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Updated on: April 26, 2020

Life in Mumbai has already proven a good area for setting up real estate projects. But it is also very essential to install a small town full of peace in this busy and noisy city. So, by keeping everything in mind, Nirmal Lifestyle Mumbai has taken the charge to provide each and every luxury in their townships. It provides a diverse range of real estate package which can meet everyone’s need.

Real estate developer Nirmal lifestyle is about to develop 10 integrated sectors throughout the country. Each of these sectors will have a range of 100 to 500 acres and they will complete the project in the coming next 10 years. They have already planned for their 5 projects, out of which 3 will be in the main Mumbai city and one each belongs to Indore and Pune.

Nirmal Housing Mumbai

Nirmal projects in Kalyan

They have already started constructing one of their main sectors in Kalyani near Mumbai. They have already acquired 5 such sites across the whole nation and looking forward to take 5 more in their near future. It will take around one billion dollars to finish up the whole project of which investment will be made initially through customer advances and they will also try to raise market funds as much as possible through sponsorships.

As talking about the success mantra of the Nirmal lifestyle, they have already succeeded in the small town of Kalyan, where they have started working two years ago. They say that Dombivili and Kalyan are going to become the next attractive locations in the metropolitan. And this is the fact why they are growing a sector in Kalyan. These residencies will cost starting from ten to fifty lacs and they will be a bit cheaper than those which will be constructed in Mumbai. The Nirmal Group is not only providing these facilities at cheap rate, but also providing each and every facility in each home. So, it is better to take a flat in Kalyan rather than taking one in Mumbai because of its cost effectiveness and more peaceful and quieter place than Mumbai.

Kalyan is also a very good junction to travel around the whole city. The railway line from here splits into two, one towards Karjat that is situated in the south east; the other line goes to Khopali and Pune. So, this place is very good for establishing connection between different places. Because of this, people are getting more attracted towards this place and so more requirement of food, education and medical facilities. This is one of the main factors why they have created their first project in Kalyan so that the people’s shelter requirement can be fulfilled.

Association with USTA

Nirmal Lifestyle has tied up with the USTA (United States Tennis Association) so that they can use US open brand for the promotion of their upcoming 20 sectors across India. Their MD and Chairman said that they want to bring sporting infrastructures and development to the country. They came with the ideas to create duplicates of US open clubs, fitness centre, world class tennis school and villas across the whole nation by the end of 2020. Among those, five will be constructed during the phase one whose overall cost will be five billion dollars. They have also mentioned that besides tennis, infrastructure of other sports will also be available, but the company’s main motto is to promote tennis in India.

Apartments at Mulund

Nirmal Lifestyle in Mulund is providing great luxurious life to the people of Mulund and other associated places in India. They are providing 1 and 2 BHK flats at a very reasonable rate. But besides all these, why would someone choose Mulund above all? Well the reason is, they are providing some great location advantages which include the apartments will be on L.B.S. Road, opposite to Johnson and Johnson, Eastern express highway (1.5 Kms), mind-blowing hill view, Mulund railway station (1 Km), Fortis Hospital and Nirmal Lifestyle Mall (0.5 Km). The list of advantages and luxury does not end here. They are providing a great amenity which includes elegant elevation, jogging track, club house, indoor games, children’s play area and grand entrance lobby.

No doubt Nirmal residency is doing a great job in giving a new face to our country, but to live your life in these beautiful apartments, all you have to do is to take some advice and suggestions from experts about what is best for living and how everything can be utilized at most without creating and diverse effect to our nature.

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