certain phone or not. The good news is that Nokia Asha 303 has an amazingly durable battery and it can last for a really long period of time without being recharged. Phone users can enjoy as much as 8 hours of talk without interruption, and listen to music for two days.

To sum up, Nokia Asha 303 is a small and lightweight phone, that has a very affordable price and overall, it is a pretty good phone in its price range. In India its approx 5860 Rs/-

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Nokia Asha 300
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