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Updated on: October 29, 2019

Do you love traveling? If so, then having different cards for transportation in a particular country is the essential thing when visiting them. There are many cards that can be collected when traveling, this can be for the reward card or for transportation. Just like when visiting UK (London) where the country provides visitors to the Oyster Card. This oyster card is better to have for every individual who wants to visit London.

This card will allow every visitor to ride public transportation in London by tapping it and this is a big help in saving money while exploring the whole city. This is an advantage to every visitor, so what they need to do is to buy the Oyster card as an authorized person to avoid any kind of hassle when trolling in London.

There are a lot of reasons to buy this oyster card, but one of the main reasons is that an individual can save more money as the rate of fare is much cheaper than buying a single ticket. Another thing is that every visitor is able to get the biggest discounts and they can get rebates as well from their fare. Transportation is one of the biggest factors when traveling, so people need to check the things they need to look for a safe journey.

What You Need To Do When You Lost The Oyster Card London.

An individual need to know the things about what are the procedures when they have lost their own oyster card or damaged. Every individual needs to give their full attention to their oyster card for their safe travel, but of course, we can’t deny the fact that there are some circumstances that an individual is being carefree to lose their oyster card or damaged it.

Replacing Oyster Photo Card by Calling:

You can call Oyster helpline (+44-3432221234 )then, the authorized agents will be able to replace this kind of oyster card. The card value will be refunded to the individual but this will be given to the time that an individual get their new card. An individual need to wait for their new oyster card for them to experience again of having this oyster card. You have to pay £10 admin fee to get your old damaged oyster card canceled and a new one sent to you

Replacing Damaged Oyster Card Online :

1. Just go to the oyster photocard web account, this is to have access and declare it that the oyster card lost, this is also a way to get a replacement.

2. Enter the 12 digits as the reference number or application number that can be found in the oyster card. So, to familiarize those numbers and digits is very important as in case of emergency an individual knows how to fix this kind of problem.

Finding Oyster Card London 12 digit Number

However, an individual who lost their card need to pay the exact pay rate in any public transportation in London, they will never get any kind of discounts and free travel. They will only get the same benefits when they get the card as a replacement for what they have lost. There is also a fee £10 for the replacement of the card, this is for the cancellation of the lost card and of course, the other one is for the new card that an individual might receive in a short period of time.


Traveling is not a problem today, there are a lot of countries offers free visa but the thing is that people need to consider the factors before choosing a country. Just like considering the fact that transportation is one of the most important things to consider when traveling. Always look for the country that may help you in reaching your favorite place.

Every individual wants to have the best experience in their journey of course in traveling but they need to remember always for them to get the best experience they need to resourceful to look for the things they need when they travel. Just like this the oyster card, this is very necessary as people are able to get the perks in living and traveling the country. It is hassle-free and for the great experience of every traveler who wishes to visit London and this will have wide effect on society.

Damage Oyster Card london Replace
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