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Updated on: May 27, 2019

WordPress is a free and open-source content control system based on PHP & MySQL. Highlights include a plugin architecture and a template system. It is mostly connected with blogging but helps other types of web content including more traditional posting lists and forums, media galleries, and online stores. At its core, WordPress is the easiest, most familiar way to create your own website or blog. In fact, WordPress reigns over 33.6% of all the websites on the Internet. Thus, WordPress server response time is a big help to every individual who is using this kind of software. Reduce server response time of WordPress is a very hot topic nowadays. There are a lot of benefits that anyone can experience if they know how to use it accurately.

The Difference between and

  •, usually called self-hosted WordPress, is the free, open-source WordPress software that an individual can place on their own web host to produce a website that’s 100% own.

  • is a for-profit, funded service that is powered by the software. It’s easy to use, but an individual loses much of the versatility-hosted WordPress.

What WordPress Can Help Every Individual

1. Business Website

In marketing today various social media platform are being used as it is more beneficial. People today are more engaged in different social media and this is the reason why a lot of business owners wanted to make it possible reaching people through this kind of process.

2. eCommerce stores 

This could be a great advantage of using this kind of software. It is more reliable and good enough to start with. Online stores today need a good impression to the customers. Every eCommerce stores need to optimize images, content, fonts and many more that can be done equally online using this software WordPress.

3. Blogs 

A lot of bloggers spend their skills by applying it to the software. Bloggers are able to write with their own style, unique content and more interesting design that WordPress can offer. Readers are more interested in a great design that a blogger can make. Sometimes the engagement rate of the websites depends on the designs of the website and the style of the content of the blog.

4. Portfolios

One of the best way to apply for a job is to give your portfolios. A lot of company required their applicants to pass, and WordPress is one of the best software to use. Portfolios are a great detail showcase different skills.

5. Resumes 

There are a lot of templates, designs, and styles that every user can try. You can always explore the chance giving by the software.

6. Social networks 

It is one way of uniting and reaching other people in other areas of the world. People can keep on reaching other people by posting and can be read with other people. It is another way of communication with other people.

How to Reduce Server Response time WordPress


1. Using Your Host, you need to enable your CDN ( Content Delivery Network )

This will help your WordPress account to set up in a faster way. Fix all the needed information then set up the origin server, edge server, User, CDN connection and the User Connection. You can also use application software like Cloudflare to automate your CDN work. Another is the caching,  which you can achieve in many different ways available in the market. It really helps to Reduce server response time of WordPress.

Wordpress logging

2. Eliminate or Remove the Logging for  WordPress server response time

People have a lot of interests using WordPress, there are 20 average people who are working to one publisher. You can try to fix it by clicking the plugin button, deactivate trash or remove unnecessary data, files, and documents. Then going to the PHP admin, it is easy to do what you need to do is to ensure that there are no portfolios, data, and files that you want to remove. You need to double delete and move it to the trashcan of the device. This not only reduce server response time of WordPress but also clear your disk space.

Optimize images

3. Optimize Image Delivery

The smaller size of the image means the fastest loading time. The first thing to do is to make the images smaller you don’t need a larger image. You need to resize the images and make it more interesting, people keep on visiting a site sometimes because of its images and designs.

JPEG is the smallest size of the image that a lot of publishers keep on using it. Deleting can compress data, files, and images, without having worries. You can use software that can help you to optimize an image. This is to a faster way of resizing image, like Optimus Mozilla. It is one of the free app or software everyone can use, you can always convert images into JPEG, for smaller size image. Optimizing images will surely improve server response time WordPress.


4. Fast WordPress Team and Fast Caching

You can be done by selecting the Plugin button. Remove all the unnecessary docs, files to your dashboard and appearance. One of the best ways is to visit PHP admin again then delete it so that you don’t need to have any excess on your website that you don’t need anymore. It will greatly help to reduce server response time of WordPress websites.


5. Use Google Fonts

It is more advisable but it is also optional. A lot of people love fancy fonts, colors, provider and publisher. However, it is better to make google fonts and use as an alternative. It is great to have a beautiful font but its sometimes. User can use native or system fonts, as it is always a good idea to maximize the size.


WordPress was designed as a standalone project all the way back in 2003, arising as an offshoot of a previous project called b2/cafelog. WordPress is open-source software, so nowadays it’s done by a huge community of contributors. This great way to understand how to reduce server response time WordPress. If you have any more issue related to speeding your WordPress please let us know in the comment section.

Wordpress Server Response Time
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