RefreshPC: Recover Your Failed Windows System Back To Working Mode !!!

Updated on: October 28, 2019

While using our PC,laptop or net-book we face the system crashes,which leads malfunctioning of Operating System as well as their  services.When such events occurs that time we try to fix it using either booting our system in Safe mode and try to remove problematic application  or we try to clean "Prefetch" and "%temp%" data ,if both of them doesn't work we simply FORMAT our system 🙂 right?

Going through such a lengthy procedure to take unload apps(using unlocker), services, and other threads off the memory blocks may reinstate your system back to normal, but what if there are issues with system related services. How would you tackle problems related with core system services, system files, registry settings etc?

If you faced such situation even before  and want to avoid it then your are on right post,RefreshPC is a utility which can solve or fix such problem in 1-click !!! It is a small tool which not only refreshes the system but attempts to resolve issues by resetting Windows services, cleaning Temp folders and prefetch files and by optimizing only system specific registry can also reduce errors in Windows Event viewer and fix other service misconfigurations which may be causing slow boots and performance.

Download RefreshPC

  • How to use it:

1. Just install the application(You need latest version of Microsoft .net Firmware Package to be installed on your system )

2. Launch application in any windows version and click on "Refresh My Windows XX Settings",thats it !!!

3. Wait for application to complete his task and reboot your system as prompted.

4. After next boot ,your system will be working properly without any problem.

Note: RefreshPC works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 platform. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported.

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