Will You Replace Your Laptop With Microsoft Surface?

Updated on: May 18, 2013

When Microsoft revealed two versions of the Surface Tablet, it became evident that Microsoft was not only challenging the tablet market dominator iPad with Surface running Windows RT, but was also challenging the productive market of laptops with Surface running Windows 8 Pro. No doubt, Surface Pro (Surface with Windows 8 Pro) has exceedingly high specifications that are said to have the capability to replace laptops used in workstations and at homes. But there are, however, many people sticking to laptops made by Dell and other computer giants.


Not until now was there a tablet available, at the enterprise level, powerful and professional enough to completely replace laptops. Such tablet is called the Surface. We will take a look at five factors that make the Microsoft Surface tablet different from laptops or ultrabooks. The discussion will be based on the Surface tablet with Windows 8 Pro, as it is the real competitor of a normal laptop and ultrabook. Note that ASUS G75VW or Alienware M18X does not fall into the average laptop category.

Connectivity Microsoft Surface windows tablet

1. Connectivity

A major flaw in the architecture of the iPad in terms of connectivity is the USB port. A USB port is a major need for almost every household, commercial, and enterprise-level computing device. Surface Pro comes equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, which are fast enough to quickly transfer data between the devices. A 2x2 MIMO antennae, HDMI port, and micro SDXC support are also available. Surface Pro contains Wi-Fi and 3G/4G LTE, while Surface RT has Wi-Fi only. However, an average laptop supports almost all the connectivity options, meaning that the Surface Pro is not as convenient as laptops in terms of connectivity.


2. Input/Output

With USB ports available, you can easily connect a mouse to your Surface tablet and enjoy the same productivity as on your laptop. Surface tablets come with a keyboard, so you don’t need to buy the keyboard separately as an accessory. This keyboard, in the shape of Touch Cover and Type Cover, can also be treated as a cover for the tablet with a thickness of only 3 mm. It is connected to the tablet magnetically and can give you the same UX as on a laptop. Of course, the Surface tablet can be used as a typical tablet without a keyboard and a mouse. But if you want to achieve the utmost productivity, then you can connect both devices.

The Surface tablet has a full HD ClearType display with 16:9 aspect ratio on a 10.6-inch screen. These measurements suggest that you can enjoy your movies and games in nearly the same way as you used to enjoy on your laptop. The Surface tablet is also equipped with stereo speakers, twin cameras and dual microphones.

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpzu3HM2CIo']

The Surface Pro comes with a stylus, which has totally changed the way we interact with tablet computers. Is a stylus an unprecedented feature for tablets? No, there are many tablets that come with a stylus. But in the case of the Microsoft Surface tablet, the stylus technology has dramatically improved. While using a stylus on the Surface, there remains only a .7 mm distance between the point of the stylus and the screen, making writing very natural and easy.

Microsoft Surface Processor  Intel Ivy Bridge

3. Processing

For the first time in the tablet world will a tablet use Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor. Using this processor, the Surface Pro will be fast enough to compete with your laptop. Core i5 processor indicates that Surface Pro is not meant to be an apps-only-tablet, but it will also be able to support professional software too.

Microsoft surface Tablet look

4. Software Applications

With such high specifications and Windows 8 Pro as the operating system, the Surface tablet will be able to run almost all the applications that you enjoyed on your Windows 7 laptop. Eric Neustadter of Xbox Live Operations tweeted that Surface Pro will be able to run Civilization 4 and Civilization 5 PC games. This means that if you have the Surface tablet, you will not be limited to a windows app store for your gaming needs.

Microsoft Surface Portability

5. Portability

Microsoft Surface Pro is only 13.5 mm thin and 903 grams heavier. Its weight and thickness is considerably more than Surface RT, which is only 9.3 mm thin and 676 grams heavier. With such a lightweight, slim and sleek body, you can carry the tablet anywhere you want, just like your laptop.


Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows 8 Pro is no doubt a complete solution to your portable computing problems. It has nearly all the connectivity options, input and output methods, processing power, and high-spec hardware for games and software applications. If we consider all these facts, then it is not unjust to say that the Microsoft Surface tablet is equivalent to, if not more than, an average laptop and ultrabook. It is up to you to decide whether you prefer a laptop or a tablet containing similar computing capacity but more portability.

After going through all above specifications are you ready to replace your laptop with surface tablet? If yes then share your positive review if not then share some points that you didn't like about surface. It help the people to choose best out of them.

Author Bio: Edwin Sun is a devoted technology and gadgets blogger, and has written articles on various topics, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, printers and monitors. I am always willing to share ideas with those who want to learn more about the new cool gadgets.

Microsoft surface Tablet look
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  1. Sure , It will replace Laptop if price is OK. We can connect Keyboards on it , Windows 8 is the same OS for both device , so i think Laptop sail may fall .

  2. yes. surely ill replace with surface pro. but price is important for me. but i wish for 13.3 inch screen. may b future it may come

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